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scaring kids is funny

-----Nighty’s point of view-----

My first full day of school and I become popular! School is going to rock! I looked at Cheerilee with anticipation as she finished the class, but she was wrong! My dad made Equestria! Along with my uncle and some other pony dad says he’ll tell me about me later, I think he get’s a bit teary eyed talking about her...

“Hey Moon!” I turned towards that one colt that hit me the other day! I flinched back when he put his hoof up. “I’m not going to hit you again, I wanted to say I sorry, for what I did yesterday.” He scratched the back of his head with his hoof.

“It’s ok, besides I don’t like to watch dad beat up ponies.” He got this terrified look.

“Yea, your not going to tell him about that, right?” He began to sweat when I put on my thinking face.

“Naw, I can’t do that to another pony.” He let out a sighed and waved bye to me.

“Hey Moon!” I turned to Snips and Snails, those two are funny!

“Hey guys! Whats up?” I asked cheerfully.

“The sky.” Snails laughed and Snips talked again.

“There’s this legend that a dead old guy that had TONS of bits and his house is just north of the school!” He spoke. I tilted my head at them.

“Yea, so?” He kept going.

“We dare you to go in and grab the safe full of bits!” They both began to laugh.

“Alright, but your going with me.” They then let out ‘aww’s’. I haden’t noticed but Cheerilee was listening to the whole thing.


I was out front of the school waiting for Cheerilee and Nighty, the kids were running around and playing outside the school when Nighty came out trailed by Snips and Snails. “Ok boys, we have work to do and we need a plan! To my house!” ...........Evil little succubus! I don’t know what’s going on but I know THAT wont happen, right?




I gulped and was about to follow her when I remembered I needed to talk with Cheerilee. I turned and walked into the building and saw her writing stuff down on a paper. “You wanted to talk to me mister Keeper?” She looked up at me with a mix of fear and confusion.

“Yes, I wish to become a substitute teacher here, and to warn you that Nighty and send letter’s to her father without my knowing. So if something happens she can bypass me and go straight to her father. Now about that job.” She gulped and nodded, handing (Hoofing?) me the paper.

“I must tell you, your niece his planing on breaking into Eldorado’s house down the way, maybe you should talk her out of it?” I thought this over fore a moment before grinning.

“You know, I have a better idea.” I turned. “Thank you for your time.” I walked out of the door and towards Eldorado’s house, as I learned his name. As I got closer to the house I got this strange feeling, I was near somepony who worked at the Rainbow Factory. I shivered and knocked on the door. I heard some hooves hitting ground and walking then the door swung open.

“Yea? Oh it’s one of yer alicorn’s. Come to offer me mah job back?” He stunk, but I shrugged it off.

“No, I need your help scaring some colts and a filly, care to let me in?” He thought for a moment.

“Eh, Ah suppose ah could.” He turned and walked into the house, I followed with a slight grin on my face.


“Ok, we ready?” I looked at Snips and Snails nodded. “Alright, let’s do this!” I turned and ran to the other side of the dark house, under the cover of night. I slowly opened a window and slipped in, followed by Snips and Snails. The place was dark, as to be expected. “Snails, flashlight!” HE nodded and pulled out a flashlight from his saddle bag. I took it with my magic and switched it on.

“Wow, sure is spooky in here.” Snips muttered shivering a bit.

“Don’t be such a baby.” I muttered looking for the stairs. I spotted them and quickly made my way over to them.

“Where are you going?” Snails whispered right beside me.

“A safe is always in the attic! Dah!” I slowly made my way up the creeky stairs, being followed by Snips and Snails. When we made it I saw the attic door was slightly open. “Guys.......Dead people don’t leave doors open right?” They both gulped along with me and shook their heads. “Ok, just wanted to know is all.” I crept slowly over to the door and opened it the rest of the way. “The safe!” I Pointed with my hoof over to the large safe that was sitting in the middlw of the room. “Come on you two, let’s get out of here.” I picked it up with no problem, alicorn magic, nuff said! I learned that from my dad and how he says it about magic. Then a ghostly moan filled the house making all three of us freeze for a few moment then all of us shouting.

“RUN!” We all ran down the stairs and out the window, then trying to catch our breath.

“Whoa, never expected that to happen.” Snails muttered and both Snips and I nodded. Just then a pari of head lights turned on pointing right. At. Us!

“Everpony for herself!” I yelled and bolted the other way, Snips and Snails right behind me the whole time. The ghostly looking car chased us for a few minutes then finally a mist came from it and it stopped following us, but that didn’t stop us from almost breaking down the door to my house and hiding in my room closet like a bunch of scared fillies.


I was sitting in a near by tree laughing my smart ass off! That was priceless! Eldorado got out of his car and kicked the front of it yelling ‘Dangit!’ I flew over to him still laughing a bit.

“Thanks Eldorado, I’ll get your safe back to you next afternoon.” He nodded opened the front of his car. I walked towards the house, still laughing.


“Hey Snails?”

“Ya Snips?”

“We’re hugging a girl!” Oh for the love of! I bucked the two out of the closet.

“And thats were you ruined it for yourselves!” I yeld at the two and turned to the safe. “Let’s crack this baby open!” I smiled with excitement and blasted the safe, it was some what affective cause the face cracked open a bit. “Alright, you two get it open I’v been doing everything!” I sat down and watched them push it open.

“Aw man! Its just old confederate money!” We all ‘aww’ed. I heard uncle Keeper walk in down stairs.

“Nighty! I’m home!” Snips and Snails looked at me with grins.

“Nighty?” Snips giggled and I zipped his mouth shut with magic.

“A word of this at school and I’l have you both put on the moon.” They both gulped and nodded. What a eventful end to a eventful day!