• Published 16th Jul 2014
  • 2,959 Views, 51 Comments

That Which Plagues the Mind - Journey Blue

King Sombra has returned from the shadows, his sights on a new conquest. Twilight Sparkle's efforts to save the Crystal Empire may have gone unnoticed by the masses, but not by Sombra. She has earned his interest. Much to her dismay.

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Writer's Note

This story first began as an attempt to spite a writer whose work I was displeased with. Sort of an "Anything you can do, I can do better" idea. However, too soon my spite-fueled motivation was replaced was a genuine desire to write a good story, a story that did justice for a cast aside villain.

Thus this story was cancelled because I decided to rewrite a more extensive and higher quality story. No more editing at 2 am, no more writing from sheer whimsy. I am putting the effort this story deserves to give Equestria the villain it deserves.

This story will still be left up for the sake of posterity and because, for me, it is stepping stone and evidence of the progress I have made.

The stories is redone and continued in: The Student of Sun and Shadow

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