• Published 9th Dec 2015
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I stole your boyfriend, what are you gonna do about it? - ultronquake

Aria Blaze, former siren and giant fish monster from another dimension. Flash Sentry, generic nice guy with very little personality. Why wouldn't they hook up?

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Chapter one - Covered in rotten fruit

It had just not been the Dazzling's night. On the very cusp of regaining their full power and preparing to use it to spread unrest throughout the world they had been stopped. It would have been one thing if it was by ultra-powerful warriors or a military force. But no, it was at the hands of seven high school girls using music. Music! That was the Dazzling's shtick and the self-named Rainbooms had used it against them.

As if that wasn't embarrassing enough the final attack by the Rainbooms had shattered their pendants that gave them hypnotic powers in the first place. And when the crowd of several hundred students came out of their control, to say they were angry would be an understatement.

"Dagi? I think they might be a little bit angry."

"No s#@* Sonata, I never could have guessed."

"Adagio I think they're really angry."

"Again no s#@*, let's stop talking girls and get these puppets back under our control." Quickly the three sirens lined up next to each other, preparing to unleash their song. "We will be adored - Tell us that you want us - We won’t be ignored - It's time for our reward." Not only was their singing off key it seemed to carry the opposite effect of the vocal magic they were trying to use.

"Get off the stage!" "You suck!" "You're the artistic equivalent of herpes!" Were some of the foul comments coming from the audience. They too had munitions to back up their negative sentiments. Flying food came at them in droves, hot dogs with tangy mustard, apples grapes and halves of grapefruit. Then there were less conventional things like a vegetarian sandwich with a bite taken out of it, a wobbly jello mold and most worrisome of all, an unidentifiable mass of red slimy gunk.

"What kind of audience brings food like this to a rock concert?!' Aria cried as she tried to shield her face from the onslaught.

"A*#holes that's who!" Adagio was probably the worst suited for the assault, her behemoth of a hairdo was collecting more than her fair share of the ballistic foodstuffs. "Come on sisters, let's get out of here!"

"Dagi wait! I think I see a taco inbound." Only Sonata Dusk would be willing to stand there center stage, mouth agape for the prospect of a free taco.

"We're leaving with or without you Sonata!" Adagio called out as she left right stage, Aria slung across her back after taking a particularly unripe pear to the head.

"Coming Dagi! Turns out it wasn't a taco, it was a gordita."

"Do you see this face Sonata? This is my 'I could care less face.' We need to get away from this school before the police show up." Not that the girls had any real means of escape, they may have been one thousand year old sirens but they still looked like teenage girls. Teen girls with no passports, no driver's licenses and no hypnotic powers to alleviate those problems.

Still they had to try, there would be no telling what would happen if they were captured, images of secret government vivisection labs sprung to mind. "Adagio look, that's a fast looking car, let's steal that one." Aria was pointing to a blue mustang with a lighting bolt decal.

The three ran over and were delighted to discover the door unlocked, "What an idiot, who leaves their car unlocked, don't they know there are unscrupulous people with no morals about?" Adagio said as she opened the door and climbed into the driver's seat. "Alright keys, keys, keys? Argh, there's no keys."

"No problamo Dagi, I'll just hot wire it like on the TV. All you have to do is touch these two wires and-" Once her blue fingertips connected the two wires the car's alarm started blaring, the flashing headlights lit up the parking lot revealing the approaching angry mob.

"Nice going Sonata, now we don't have a car AND they know right where to find us." Aria said grumpily, she would have normally tried to escape the car and try to hop the wall but all the locks on the doors had jammed down.

"Sorry." Sonata sheepishly stated.

Sorry held very little meaning to the mob outside, one with violent intention in mind. Somewhere between the amphitheater and the parking lot they had acquired torches and pitchforks, it was just like an old fashioned witch hunt. With each step closer the ill intent in their eyes became clearer and clearer. Coming up from the rear of the pack were the Rainbooms, principle Celestia and vice principle Luna as well as a very upset looking blue haired boy.

"That- That's my car! Get out of my car you monsters!" Looking again he was one of the contestants in the elimination round. Standing beside him was the lynch pin of the Rainbooms, Twilight Sparkle.

"Flash it's okay, I don't think they've hurt your horseless carriage." she was hanging off his arm like a handbag.

They might have been stuck inside but Aria could think of one way to get back at the victors, carefully she undid the star pin from her hair and started using the needle to prick at the leather on the dashboard. When the other sirens saw what she was doing they were appalled, "Any particular reason you're aggravating the already furious crowd outside?"

"Yeah Ari, this is nice leather, I'd be pissed off too if I saw somebody ruining it." Sonata said as she was shaking the globs of food from her hair, smooshing them into the seats.

Outside the school's leaders were busy trying to subside the crowd, "Please students, stop this behavior at once." appealed Celestia.

"Doth thou knoweth what thou art doing?" Luna appealed to the theater club. When that didn't work, out came the party cannon.


"Alright everybody, you've had your fun with your implements of mob violence. So why don't you all set them down and go home or I'll have to use my implement of party violence." Pinkie Pie was grasping the rip cord on the cannon in a very threatening manor, the students got the message and were out of the parking lot within the minute.

"While I appreciate the effectiveness of your method miss Pie, I do not appreciate you pointing artillery at my students." Celestia was wagging a disapproving finger at the hyperactive girl.

"Are you loco in the coco? This is a cannon, one shot. I'd never point a loaded party cannon at another person. All that confetti would really hurt." Everyone around her was staring blankly, not sure if she was serious or not.

Against her better judgement Adagio decided to speak up, "Hi, just wanted to say sorry for trying to enslave everyone in the school and concur the world. So how about my sisters and I just get out of your hair and everything can go back to normal." A big hopeful smile was plastered across her and Sonata's faces, Aria was still busy tearing up the dashboard.

"Mr. Sentry, would you be so kind as to unlock your vehicle?" asked Luna, through the tears over his ruined leather he clicked the disarm button on his keys. "Please step outside the car."

Cautiously they emerged and approached the faculty. "I suppose you have some sort of lecture in mind?" Aria said snidely.

"Girls, if you'd be so kind." Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie rushed up and grabbed hold of Sonata, Applejack and Sunset had hold over Adagio, while Rarity kept Aria bound up with a overly long scarf.

"What the hell?!" screamed Adagio.

"Get off me you creeps!" Aria shouted.

Sonata was the least offended by the restraint, "Hey! Your the one who shot at the crowd, did you create that party cannon yourself?"

"I DID! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find the weapons grade party supplies to make one." Pinkie was exuberant.

"Sonata! Stop making small talk with the psychos who are holding us against our will." Adagio demanded.

"Whoops, sorry Dagi. Rarr I'm angry!" Sonata said with a smile on her face.

While they were distracted with argument Celestia and Luna prepared a different kind of restraint. In their hands they held three bracelets that looked like an electronic shackle. "What the hell are those?" asked Aria.

"It's nothing much, just a tracking device. Principle Celestia made me wear one after I wrecked the school at the fall formal." Sunset rolled up her pant leg to reveal the tracker on her ankle. "Just think of it like a fashion accessory that you’re not allowed to remove."

"Each of you will be equipped with one so we can make sure you’re not getting into trouble." She and Luna began attaching the trackers. "In addition to these you'll have a fellow student acting as a handler while you are at Canterlot High."

"That part was my idea," said the princess of friendship. "Equestria has a history of reforming those who would threaten it and I think this world could benefit from that strategy as well. Sunset Shimmer is living proof." Twilight smiled at the former villain and she smiled back.

The sirens shared a concerned look, "What kind of a school is this?" asked Adagio.

"Wait, let me use my psychic powers, is the answer... a school full of a*#holes?" Aria was massaging her temples with her fingertips like a stereotypical fortune teller.

"Not funny Aria."

Sonata was still barely fazed by any of this, "So who's going to be our parole officers?"

"Think less parole officer and more new best buddy." said Twilight.

Luna looked around, "Any volunteers?"

Two hands shot up, "Oooh pick me! Pick me!"

"I'm still very grateful for the chance my friends gave me, I know if it weren't for their friendship I'd still be the raging she-demon from the fall formal."

"Alright, Sunset Shimmer I'll have you keep watch over miss Dazzle. And Pinkie Pie?" The little ball of energy perked up at the mention of her name. "I'll have you work with miss Dusk since you already seem to get along."

"Wahoo!" Pinkie bounded over to Sonata and wrapped her in gigantic bear hug. "We're going to be the bestest friends forever!"

"Can I use your party cannon?" Sonata asked with a deceptive innocent look on her face.

"Eh, maybe not that good of friends."

Sunset's approach was much less ... energetic. "So I guess we'll be spending allot of time together from now on, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. I mean already we have a couple of things in common, I'm from Equestria, your from Equestria. My hairs orange, your hairs orange. I tried to take over the world, you tried to take over the world." Adagio didn't have any words in response, only a loose collection of muffled groans and profanity.

"Sister we still need someone to keep watch over miss Blaze." Luna commented.

"You are right. What about it girls, will one of you volunteer?" asked Celestia.

All those unaccounted for shared a glance, "I'm already captain of the soccer team. I suppose I could if she'd be willing to try out."

"Do I look like the kind of girl who plays soccer? I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those ugly jerseys." Aria said with an upturned nose.

"Rarity, what about you? You have a boutique you manage do you not?" asked Luna.

"I do, but I'm not sure having someone who dresses herself like that working at the Carousel would be good for business. No offence dearie." Under her breath Rarity said something to the like of her looking like a wannabee goth.


"Sorry principle Celestia, it's just about apple pickin' season. Much as we always appreciate a helpin' hand round the farm, I doubt she could lift even a bushel." Applejack was eyeing her positively scrawny arms.

"Shows what you know. I could lift a bushel easy." Aria boasted.

"Yeah? How many apples are in a bushel?"

"It's like five, right?"

"Well that means we're running out of options, I doubt any of the students we shoo'd away would be willing to help. Flash Sentry, would you be willing to-" He didn't even let the vice principle finish.

"Hell no! She's the one who wrecked the upholstery in my car. In what backwards world would I ever want to spend time with her?" Aria was amused at just how upset she had made this guy.

"Dude, chill out, it's just a car." She didn't feel sorry for damaging it, it was just her way of dealing with the stress of the moment. "If it makes you feel better I'll pay someone to fix it."

"Flash, please." Twilight was looking at her love interest with her pretty violet eyes. "I would help her out myself but I have to go home to Equestria soon. It's nothing too much, you just have to be there when she needs a friend, like you were for me when I first came to CHS."

Memories of that first day they had met flooded back into Flash's mind, Twilight was such a fish out of water and no one was taking the time to help her. "Alright Twilight, I'll do it. But it's a shame you have to leave so soon, we haven't gotten any time to spend together where I wasn't being mind controlled."

"It's not so bad Flash, now that we have Sunset's journal we can keep in contact without me having to travel through the mirror."

"I thought it was so I could make friendship reports to you." said Sunset.

"Yeah, that too." Twilight said while blushing.

As the two held hands and stared intently at each other, Aria's mind was racing. It was at times like these she wished she had actual psychic powers, so that she could know what her sisters were thinking. Though even without powers she could hazard a guess, Sonata would be either thinking about food or those annoying children's shows she would get angry at. Adagio would be thinking about herself, that's about all she had room for up there.

As for Aria, she had a seething hatred starting to boil. They had been on the cusp, it was in their grasps. Power, the same power that they used to send all of Equestria into chaos one thousand years ago. And it had been stripped from them, all because of the stupid little purple bimbo standing in front of her. She wanted them to play nice, to be friends. 'We'll see how happy you are when I become much more than friends with your little boy toy Flash.'

"Alright students, it seems we have everything dealt with that needs done immediately. Try and get some sleep, tomorrows a brand new day after all." Celestia and Luna bid the group good night and drove off in their own car, Twilight took her dog and left for the statue in front of the school. One by one the other girls departed, Flash, Sunset and Pinkie making arrangements for where to meet in the morning before they too left.

Now only the sirens three were alone in the empty parking lot, left without a ride to the hotel room they had rented. It would be a long walk through the streets.

Author's Note:

I hope chapter one was enough to peak your interest, I have many different stories I want to tell with these characters so if you'd like please stick around.

If Sonata's characterization seems familiar it's because I'm modelling her after the way one of my favorite Fimfiction author writes her. That author is the very talented Justice4243, if you've never checked out his work please do. His stories with the Dazzlings are hilarious.