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A Monster in Ponyville - IceDragonKing

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A Monster is Born

Author's Note:

The crossover story of A Monster in Paris and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Disclaimer: I don't own A Monster in Paris or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

All characters are Anthro in this story.

Chapter 1 A Monster Is Born

Evening in Ponyville, at Castle of Twilight...

"It has been 3 months now! Since we have allied our land with the Naga Empire," said Twilight.

"And we all got new stuffs to use!" said Spike as he's washing his speeder.

"And I'm still don't sure about you had bought that speeder to use," said Rarity.

"Believe me, Twilight. Nothing can go out of my hands!" said Spike.


"That must be my cargo!" said Applejack and she's walk to open the door with Rainbow Dash.

"Hello," said Applejack and she's saw an Earth Pony with a cargo of her stand before her.

"Hey it's you! A guy that me and Fluttershy had met when we're newcomers in Ponvyille! And then, you were moved away before we will know about you," said Rainbow Dash.

"The name is Raoul and I had returned now. If you excuse me, who's order this box of golden rices from the Colony of Sravasti?" asked Raoul.

"*Giggle!*" laughed Rainbow Dash.

"Umm... Rainbow Dash... what are you laughing at?" asked Applejack.

"That Delivery Pony that you just met is in love with Fluttershy!" said Rainbow Dash and this makes Fluttershy's cheeks turn red.


"I... I didn't know him yet. Just saw him a few times," said Fluttershy.

"I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! YOU LIKE HIM!" said Rarity.

"Oh please girls! We have just met. It can't happen!" said Fluttershy.

"Just for now, darling. Just for now," said Rarity.

Later at Ponyville Theater...

"Yo Emile! I'm here as what you ask for!" said Raoul.

"So let's go!" said Emile.

"Jump on!"Said Raoul and he's jump on his shuttle-like chariot.

"Oh wait!" said Emile and he's his magic to carry his camera ad drop it in his arms.

"Now we can go," said Emile

"As you said, friend."Said Raoul and he's drive his shuttle-like chariot to the next location of him.

Later at the Old Temple...

"Whoa! I can't believe the Djinns had brought the whole entire temple and its statues from Saddle Arabia to here!" said Emile as he's rubbing at the Cow Statue.

"Speaking about the Djinns, where are they?" asked Raoul

"Most of them are go back to Saddle Arabia for their own business," said A Voice and two Djinns are walk out from the temple.

"Who are you two?" asked Raoul.

"The name is Al-Mu'tamin and the big guy behind me is Ali, he's bigger than anypony in your town!" said Al-Mu'tamin.

"Nice to meet both of you. If you don't mind, my friend Emile wanna look around this place," said Raoul and he's go to get the cargo.

"Here what did Sheikh Suleimare had asked for. Three sacks of bricks."Said Raoul as he's carry three sacks of bricks and enter the temple.

"Oh no! We won't let you go into the temple!" said Al-Mu'tamin.

"Oh come on! How bad can I do in there?" asked Raoul.

"Well... that last time you entered. You turned the temple into a Giant Chicken!" said Al-Mu'tamin.

"Ali saw that happened!" said Ali.

"Look! A distraction!" said Raoul and they both turn to look on their left side and Raoul quickly go in.

"Oh no! Not again!" said Al-Mutamin and he's quickly run into the temple to grab Raoul.

"You guys seem to known him very well. Much more than me!" said Emile.

At the Center of the Temple...

"These stuffs are so awesome!" said Raoul as he's looking at it.

"Voice changing chemical... COOL!" said Raoul and he's spray it into the month of Al-Mu'tamin and his voice change into a very beautiful one.

"Whoa! Your sound are the best now Al-Mu'tamin!" said Raoul and Al-Mu'tamin grab the bottle of voice changing chemical from him.

"And what with this one?" asked Raoul as he's looking at it.

"Size changing chemical!" said Raoul as he's picking it up.

"Let's see how it work," said Raoul and he's spray it on the seed of sunflower and drop it on the ground. But nothing happen.

"What a disappoint work one," said Raoul and he's grab and throw it into a pool nearby. And then, the water is start to shaking and a Giant Sunflower come out from the pool.

"WOW!" said Raoul and Emile.

"Did you got that in your camera?!" asked Raoul and Al-Mu'tamin grabs the bottle of size changing chemical from him.

"Of course!" said Emile.

"This will help my business go better! A LOT! OH YEAH!"Said Raoul and the Giant Sunflower began to fall.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!"Screamed Raoul and he's run to push it with Emile and Ali. Ali gives Raoul a rod to help but then, the rod float out from his hands,

fall on the chemical that Al-Mu'tamin just drop down. The chemicals float along with the empty glass box nearby into the air and hit each other. Then, the explosion happen.


After the explosion, the smoke is around the temple. Emile stands up and saw something at left side, near the pillar. He saw a monstrous creature standing.

All of its body is cover with sharp fur, have four arms and eyes are big and orange. It's look at him. When he's scream out, the creature jump through the ceiling and disappear.

"Ooh... Raoul! Raoul! Where are you?!" asked Emile.

"I am here! At the entrance! I'm with Ali!" said Raoul.

"Wait! Where is Al-Mu'tamin?!" asked Emile.

"In the pool!" said Al-Mu'tamin and he's crawl out from the pool.

"Well... we may mess enough today..." said Raoul and then a noise of glass break happen.

"Better get out of here!" said Raoul and he's walk out with Emile to his shuttle-like chariot.

Meanwhile in the Everfree Forest, there is a shadow of a creature watching them go into Ponyville. The creature is 7 ft. tall and have four arms.

It's jump high above the canopy follow them to Ponyville. The creature is stop at Quills and Sofas. When the owner saw it, he scream out and it's jump away.

Then, it's stop at the Day Spa, both Aloe and Lotus Blossom are also scream out when they saw it. The creature is jump away again in the night.

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