• Published 14th Nov 2014
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Two Sides of Discord - MLP Fangirl

Discord was reformed. Equestria will never suffer in chaos again. Or will it?

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It was a normal day in Ponyville or, at least, it started out as one. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and ponies were trotting around the quaint, little village happily. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everypony was enjoying the beautiful day, including the Mane Six. They were having breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. The previous night had been their monthly slumber party. Each month, the girls would have a sleepover, and one of the six mares would have to host it. Obviously, this month it was Pinkie's turn. And the girls had had a wonderful time indeed.

However, this morning had started off rather unusually. Pinkie had woken up with the shivers. The Pinkie Sense that meant a doozy was going to happen. As Pinkie put it, "Something you'd never expect to happen is gonna happen." The girls would have to be extra careful today.

"How you doing there, Pinkie Pie? Still shakin'?" Applejack looked over at the pink pony and noticed that she was indeed still shivering.

"Can't y-y-you t-t-tell?" Fluttershy was trying to hold down Pinkie but was having very little success.

"Oh dear, I wonder what could be making you shiver so much. I do hope it's nothing scary," Fluttershy mumbled softly.

"Well, I hope it's scary. Or life-threatening. Things have been so slow for months. The last dangerous thing we did was with Daring Do. And that was awesome. But that was three months ago. I want some action." Rainbow kicked in the air and almost knocked down a flower vase. Rarity caught it with her magic.

"Now, Rainbow, when you say that you're just begging for trouble. I will admit that I do enjoy some of our excursions, but that doesn't mean I want to have them daily. I've enjoyed relaxing."

"I bet you have. If only I could have some relaxation. While you guys have been living it easy, I've been in Canterlot dealing with taxes, pleasing the populace, granting land, resolving this, and resolving that. The life of a Princess is not easy," Twilight said with a sigh. Twilight felt a hoof on her shoulder.

"We understand, sugarcube. But, we know that there's no pony else who would be better fit for the job than you. You've our full support. Right, girls?"


Twilight smiled. Her friends were truly the best. "Thanks, girls. I don't know what I'd do without you."

All of a sudden, Pinkie began shaking again. "Oooh! My Pinkie Sense is t-t-t-telling m-m-me that the d-d-d-doozy is g-g-getting c-c-closer. B-b-but f-for some r-reason, t-though, I c-c-can't f-f-figure out anything ab-b-bout it!"

"That doesn't sound good!" squeaked Fluttershy.

"Yes! Danger, here I come!" Rainbow exclaimed. Everypony gave her a glare. "Uh, I mean, no, that's bad, and stuff."

"Bad is right. We have no idea what's going to happen. And I doubt it will be as small as the last doozy." Applejack said recalling that the last doozy was Twilight's believing in the Pinkie Sense.

"Applejack's right. Whatever this doozy is, we need to be ready for it." Twilight proclaimed. Just then, the door burst open and the Cutie Mark Crusaders came barreling in. They jumped onto Twilight giving her no time to dodge the assault.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What's gotten into you fillies?" Twilight levitated the CMC off of her.

"Twilight! It's raining!" Sweetie Belle cried.

Rainbow looked surprised. "What? How can it be raining? We don't have a rain shower scheduled till next week."

"Could it be Everfree weather? Due to the forest's unnatural magic, it is possible for us to be experiencing an unexpected downpour considering how close we are to it."

"I doubt it," Scootaloo said, "These clouds weren't poky like the Everfree ones. But, they weren't normal clouds either. I know I've seen them before, but I can't put my hoof on it."

"Are you fillies sure you didn't imagine it? It's hard to believe that it could be raining on such a gorgeous day," Rarity said.

" If it's not rainin' , what do you call that?" Applebloom pointed out the window. True to the three fillies' word, it was indeed raining. The ponies quickly ran out side. Pinkie's nose began sniffing.

"Do you guys smell cotton candy?" She stuck her tongue out and caught a raindrop on it. "Chocolate milk?! It's raining chocolate milk!"

"But that's impossible. It hasn't rained chocolate milk since Discord took over. But he's reformed. He wouldn't do anything like this now, would he?" Twilight asked rhetorically. Discord was good now. There'd be no reason for him to do this. The ponies looked around for any sign that could explain what's causing this unsual weather.

Suddenly, an evil laugh, more like a maniacal laugh erupted in the air which sounded much too like the laugh of a certain draconeques.

"I would, I could, and I have, Twilight Sparkle. And there's nothing you and your nosy little friends can do to stop me." There was a flash of light. Discord emerged from the light. He looked the same, except instead of giving off his usual cheerful, goofy vibe, chaos, mischief, and diabolicalness radiated off of him. It seemed as if the old Discord was back.

"Discord?! What are you doing?" Fluttershy asked horrified.

"Taking back what's rightfully mine! May Equestria return to its natural chaotic state!" With a snap of his fingers, all of Ponyville had turned upside-down.

"Adios, Amigas! I've got a country to take over." He flashed away quickly leaving the six ponies totally confused. The chocolate milk came down even harder. What started out as a normal day, turned into a maelstrom of catastrophes.

Author's Note:

The prologue is complete. And as I said before, this was a spur-of-the-moment idea that found its way into my head. Whether you like it or not, that is up to you. This story may have started out slow, but it will get more interesting as chapters are being added. I hope you enjoy. Until next time.

Also, if you're wondering if Discord's really turned evil. Take a look at the title.