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A Monster in Ponyville - IceDragonKing

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The Chase!

Author's Note:

The crossover story of A Monster in Paris and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Disclaimer: I don't own A Monster in Paris or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

All characters are Anthro in this story.

Chapter 8 The Chase!

Next day, at the Ceremony of Harvey Dent...

"Do you give the potion to him yet?"Asked Raoul

"Already did," whispered Emile.

"Luckily, we told their friends first. Especially, Rainbow Dash," whispered Raoul.

"I know. She will ruin everything up by hurt Francoeur," whispered Emile.

"Speaking of Francoeur..." whispered Raoul and he's look at the roof where Francoeur is standing.

"Now... the time has come!" whispered Raoul.

"Alright..." said Emile.

"Oh my Zeus! It's the Giant Flea!" shouted Raoul as he's point to Francoeur, who is now standing on the roof of a building far from where they are.

"WHERE IS IT?!" asked Harvey and he's look at Francoeur. Then, Francoeur jump out from where he is to the ceremony and grab Rarity and Fluttershy with him when they are on the stage.

"YYAAAAARRRR!" shouted Francoeur and he's surprise from his voice and then change it.

"RAAAAAGGG! RAAAAGGGG!" shouted Francoeur and the polices around the stage pull out their short laser muskets and aim to Francoeur.

"NO! Don't shoot! It has the innocent victims with it!" said Harvey

"Sir! The potion!"Said Emile and Harvey's grab the potion out from his coat and throw it to Francoeur, causing the pink smoke around the stage.

When the smoke is clear,the Giant Flea is disappear, leave Rarity and Fluttershy stand on the stage. Then, Raoul goes up and look around and nothing and cause the fake death of the Giant Flea.

"Now the monster has gone! Thanks to our hero Harvey Dent! The new District Attorney of Ponyville!" said Raoul as Harvey Dent and Inspector Pate are go on the stage.

"What a great hero!" said Rarity.

"Hail Harvey Dent!"Said Emile and crowd are cheering at him while Inspector Pate is looking around and saw a neckerchief at the door of the under stage.

"Umm... sir..." whispered Pate and he's point to the neckerchief.

"Pate... open it... slowly..." said Harvey and Inspector open it and Harvey see Francoeur hiding inside.

"YOU FREAK!" said Harvey and he's shoot the laser to him but Francoeur jump out to the house nearby. Everypony had saw the Giant Flea is still alive and screaming out and run for their lives.

"Oh no!" said Emile.

"Oh my Hera!" said Rarity.

"Quick! We have to help him!" said Fluttershy and she's run with Rarity, Raoul and Emile to protect Francoeur. Now, Harvey Dent is about to shoot him again, but miss again, by the laser hit

the roof instead. Francoeur jump out to another roof and go straight to the forest.

"What are you all waiting for?! Go and grab it!" said Harvey and all of his polices quickly running after Francoeur.

Meanwhile at the Ceremony...

"Francoeur is go that way Raoul!" said Rarity.

"We have to save him!" said Fluttershy.

"I know! We have to get to my ride! So we can go after him and save him!" said Raoul and he's open the door of his shuttle-like chariot and get in with the others.

And then, the shuttle-like chariot with mark 'HD' arrive with two speeders and Harvey Dent and Inspector Pate go to ride them and go after the Giant Flea.

Later near the Sugarcube Cornor...

"We have to do something to stop the polices!" said Rarity and Raoul got an idea and get a box of cake that he bought from Sugarcube Cornor 2 hours ago.

"A cake?!" asked Emile.

"How does that can help us?" asked Rarity.

"Goodbye my lunch!"Said Raoul and he's drop the box of cake on the ground in front of Sugarcube Cornor. Then, Pinkie Pie jump out, open the box and eating with regardless of everypony are watching her.

When the polices arrive, they have to stop their shuttle-like chariots because Pinkie Pie is eating a cake on the ground in front of them.

Back to Raoul and his friends, they are now can catch up with Francoeur and put him into the shuttle-like chariot of Raoul.

"Now... he is safe," said Raoul.

"PHEW!" said Rarity and Fluttershy.


Now the shuttle-like chariot of Raoul is out of control and quickly hit at the tree. Then, the speeders of Harvey Dent and Inspector Pate are stop behind them.

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