• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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Silver's Decision- The story of a bystander - Sparkler774

Silver Spoon doesn't know what to do- just say no and put a stop to DT's bullying, but lose her best and only friend? Or should she just play along and let DT ruin the lives of three innocent fillies? Takes place right after Flight to the Finish.

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Feeling so helpless

Silver's Decision

A story by Sparkler774

Edited and preread by HaloEssence111

"You want them? Go and get them, loser!"

A third grade filly wearing a platinum tiara threw 6-year-old Silver Spoon's glasses across the schoolyard, smashing them to pieces. The metallic filly's eyes welled up with tears, and the older filly laughed.

"What, is the wittle first grade baby crying?" she cackled. "Isn't. That. Cute."

The filly pushed Silver down, face-planting her into the dirt. Silver Spoon was openly crying now, knowing no other way to express her feelings. This just made the mean filly laugh harder, and Silver cry louder.

"What, can't the mini nerd take a joke?" sneered the bully, leaning into Silver's tear-streaked face. Out of the blue, she spat at the gray foal, her saliva hitting Silver Spoon's forehead and dribbling down to her muzzle.

"Hey, leave her alone!"

A pink and purple filly ran up to the bully and pushed her down. The mean filly looked shocked that a six year old girl would dare to approach her, much less push her down. After a moment however, she pulled herself together and got up, only for the pink filly to push her down once more.

"Hey, what's your problem kid?!" demanded the bully.

"I could ask you the same thing!" said the pink and purple filly. "Why don't you go where you're wanted instead of here? It would make everypony happy!"

The mean filly's jaw dropped, but the pink girl wasn't done.

"You have no right to be treating her this way! If you don't have anything nice to say to her, then why don't you just shut your mouth and die in a hole?? If this is the way you treat everypony, then that would probably be for the greater good!"

"I-I... Shut up!" said the older girl. "Get lost, kid!"

"Come closer and make me, you good for nothing bully!"

The bully just sat there for a while, staring in disbelief at the furious pink filly. Eventually she got herself together and and started to stand up, but the pink filly just backed the bully into a tree, scowling. Out of nowhere, however, she gave the bully and evil smile, and the mean filly bolted, the tiara on her head falling off onto the ground.

The pink filly walked over to Silver Spoon, who was still sniffling from the beating.

"Hey, are you alright?" she asked, extending a hoof to help Silver up. Silver Spoon took it, wiping off her tear streaked face.

"T-thanks.." she said. "I-I-I'm Silver Spoon. W-what's y-y-your n-name?"

"Diamond." she said, giving Silver Spoon a warm smile. Suddenly she scowled. "What that girl was doing to you wasn't right, it was just plain mean!"

"Y-yeah..." said Silver, looking down at her hooves with a feeling of shame.

Diamond noticed this. "Don't feel bad! It's not your fault that some ponies are rotten meanies."

Silver Spoon looked up and gave a rather weak smile. "T-t-thank you..."

Diamond grinned. "Do you want to go play jump rope? It's no fun jumping by myself!"

Silver's smile faded. "I-I can't. T-that b-b-big filly s-smashed m-my glasses, a-and I c-can't see a-a-a thing w-without them."

Diamond thought about this for awhile, then brightened up when she had thought of something.

"I know!" she said. "Come with me, I can go buy you some new ones."

Silver gaped at Diamond's generosity. "Y-you mean it? G-glasses cost a l-lot of m-m-money..."

"Oh, that doesn't matter." said Diamond. "My daddy owns Barnyard Bargains, so my family is super rich. It won't hurt if I give you a little gift!"

Silver smiled, a real smile this time. "U-um... okay! L-let's g-go!"

Diamond and Silver walked across the schoolyard to where the pair of broken glasses and a gleaming platinum tiara sat. Silver picked up the sorry-looking frames and put them on, trying to see through the smashed lenses.

Diamond took one look at Silver and had to stifle a gag. With her tight braids and broken up eyewear, Silver Spoon was the paragon of shy nerd.

"Okay, you're coming to my house right now Silver Spoon." said Diamond, now very serious. "We are going to give you a complete makeover, head to hoof, got it?"

Silver frowned. "W-why? W-what's wrong with the way I-I am n-now?"

"Nothing! But I know some things that will make you look like a knock out. Come on, let's go!"

Diamond trotted briskly away, then stopped when Silver didn't follow. "Are you coming?"

Silver bent down and picked up the tiara that the mean filly had dropped when she ran away. "Only if I-I can g-give you a-a makeover, t-too." She set the crown atop Diamond's head, and somehow, it just looked right.

"Huh." said Diamond, staring at the tiara. "I like it. Thanks, Silver."

Silver thought about something for a moment. "I-I know! See those rhinestone diamonds in the crown?"


'W-well, your name is D-diamond, and this is a d-diamond tiara."


"S-so we should a-add that o-onto your name! I-Instead of just p-plain Diamond, y-you can b-be D-diamond Tiara!"

Diamond's face broke out in a grin. "That's a great idea! Thanks! Now, let's go over to the opto... optomo... opti... eye doctor and get you some new glasses!"

"O-Okay, Diamond Tiara!"

And the two ran off the schoolyard, now best friends.


"...I just can't believe we lost that flag-carrying competition to those stupid cutie mark crybabies! It's so unfair!"

Silver snapped out of her trance. "Oh, yeah, we lost. Too bad, huh?"

Diamond gritted her teeth. "Oh, no no no no no! It's not just too bad, Silver Spoon. We need to make those blank-flanks pay for what they did."

"But what did they do? We just lost, it's not that big a deal."

Diamond snorted. "What did they do? Silver Spoon, those losers need to be set in their place, and I intend to do just that. Now, come on. Let's go teach them a lesson in respecting their superiors."

Diamond tromped off, but stopped when Silver Spoon didn't follow. "Well??! Are you coming or what???"

"...Y-yeah, I-I'm coming..." said Silver as she shuffled over to Diamond's side.

"Good! Now, let's go!"

Silver had to trot to keep up with Diamond, but she still had time to think.

What has happened to my best friend?