• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Seasons: Falling Leaves - Wodahseht

It's fall and the trees beginning to go bare prompts Fluttershy to do the same.

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03 : Pond-ering Normalcy

Fluttershy accepted Sunset's offered hand in getting up and tried to wipe dirt and debris off of herself. She was a bit self-conscious about having her "public" nudity discovered, but the fact it was one of her friends (who was also nude) made her more comfortable rather than less.

Fairly quickly she came to the conclusion that trying to brush moist dirt off herself was just smudging it more than removing it. Luckily, there was a pond right next to them she could use. She turned toward it...and immediately noticed her bag floating on the surface.

"Oh no, my clothes!" she exclaimed quietly.

"What?" Sunset responded and looked in the direction Fluttershy was facing to see the half-submerged bag. "Oh... Don't worry, I'll get it for you."

"It's okay, you don’t need to..."

But the protest was too late as Sunset strode past her and splashed into the water.

"Wow, that's brisk!" Sunset blurt out as she rushed into the water. It wasn't so cold as to be uncomfortable, but it held a bite that made it clear it would be in a few weeks. She brushed that thought aside and pushed on toward the bag. The small waves and ripples of her entry had pushed it a little further out, but it wasn't far and she had it in Fluttershy's hands in short order.

Fluttershy's towel and boots, which had been in the top of the bag, were almost completely dry. The rest was pretty thoroughly soaked and the two of them draped the lot of it over the bush to dry out in the sun.

The breeze through the area picked up as they got the last of it laid out and, since Sunset hadn't bothered to dry off after getting out of the pond, she began shivering at the sudden chill that caused. She took two steps toward her own towel and then paused. She was already wet, had already planned on a swim before leaving, and knew she'd probably not want to get back in the water once she'd dried off. So she turned, ran, and jumped out into the pond. The chill once more came as a shock, but quickly was put aside as she dunked under and splashed about a little.

Once she'd gotten more-or-less comfortable she turned toward the shore where she'd entered, with only her head above the water, to see Fluttershy standing watching her with a serene smile. As soon as the pink-haired girl noticed she was being watched the smile faded however.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to stare," she blurt out and looked down at her feet.

"It's fine. I was just going to ask if you wanted to join me. It's a little cool at first, but kind of nice."

Fluttershy looked back up and smiled. "Sure."

She didn't run into the water like Sunset had, instead choosing to walk slowly into it. Sunset noted with interest that she didn't shiver or react to the temperature, but got a serene and far-off look on her face until she was in deep enough she could duck under.

When Fluttershy broke the surface again a few feet from Sunset she saw the curious look on the other's face. "I'm used to the water here since I visit a lot."

"Ah. I'm surprised Applejack didn't warn me. I thought I'd be out here alone."

Fluttershy blushed and submerged further with her mouth under the level of the water.

Sunset blinked then smiled slightly. "She doesn't know you come here does she."

The water sloshed against her as Fluttershy shook her head, then paused and shifted up in the water again. "Actually, she knows I come out here sometimes for the animals. I don't think she realizes how often I come... and I never told her about..." She trailed off and looked down.

"Why not?"

The answer was quiet enough that if it weren't for sound carrying so well over water Sunset didn't think she'd have managed to understand it. As it was she still had to strain to catch it. "I didn't want to let anyone know how weird I am."

"It's not weird," responded Sunset a little sharply. Given her present company it was a lot sharper than she'd intended. She saw Fluttershy flinch away at the force of the statement and she toned it down with a softer, "it's not weird."

Fluttershy had slumped in the water and refused to look up, but Sunset could still feel her attention and continued, "We don't usually wear clothing where Twilight and I come from. There are exceptions where clothing is used for particular events, for show, to display social status, or just by preference, but it's not worn in general by the majority. That doesn't make those who like to wear it weird, and you enjoying taking it off now and again isn't weird either. It's just not what the majority do."

She could tell Fluttershy wasn't completely convinced, but at least she wasn't trying to hide her face either.

"But it's still not normal..."

Sunset suppressed a sigh and rested a comforting hand on Fluttershy's shoulder. "Fluttershy... It's perfectly normal. Even if the majority doesn't do it, there are still plenty of people who do. There wouldn't be nude beaches and resorts if it was abnormal. I mean, even Applejack admitted that she does her share of skinny dipping in the summer."

"Really?" Fluttershy looked honestly shocked at that bit of information.

"Really. And she was perfectly fine with letting me come back here even knowing exactly what my plans were."

"Thank you Sunset," smiled Fluttershy.

"Hey, what are friends for?" she replied with her own smile.

Figuring that was enough of the serious stuff for a bit, Sunset leaned back in the water and kicked gently away from Fluttershy before rolling over and swimming around to work off excess energy. Meanwhile, Fluttershy seemed content to simply drift into a slightly deeper area where she tread water and watched Sunset's antics.

Sunset wasn't sure how much time had passed before she started getting tired from the exercise, but as she slowed down she also realized that the chill of the water was starting to get to her. Glancing over, she could see Fluttershy visibly starting to shiver as well despite her earlier statement about being used to the temperature.

So, she suggested that perhaps it was time for them to get out and dry off. Fluttershy just nodded, and they both started for the shore.

Author's Note:

Forgive the chapter title pun... I was stuck on a name and decided, "eh, why not?"

The other half of the discussion to come on the morrow, and I'll tie it all off on Saturday. Then I can start planning the next project.