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Kamen Rider Bass - Noise

Strange monsters are starting to show up around the city of Manehattan. Vinyl Scratch stumbles upon the Noise Driver and finds herself caught in the middle of battle for the fate of Manehattan. Can the Riders save the city from the Changelings?

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Episode 5 - The New Moon

“MORNING LADIES!” Ditzy and Twilight awoke to the loud, boisterous greeting from the Doctor. “We have work to do.” The girls left the break room and made their way to the main room where the Doctor was waiting. Some papers and a key ring was on the table in front of him. “First things first, here's the information, address and keys to your new house Ms. Sparkle. Enjoy. All bills and what have you will be paid for by us, no need to worry about it. Just don't set the place on fire and you have nothing to worry about.”

He slid the papers and keys to Twilight, who raised an eyebrow at the house fire remark but bowed politely regardless. “Thank you.”

“Right then! I'll go call the other two for good old fashion meeting. Ditzy, if you would be so kind, please bring down the monitor in the Crew Room and turn it on, then go to the Monitor Station and set monitor there to display all the current activation points for all the missing Drivers. Once you're done with that you can go grab a snack while we wait for the others to show up.” He sat in a chair and threw his legs up on the table as he pulled out his phone and started dialing.

The Doctor, Twilight and Ditzy had gathered into the Crew Room an hour later. The Doctor had assured Twilight that the other two Riders would be showing up any minute. Twilight's eye kept shifting between the map on display on the monitor and the door. The map was littered with some dots, showing where each Driver activated and had a specific color to indicate each Driver. The Doctor had opened his mouth to say something when the door finally opened. A male and female about Twilight's age entered the room. The female had light blue hair with a few pale blue streaks. She fixated more on the male, who she had assumed would be her partner. He had brown hair that hung down at eye level, sans the front of his face to prevent obstructing his vision. He wore a simple yellow shirt, black pants and two green wristbands. The two of them took a seat next to Ditzy. The Doctor stood up and clapped his hands together. “Alright then, time to get the ball rolling. Right off the bat I'd like to introduce you two to our new Rider. She'll be using the Lunar Driver.”

Twilight stood up and bowed to the two new faces. “Nice to meet you. My name is Twilight Sparkle. I was sent here from Canterlot to help deal with the Changeling threat.” The male she assumed to be Bolt simply nodded in acknowledgment. She wasn't entirely certain, but she could have sworn she caught an angry glare coming from the female. She ignored the thought, not wanting to cause any potential internal strife.

“Very good. Twilight here also believes that she can help us catch Noise and Music.” He sat down and threw his feet up on the table. “The floor is now yours Ms. Sparkle.”

Twilight nodded and made her way to the monitor. “Alright. Let's go over what we know so far. I was given a quick brief of the situation from Ditzy and the Doctor. Noise was engaged twice up to this point and Music was only engaged once. Music escaped and Noise was nearly defeated twice but managed to escape both times. They are also both believed to be female. From what I was told and based on the activation points that time, I assume Music started testing us and was able to figure how our tracking works, or at least, how to avoid us. Noise at the time wasn't aware that we were even able to track them based on their points of activation but after our second confrontation with her, she met up with Music. Based on their activity after that point, it's safe to say that Music has shared this information with Noise as they have been activating together now and attempts to search the area has resulted in finding nothing of interest. We can also assume that if Noise were to activate solo now, she would be aware of our tracking methods and exploit them to avoid being caught.”

The male spoke up. “And how does restating the obvious help us get any closer to them?”

“Like I said, I was simply restating the basic facts up to this point. I'll be getting to my personal observations next.” Dots started vanishing from the map on display, leaving many minty green colored dots. “These are the points of activation for Music. We can start to see something right off the bat. They have all been in the Upper Manehattan area. We can safely assume she lives somewhere in this area. There's also one particularly interesting spot right here.” She pointed up at a particular dot. “This point here tells me quite a lot. She activated here at the Manehattan Institute of Art. One of three universities in Manehattan specializing of course in teaching various art forms as well as providing university level general education and providing a few other varied courses. What makes this spot so interesting is the fact that this point of activation even exists. These universities have a strict security. Especially in-between semesters. Students are still allowed on campus grounds during this time but security guards are required to ID everyone they come across to ensure that they are students. Non-students are either removed from the campus grounds or escorted to the appropriate office to obtain a visitor pass. I made a quick call earlier to verify the visitor records from that day. No non-students were on the campus grounds that day. Music's knowledge of the university's layout and access to most of it also helped her evade being spotted that day. I'm one-hundred percent certain based on these facts that Music is a student of that university. I suggest we get a list of students visiting the campus grounds on that day as well as about ten or eight days before and after. With these names, all we have to do is talk to each student and the Rider who encountered her the first time should be able to identify her voice.”

The female in the back quickly raised her hand. “Won't work. She masked her voice.”

Twilight was brought down from her amazing streak, her proud smile faded. “Wait, what? She masked her voice? How was she able to do that, and how do we know she's a female if you couldn't hear her real voice?”

The female rolled her eyes, leaned back in her chair slightly and looked straight down. Twilight raised an eyebrow, not quite understanding what she was trying to say. The female's expression seemed to be souring as she deliberately shifted her eyes back and forth between Twilight and straight down. Twilight was still unable to grasp her hint. “Ngh. Oh come on. Her chest!”

Twilight blushed. “O-oh. R-right, o-of course.”

“Other than that, she spoke in auto tune.”

Twilight froze for a second. “I'm sorry, she did what now?”

The female threw her hands up to shoulder level. “It is exactly as it sounds! She spoke in heavy auto tune! Everything she said it was just somehow incredibly auto tuned. It's probably something her Driver can do.”

“I-I see. So we'll have to be a bit more clever to trip her up.” The dots on the map vanished and a few white dots appeared. “In any case, let's move on to Noise. With her in mind, we already have one potential suspect. The first point of activation occurred somewhere in this apartment complex in Middle Manehattan. The rest of them occurred in Upper Manehattan. Let's go over my theory first. My suspect is a local DJ by the name of Vinyl Scratch, going by the stage name DJ P0N3. She was at the incident at the Cover Page comic shop. She was one of the last to leave the area and claimed to police and the media that she had left the scene to avoid being attacked and then came back later to see if her equipment was still intact. A quick search on her revealed that she happens to be a resident at that apartment complex where her first point of activation is located which further shifts suspicion on her. On the other hand, every point of activation after the first, as I stated before, has been in Upper Manehattan which is a little strange. Though it could be that she simply prefers to be in that area for various reasons. While she is a primary suspect, it's still very possible that it could be anyone else. Cover Page doesn't have a list of names of people attending the event nor can we completely assume it was someone specifically attending that event. It could have been someone else entirely who happened to be nearby. These are just my conclusions based on the little time I've had to look into this information.” She turned to the monitor as the dots vanished, replaced by two cyan dots and two brown dots. “Flight and Claw have only just recently started showing signs of activity so we can't draw any conclusions yet. However, based on the points of activation for Claw, it's possible that the current user resides somewhere in the Lower Manehattan area. Flight also seems to be quite vocal about the situation and fancies herself a superhero. I'll be keeping up on this new Twitter account of hers. This should actually make her easy to locate. That is all I have for now.”

The Doctor applauded from his chair, very impressed by Twilight's detective work. “Very good Twilight. Brilliant! Alright, let's keep making this a good day!” He let his chair fall to it's legs and stood up, feeling very energetic now. “Bolt, I want you to take Twilight to Upper Manehattan. Get her acquainted with the area, show her around maybe, get a bite to eat, get to know each other, all that good stuff. I want you two to get comfortable with each other. It'll be important when we start using the Eclipse Regalia. I also want the two of you to be ready in case any Drivers go live. Trixie, I want you to wait around the Lower Manehattan area in case Claw goes live. Ditzy, stay here and keep an eye on the monitor. Places everyone, move out! Let's go let's go!” He clapped along with his final words to accentuate his enthusiasm.

Bolt stood up, putting a hand in his pocket and gestured towards Twilight, prompting her to come to him. Trixie huffed and left the room immediately. Bolt pulled out a pair of keys as Twilight approached. She smiled. “Nice to meet you Bolt. I look forward to working with you.”

“You comfortable riding passenger on a motorcycle?”

“Not exactly, but I'm more than ready for a new experience.”

“Alright then,” He opened the door. “Ladies first.”


Fluttershy awoke to find her friend on her laptop again. She yawned and walked to her closet to grab some clothes. Rainbow glanced over at Fluttershy as she lazily made her way to her bathroom to change. Rainbow was looking through a few replies on her new Twitter account's first tweet. The replies were mixed. Some believed her, some believed she was just a poser trying to get a little bit of short lived fame off the rumors and photos from last night, and a few demanded she prove it. Rainbow wasn't worried too much about proving them wrong or right at the moment. That would happen on it's own with time. She logged out of the account and closed the laptop as Fluttershy exited the bathroom. Fluttershy escorted Rainbow to the kitchen and made them some toast and decided to break the silence as she was just about finished. “What did you want to show me Rainbow?”

Rainbow jammed the last bit of her toast in her mouth and swallowed quickly, her enthusiasm instantly rising. “It's something I found yesterday! It's gonna blow your mind! I'll show you outside! We should go somewhere people won't see us though. I don't want anyone else to see it.”

“Umm, okay. I guess that's fine. Where exactly do you have in mind?” Rainbow leaned back in her chair and started thinking. “Please don't do that.”

Rainbow quickly sat back upright. “S-sorry. I keep forgetting your mom doesn't like that. We could try hitting your old high school nearby. I doubt anyone will be there. They still allow people around there right?

“I think so. We could try asking.”

Rainbow hopped off her chair. “Eh, forget asking. We won't be doing anything bad or anything like that. Let's go!”

Fluttershy stood up. “Okay. But I have to finish some chores first. I hope you don't mind waiting a little bit. You can use the TV or my laptop while you wait.”

“Ngh. Fine. Do what ya gotta do. I'll just watch some TV while I wait. But hurry up.”


Fluttershy finished her chores and drove out to Cherry Grove High. Rainbow wasted no time dragging Fluttershy to the indoor basketball court. She quickly inspected the area to make sure no one else was around. “Alright! Perfect!”

“So what exactly did you want to show me?”

“Have you heard the rumors going around recently about weird armored super humans showing up recently in Manehattan?”

“Um, I've only heard a tiny bit. Something to do with a store concert or something getting attacked.”

“It was some comic shop, but whatever, check this out.” Rainbow pointed at her belt.

“Ummm...is that supposed to be some kind of novelty belt?”

“Not quite. This belt let's me become one of those armored super heroes!”


“Just watch!” Rainbow crossed and thrust her arms down, pushing the wings of the belt down in an overly stylish manner. A heavenly light began to emit from the belt. She thrust one arm up into the air. The light faded from her body, some fragments of light took the shape of feathers as they fluttered off her new armored form and faded away. “Pretty damn badass right!? With this power, I'll clean up the streets of Manehattan as Armored Hero Blitz!”

Fluttershy was completely taken aback. She took in the new armored form in front of her for a minute for finally deciding to question it. “Wh-where did you get that thing!?”

“Believe it or not, someone dropped it a few days ago. I figured out this part of it last night.”

“Y-you're not actually thinking of using that to be some kind of crime fighter are you!?”

“Of course I am! Some people don't have the strength to fight back and no one's going to win against a gun. But with this belt, I can save lives and stop crime!”

Fluttershy was starting to well up a little. “But...but what if you get hurt...what someone finds out it's you!? What if those rumors about monsters are true too!? Rainbow, this is crazy, you can't do this!”

Rainbow slapped her hand against her head in frustration. “Ugh, come on Fluttershy. What kind of reaction is that!?” She threw her arms out and started pacing towards the door. “Ever since last year you've been like this. Get off my back alright!? You complain about everything I do, you constantly try and bring up the past and every time... Every! Single! Freaking time we hang out anymore, all it ever is is 'please consider our offer Rainbow'.” She turned to face Fluttershy, who had yet to move. “Well guess what Fluttershy! It's my life and I can do whatever the damn hell I want with it alright!? How about you consider my offer for once! Try bothering someone who actually needs your freaking help! You're so freaking hung up trying to drag me down and I'm sick of it!” She slammed her fist against the wall and let out a heavy sigh. The room was silent for a moment. “Just...just give me a call when you want to go back to the way things used to be, alright? I'm done slamming my head against a wall trying to hold on to an old friend.” Rainbow angrily stormed out of the building. Fluttershy continued to stand motionless, a whirlwind of thoughts buzzed through her mind. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number.

“R-Rarity. Are y-you working r-ight n-now?”

“Fluttershy dear, are...are you crying? What happened?”

“I r-really need t-to talk to someone ri-right now. Is it a-alright if w-we met up somewhere?”

“O-Of course! I want you to come right away to my house! I'll text you the address when you hang up okay?”

“Th-thank you.”


Twilight sat at a booth at the Starry Brew cafe in Upper Manehattan with her new partner. She had a fresh mocha and soft cinnamon pretzel, while Bolt simply had a cup of water. “You sure you don't want anything?”

“Naw. I'm not a fan of coffee.”

“Then why'd you take me here?”

“Cuz you said you wanted coffee.”

“Oh. What about you though?”

He shrugged. “I'll just grab some take out from whatever's nearby when we leave.”

Twilight took of a bite of her pretzel. “Let's get to the reason we're here, to get to know each other better. I'm Twilight Sparkle. I was born in Canterlot. My mother is a famous author and my dad was a well known physicist, at least, until I was born. I went to a private school for gifted kids when I was young and moved up at and early age to university level studies. During my time at the university Canterlot, my various exploits garnered the attention of some higher ups at the organization we work under. My curiosity got the better of me and after a long series of events, found myself working with them and here I am today.”

Bolt took a few big gulps of his water during her "introduction". He set his cup down and raised an eyebrow, not expecting her to go through her life story. “Sooo...you're basically a turbo nerd.”

Twilight choked on her coffee, taking her a minute to get the drink down and out of her windpipe. “N-no! I am not a nerd! What kind of response is that anyway? We're supposed to be getting to know each other.”

“Yeah. That doesn't exactly mean you have to read your autobiography to me. Just tell me about you. What do you like, dislike, blah blah blah. The rest can come later if you really want to share that with the class.”

Twilight frowned a little. “Fair enough. I enjoy reading and learning about new things. I like to have things organized and I prefer keeping to a planned schedule whenever possible. I-”

Bolt chuckled, “So, you're a turbo nerd. Got it.”

“Alright, now that's just rude!”

“Oy, relax. Being a turbo nerd isn't a bad thing. We never would have caught that bit about Music if it wasn't for you.” He downed the rest of his water and continued. “Besides, trying to describe yourself like you're speed dating doesn't exactly tell me much anyway. The only way to really get to know someone is just be around them ya know? Just hang out and shoot the shit. You can't just hope to know everything about someone in a day. It takes a helluva lot more time than that.”

Twilight's annoyed expression faded slightly. “I...I guess that's true. By the way, there was something Ditzy told me. Something about you. Would you mi-” Twilight was cut off by a sudden ping in her earpiece.

“Bolt! Twilight! Flight just went active! It's very close by! It's in the Cherry Grove High School just a little further north! Get over there now!”

Bolt quickly got up from the booth. “Let's go!”

Twilight took a big bite out of her pretzel and left the remainder on the table along with her half finished coffee and followed Bolt back to his motorcycle. “Bolt, I want to fight her on my own.”

“You think you're ready day one?”

“Flight should be just as new as I am. Besides, I have Luna to help me use the Lunar Driver. I should be fine.”

“Your call. I hope you're ready.”


Rainbow made her way to the school's empty parking lot and leaned against a wall. “Ugh...I should tell Scoots or Gilda about this...at least they won't bitch me out about it.” She sighed and stared up into the sky. As mad as she still was at Fluttershy, she hated having yelled at her like that.

Rainbow's alone time was abruptly cut off as a motorcycle sped it's way on the parking lot, slowing down and parking inside an empty space nearby. The driver kept his helmet on and sat comfortably as the passenger got off and approached Rainbow. “So you're, Armored Hero Blitz?”

Rainbow pushed herself off the wall and took a confident stance, folding her arms in front of her chest. “That's right.”

“I see. Let's just cut the business then. You seemed to have come into possession of one our Drivers. The Flight Driver to be precise. It's whatever you used to transform into what you are now. I must politely ask that you return to us immediately. If you refuse, I'm afraid I'll have to take it from you by force.”

“Give this up? Why? So you can use it for something boring? I'm trying to save lives. What could possibly be more important than that?”

Twilight removed a large belt buckle with a full moon design. She placed the buckle on her waist causing a belt to extend out from both sides, connecting and locking at her back. “More than you realize. Stopping petty criminals and street thugs is the job of the police. We have something much more serious on our hands right now. I will ask you one more time, give the Flight Driver back to us.”

“Fine then.” Rainbow unfolded her arms. “Let's see whatcha got!”

Twilight place her hands in front of the sides her belt buckle. The full moon design on the buckle changed, some of it fading away, leaving only a crescent moon and the night sky around it. “Transform.” The belt emitted a bright pale light that quickly turned to darkness, surrounding Twilight. Twilight stepped out of the shroud of darkness and allowed it to disappear behind her. Twilight was now in in dark violet armor with a few bat like features and held a long chest high staff with a crescent moon on the end in her hand. “Let's see how your Flight Driver compares to my Lunar Driver.”

Rainbow was impressed, but contained her excitement. She reached behind her and pulled out a particularly long metallic feather from her wings, held it out and ran a hand across the feather. The feather hardened and it's edges got sharper as her hand made it across. She placed a hand on her hip and lazily held the feather sword at her side. “I bet won't even need to break a sweat to beat you. Come at me whenever you think you're ready.”

Twilight was insulted by her opponent's cocky attitude and the lazy posture. She took the initiative since her opponent had no intention of doing so and pointed her staff at Rainbow with one hand and fired two small but powerful beams. Rainbow lazily side stepped both shots. Twilight fired a few more, getting the same reaction as the first two shots.

Rainbow sighed. “Come on, you build yourself up like that and all you have to show for it is a few lazy shots? Let me show you how it's done.” She charged at Twilight, dodging two more shots. She slashed her sword down at Twilight, which she was able to block with her staff. Rainbow kept pushing her sword against Twilight's staff as she continued to mock her, “Heh, you can at least do more than shoot. Let's see you keep it up. I'll start off slow first, just for you.”

Twilight pushed her attacker back, only to have her begin assaulting her with lightning quick sword strikes. Twilight was barely able to keep up, blocking each strike was proving to be incredibly difficult. Twilight finally managed to mentally calm herself amidst the flurry of strikes and caught another strike of Rainbow's sword and pushed her off again. Rainbow responded by leaping at Twilight with a devastating spin kick. Twilight quickly raised an arm to block it just in time, though the attack still did some damage. Rainbow pushed off of Twilight's arm and gave a powerful flap with her wings to push herself back towards Twilight while still airborne, kicking the unprepared Rider across the face and sending her careening against the pavement. Twilight was in bad shape but managed to pull herself up only to see her opponent charging her again with her sword ready. Twilight quickly raised her staff to block and was met with no resistance. Before she could assess the situation, she was blindsided by a back kick to the stomach and knocked back to the floor.

Twilight groaned in pain and looked up to see a gun aimed right between her eyes. She completely froze in fear. Rainbow grinned. “If you're gonna talk big, make sure you can at least back it up. Especially when you're trying to play in the big leagues.”

Twilight continued to stare at the gun, too afraid to make any sudden movements. Her eyes suddenly widened as she seemed to yell at someone else entirely. “W-what!? How can you be sure!? Don't-” Before she could finish, her body was enveloped by a shroud of darkness again, fading away after a few seconds and leaving behind an un-transformed, terrified Twilight.

Rainbow chuckled a bit and holstered her gun and crouched down a bit to seem less intimidating. “I'm sure you got some tricks up your sleeve but you need to put yourself into it too ya know. Don't just ride on the power of that Driver, or whatever.”

“H-how... The Lunar Driver is supposed to more powerful than the Flight Driver... And we've both had minimal to no time to get use to them. Theoretically, I should have had the full advantage.”

Rainbow scoffed, “Dude, you can't fight by crunching numbers or comparing stats or whatever nerdy crap. It's like... Hmm... It's like playing a fighting game. One character could be really strong and have a advantage over all the others and another could be considered weaker than the others, but the real fight's determined by the skill of the player. Ya know what I'm sayin'? Put your heart into it. Go in hard and don't let up until you've won. It's hard coming up with inspirational advice and all that, so I hope you're at least gettin' the message. Anyway, I got somewhere to go. Make sure you train a bit before you try that again alright?” She stood up and unfurled her wings. “Later.” She took off into the sky and flew away.

Twilight continued to lay on her back, still unnerved by her complete and utter defeat. Her wallowing was broken by a hand coming into view. “Come on. You can mope later. Let's get you outta here.” She grabbed Bolt's hand and was pulled to her feet. “We're gonna need to get you some practice.” He grabbed her arm and slung it over his shoulder, helping her back to his motorcycle.

“Let's go to my place for a little bit. We'll start training later today.”

“Why'd you transform back to normal?”

“You can blame Luna for that one. She dropped the transformation on me. She said that Rider wouldn't hurt me and that I would be better off dropping it to reduce further stress on my body...”


Rarity let in the distraught Fluttershy and guided her to a couch. Fluttershy seemed to have calmed down a little on the drive over. “Now Fluttershy, tell me what's got you so upset.”

She kept her gaze to the floor, still feeling a little nervous around her superior even while off the clock. “It's...it's Rainbow Dash. You saw her yesterday. I'm really worried about her now more than ever and I can't help but think something awful might happen to her.”

“Start from the beginning now dear. Why are you so worried about her that you had that little outburst yesterday?”

Fluttershy hesitated for a moment, but decided to divulge the details. “It's because of her dad.”

“Her father?”

“Her dad died about a year and a half ago.”

“Oh my goodness! What about her mother? Is she...also?”

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes. She died giving birth. Her dad was a star player for the Manehattan Wondercolts baseball team. Rainbow Blitz. He even used to bring her, and me sometimes, to baseball games for free. We even got to meet his team a few times. One night he just died in his sleep. The doctors said it was respiratory failure. They weren't sure what could have caused it. They said he at least didn't feel any pain.”

“Oh my goodness...where is the poor dear living now? Does she have any relatives?”

“Her father's teammates were kind enough to put her up at an orphanage in Lower Manehattan. They pool money together every two weeks and send it to her as a sort of allowance. We were close with Rainbow and her dad, and my mother said she would take Rainbow in to live with us. She didn't want to talk to anyone for a few days after the incident. She locked herself up in a room in the orphanage and only came out to eat. She didn't say anything to anyone. The scariest part though was that when she stopped, she just started acting like nothing had ever happened. She refused to let us take her in and started doing whatever she wanted like nothing else mattered and she refuses to speak about her dad or the incident.”

“I see...she's put mental wall around herself and is using her allowance to not have to deal with reality.”

Fluttershy sniffled a little. “Y-yes. We're really worried about her, but she won't let us help. We couldn't just ask any of the Manehattan Wondercolts to do it, they were out of state on tour. Eventually, she just broke contact with us. Now she's come back and nothing's changed...and now...” Rarity put a comforting hand on Flutterhsy's lap, encouraging her to continue. “Rarity, I'm sure you've heard the rumors going around lately?”

Rarity raised an eyebrow. “Yes? I have heard quite a few rumors going around. About monsters showing up lately in Manehattan and about some kind of armored super heroes or some rubbish. People are even posting elaborate pictures now.”

Fluttershy shook her head. “It's true. Those armored people are real. Rainbow Dash...Rainbow is one of them now.”

“What!?” Rarity wasn't sure whether or not to believe this, but she didn't believe Fluttershy to be one to lie.

“She showed me earlier today and even got into a fight with another one of those armored super humans.” She started to cry again. “I'm just so worried now that something horrible will happen to her!”

Rarity pulled Fluttershy into a hug. She wanted to tell Fluttershy that everything would be okay, but found herself silent. She was still a little shocked to hear that the rumors were true. She made a mental note to confront Rainbow about this if she ever saw her again.


Rainbow made her way to a public basketball court in Lower Manehattan and waving to a woman leaning against the fence. “Sup Gilda. Glad ya got my text. S'been awhile. ”

“Dash, my gal, what's up?”

“You're never gonna believe what I found the other day. Come with me, no one else can see this.”

“Alright, let's see it.”

“Get ready, this is gonna blow your mind!” With nobody around their current location, Dash transformed. She struck a flashy a pose in her new armored form.

“Oh sweet, you found one of those things too?”

“Yep! It's pr- Wait, what?”

Gilda grinned. “I got one of those too. Now that we both got one, we gotta do something with these.”

“I already have an idea.”


“I've had my eye on you. You have been standing here waiting for hours every night. What exactly are you waiting for my dear?”

“Finally! I've been waiting for you to show up! The rumors said you'd show up if I waited around alone at night. What the hell took you so long?”

“My my, you are quite the fiery one aren't you? Sorry, but I have already taken a look into your heart and I have seen what drives you. Petty revenge doesn't do anything for me and my hive. I have already seen what comes of it twice now.”

“First of all, you're a complete retard and you're doing it all wrong.”

“You had best choose your next words wisely. Insulting your queen in such a way warrants the death penalty.”

“Ridding a human of their emotions before converting them into a Changeling makes them weak.”

“Emotions make the human race weak my dear.”

“Emotions are what gives humans power you retard. Take them away and you have an empty husk that takes orders and can only pretend to act on it's former emotions. It's only an act. There's nothing there except some attempt to cling to their humanity. A pathetic attempt that not even the Changeling itself understands. Emotions give us drive. It's what lets us go beyond our limits.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! I present to you a test to prove me right. Find a human and turn him into a Changeling, but instead of taking his emotions, amplify his negative emotions. Revenge, greed, lust, and so on. I guarantee you'll get better results than the worthless drones you've been pumping out so far. Until then, I'll keep waiting for you here.”

“You seem to understand quite a lot. I will indulge in your little theory. I shall not remove the emotions from the next human I convert. I'm already looking forward to it. If this does not end as you predict, know that there will be dire consequences for your choice of words towards me.”

“Sometimes it takes strong words to get through to someone. I'm going back to my apartment now. Have fun.”

“Before I allow you to leave, I am curious. What is your name little one?”

“Sunset Shimmer. Remember it.”

Author's Note:

So, this was delayed thanks to Smash. ANYWAY! A Twilight who has never gotten into a fight before tried to start a fight. Got her ass kiiiiiiiiiiicked~

Rainbow's general history revealed. More importantly, Gilda and Sunset Shimmer have appeared. What could they possibly be up to? Based on their dubious activities in MLP, it certainly can't be good! Find out in the next episode!

Also, while I did say I wasn't going to be bringing any riders and such over from the Kamen Rider universe, I will be/am referencing them every so often. Some of my pony Riders reference other Riders. Twilight's transformation was based off what I know of Kuuga from Decade, namely how he places his hands near the belt before transforming. There will also be a few other references strewn about. Have fun with those. Will try and have another chapter up sometime this week. We'll see how that works out with classes taking up my time this week.