• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Seasons: Falling Leaves - Wodahseht

It's fall and the trees beginning to go bare prompts Fluttershy to do the same.

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02 : Sunset Approaches

Sunset hummed happily to herself as she disrobed and folded her clothes into a small carry-bag. She couldn't have asked for better weather for this little excursion and she was extremely grateful to Applejack for understanding her reasons and giving her permission to come out here.

Picking up the bag and her guitar, she headed toward the mountain landmark Applejack had pointed out for her. There was supposed to be a nice little pond in that direction that she occasionally used for a bit of skinny-dipping away from the rest of the family in the summer.

The walk there was a complete pleasure; free of the restrictive clothing she had to wear in this world and able to simply enjoy herself without worrying about others judging her. She took a deep breath and felt her spirits lift even higher at the clean scents of the season. Those scents were something she'd never experienced before crossing through the mirror given that Canterlot didn't have enough greenery to overcome the scents of the city. She made a promise to herself to spend time outside of the city if she ever went back again.

Maybe Twilight could recommend someplace like this if I do...

The tell-tale glint of sun on water caught her eye and she adjusted her path slightly toward it. She cleared the denser trees into a more open area and stopped humming as her breath caught in her throat at the vista before her.

Now, it's true that one can find beauty and enjoyment at nature scenes in pictures and ones seen from a window, roof, or balcony. But there's something different about being surrounded only by nature when taking in such a scene. There is a feeling of being connected to it, while also being aware on some level that it is something too grand for you to truly grasp. And when you feel it for the first time it is a powerful experience.

That moment of wonder suffused Sunset and for a time she could only take it in as her mind struggled to find words with which to define the experience - and failed.

She was really going to have to find some way to show her thanks to Applejack for this.

Looking over the area, she pondered where she should set herself up. She was warm enough from the walk that she didn't really feel like sitting in the sun, but she wasn't so warm that she wanted a swim. At least, she didn't want a swim quite yet...she was fairly certain she'd give into the temptation for a dip before she left. No, for now she'd just like a shady patch where she could enjoy the view and perhaps practice a bit on the guitar.

A tree not too far from where she was standing provided just the thing. It still had most of its leaves and the patch of ground underneath it on the pond-side looked to be clear of rocks and twigs. She moved over to it, spread out a towel from her bag, and settled onto it with her guitar.

The minutes passed quietly as she simply sat there with the guitar resting in her lap and let herself fall into a completely relaxed state. At some undefined point, and without conscious thought, she began strumming lightly while her attention remained on the sights and smells around her. It was the most free she'd felt in the years she'd been here...possibly the most free she'd ever felt. No tension, no worries, and no one around to require her to put up a front...

An unexpected "eep!" and a fwump of a body hitting the ground between her and the pond caused the relaxation to vanish in an instant, and the guitar twanged discordantly as muscles spasmed to grip it and send Sunset to her feet in surprise. Instinctively, she twisted the guitar in front of her as a shield (and potential weapon) before she managed to recognize the fallen form before her.


The pink-haired girl's face was as white as Rarity's as it turned to face her. Fluttershy's eyes widened, but her body...

She's nude too!?

...seemed to relax just a little as she took in who had called her name.


There was a short period of silence as each came to terms with the unexpected encounter. She could only see Fluttershy from about the waist up, but Sunset was still fairly certain she wasn't just topless. She was really surprised that Applejack didn't warn her someone else might be here, and Fluttershy was one of the last she'd have expected even if she had. The only one of her friends Sunset would have expected less to see here was Rarity.

After all, given the admission of occasional skinny-dipping, it was entirely possible Applejack might have decided to join her. And Rainbow Dash might have been lazing about the orchard and followed her out of curiosity if she'd been noticed. And then there was Pinkie Pie...who is just random enough that even having her pop up wouldn't have been a total surprise.

Fluttershy's eyes had gone a little unfocused as though she'd been thinking about something, but suddenly snapped into focus again as she blushed lightly and stammered out, "Wh-why are you naked?"

Sunset felt one of her eyebrows rise as she calmly countered with, "I was actually wondering the same about you..."

Fluttershy gave a little start and looked down at herself, then the blush deepened and Sunset heard a very faint mumble from her.

Sunset couldn't stop an understanding smile from forming as she set down her guitar on the towel and walked over to her friend. "Here, let me help you up."

Author's Note:

A short chapter that gets us back back to where we were...

Almost posted this with the first chapter just so each update would move things forward, but staggering updates like this is giving me time to finish up the end so you're not sitting around with most of the story and waiting for the conclusion.

Tomorrow we start getting into the heart of things.