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A Monster in Ponyville - IceDragonKing

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A Monster in Ponyville (Song)

Author's Note:

The crossover story of A Monster in Paris and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Disclaimer: I don't own A Monster in Paris or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

All characters are Anthro in this story.

Chapter 5 A Monster In Ponyville (Song)

Later at Night, in Dressing Room of L'Oiseau Rare...

"Thanks for coming girls," said Rarity as she's drinking a cup of tea.

"Just want to see both of you singing," said Twilight.

"THAT MUST BE AWESOME!" said Pinkie Pie.

"So what's song that you two are going to sing today?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"La Seine... like other day before," said Fluttershy.

"And we wanted you all to heard it too!" said Rarity.

"We would love to hear it Rarity," said Applejack.


"Only 30 minutes left now. Prepare yourselves. For your friends, I need them to wait at their table now," said Owner.

"Sorry. But look like you all have to leave now," said Rarity.

"Well... see you two at the stage," said Rainbow Dash and she's open the door and walk out with the others.

"Now... let's prepare ourselves, darling," said Rarity

Meanwhile Outside, behind the Restaurant, the Giant Flea jump down from the roof and take an interest at the bell before the door.

The creature pulling the door for many times. And then, Fluttershy opens the door and accident hit at the creature's face to fall on the ground.

"By the mane of Zeus!" said Fluttershy.

"Oh my Hera!" said Rarity and she's quickly run to look at the creature in disguise with Fluttershy.

"I am very sorry. Now... can you let me see your wound?" asked Fluttershy and she's look down to the creature. Then, the creature stands up,

revealing his face behind the neckerchief to her and Rarity. When they saw the face, they both immediately fall unconscious but the creature grab them in time.

When they wake up, they saw the creature before them, carry them. They both scream out and Rarity's quickly slap at the creature's face and take Fluttershy with her back in the dressing room.

"This is not real! This not real This is not real!" said Fluttershy after she's lock the door.

"Oh my Hera! Please help me!" said Rarity.

Outside, now it's raining. The creature sat down in the mood of sadness near the trash can. Then, he's heard a noise of water falling on a bucket and bottle and start to sing...

"I.. I hide my light inside a cloak of night

Beneath the red scarf and a chapeaux

The pearl of my heart locked within a shell

too afraid to let it go, to let it show

and all the headlines read

for the whole world to see

A Monster in Ponyville

I fall apart, I fall apart, apparently

I did appear beneath the light

yes it was me

A Monster in Ponyville

I hide my pain inside a melody

it's as if notes I sing set me free

I keep all my dreams under a lock and key

I'm so afraid that they will fly, away from me

A Monster in Ponyville

A Monster in Ponyville."

The song ends.

Both girls open the door with umbrellas, they walk near to the creature and smile to it. Then, Fluttershy cover head of the creature with her umbrella.

"And... do you have a name?" asked Fluttershy but the creature just groan in its insect way.

"Well... how about Francoeur, darling?" asked Rarity and the creature looks at her with an interest.

"It means honest heart," said Rarity and the creature or now known as Francoeur smiles to her.

"Follow me," said Fluttershy and she's walk with Rarity into the dressing room with Francoeur following them behind.

After they all are in, Rarity walks back to close the door.

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