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In His Presence - Ocean Heart

Trapped in prison is quite the life...not much to worry about after you've done and plotted your revenge...so how does one pass the time? Maybe if he had visitors that he could converse with, at the least.

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"And what a man you've become..."

Waking up every morning was a difficult task for the captain of the guard, as it means waking up to the constant problems that only he can deal with. Political, military, dinners, events; celebrations and funerals. So busy he never got to even do something as simple as plan his day, everything was planned for him. The main issue he found on his mind were Diamond Dogs; still launching poorly planned skirmishes, talks with the princess were going well and all...but there was always a faction or two that didn't like the idea of a peace treaty. It ultimately hurt resources, shot moral and gave him a headache. Rolling to the side, throwing the covers off himself and sitting on the edge of the bed, he thought about the gryphon spy recently captured; the idiot forced his hand to act on the recent tensions between the nations...even send his own to keep an eye on the higher ups. Standing up and rubbing his face, always wishing things could be simple again. The care free life of a normal dragon.

As carefree as his life could be, at least...

Spike grimaced when he popped his joints stretching. The baby dragon had grown into a tall and intimidating figure; shoulders broad, frame slender and tough, he dragged his feet to the oak dresser in the corner of his room, shaking his head free of sleep for just a moment. Thoughts lingered on his friend hiding in the underworld of gryphon kingdoms, buying, selling or trading any information she can get just in case.

That seemed to be a motto of his, ‘Just in case.’

Just in case the gryphons try and start another war; just in case he can't defeat them...just in case the world starts to crumble...

And all I used to worry about the affections of a mare...

Looking down and picking up the picture of her. The sparkling light green eyes, snow white fur...all the years of laughter and love. Smiling fondly, he set it back down and opened the drawers to get dressed. A simple garb, bright red and gold colors topped with a clashing, but necessary purple cloak and star pin on his shoulder.

Many years ago, he felt like a hero putting on his uniform; now time has wrought those feelings to bitter acceptance of his role; the one who has to save everyone...

Spike put on his leather boots and stepped out the door. The crystal in the walls shined with reflections of sunlight out of the high windows. Castle Twilight was something to marvel at, only recently opened to the public as a meeting ground for any citizen with something to bring to the princess's attention ever since the formal move from Canterlot was finished about two weeks ago by his reckon. Walking by the grand hall, he took a glance inside and felt a little surprised to not see Twilight sitting her throne and making a last-minute check before anybody came to see her. Something had seemed odd about the princess lately; disappearances, distracted speech and distant looks. Spike had tried to take her away from the source, which he thought was her job...yet a little fun here and there didn't help. Twilight refused to tell him anything about the real source of her depression, but it all started when she came back from a visit to the Crystal Empire.

The weekend visit turned into two weeks, two weeks of...Celestia know what...

Twilight came back looking grim, almost damaged in a way. Nothing about her seemed like it was before, sure she put on a smile and spoke kindly to others; but he saw deep down, something had changed. Yet every time he tried to contact the Empire, stopping just short of sending an investigation team, he got no word about Twilight back. Spike mulled thoughts over like rolling dough, trying to make sense of the absences and work out the possibility that Twilight was lying to him, but ultimately to an end that made him heave a sigh.

Spike kept walking, cape giving a soft flutter as he strode the quiet halls; heavy boots echoing and only the sound of his breathing giving off any hit of living residents. Lost in thought, he almost missed the turn into the deliberations chamber; the six thrones that once sat the elements of harmony, now hold a grey and burly gryphon reading over documents; a diminutive crystal pony and lean, hauntingly tall changeling next to...Twilight.

Thank Celestia...

The princess was sitting left of the gryphon and closer to the bay window. Looking a little distracted but sitting upright and smiling at the others. The center piece made of fine crystal in the shape of flowers glowed dimly and cast its own small light in the room.

"Good afternoon, councilors." Turning to Twilight and giving a low bow. "Princess."

Offering a small nod to allow him to stand back up, he takes the seat closest, and his personal favorite.

"We'll start with the councilor from the changeling union."

_ _

Spike had become somewhat of an icon through the years; a celebrity around the world for his unbreakable will and moving speeches, years of study under the princess and he never even thought that the lessons rubbed off on him. Truly, he was the embodiment of all her friends, kindness, loyalty, honesty; all the best aspects and lessons learned that set him apart from your average captain of the guard. Lessons with Shining Armor also helped… Even Twilight admired his strength and patience when it came to these meetings; gryphons may squabble, and crystal ponies can complain; changelings were rather well mannered, thankfully. All of them bearing their own agendas, Spike’s job was to somehow find a middle ground, or bring the room to agreement. Even still, Spike was the sole voice for the dragons and he was expected to mostly side with Twilight; he had weekly talks with the elders to broker a full peace, but until then he had to work alone on his own ideas and hope not to offend. Celestia's death still has them hanging back just outside reach. Twilight figured he would need an ace to win his kind over, something they need...Unfortunately, it’s hard finding something a dragon wants that doesn't just add to their hoard.

They talked and talked, soon the princess found herself in the half day dream, half asleep trance of looking back and forth between the speakers; if needed, she could just take a quick peak into her memory with a subtle spell and get an understanding of what was asked of her. All her thoughts were currently focused on Sombra; many distant hopes of freeing him, most of the thoughts eating her were the idea of his redemption; like how the embodiment of hate and vengeance could possibly learn to exist peacefully with his revenge denied by death itself. An eternal hate that no longer has a purpose...something had to change, inside him. Sombra had to see the light at the end of the tunnel in order to be truly free.

Yet what could she do?

Too young to know the full story, she could not connect with him or understand his hate. Perhaps that was the ground she needed to use. A complete separation from his feelings, she could use that to try and bring a middle ground to his view, slowly working him to an understanding...


Twilight snapped her attention up, her eyes flashed purple for a split second and she realized she had been asked a question by the gryphon.

"No, I do not believe we can do that at this time, Councilor." She responded coldly.

The feathered man slammed his fist on the table in rage, causing the Crystal pony to wince in fright and the changeling to scoff.

"I demand my solider back! This is traitorous! Our nations-!"

Spike stood up, throwing his chair back and causing the old gryphon to glare up at him.

"Your solider has admitted to spying and you still lie in my face!"

That caught him by surprise, the gryphon soon realized he backed himself into a corner...

Spike would leave out of course, the fact that they had gotten this information via more ruthless methods. Though it was a rush of relief to have the gamble of his pay off in the sour look of the gryphon as his own reaction gave away the truth of the matter, regardless of what Spike knew.

"This arguing is getting us nowhere. Until you stand down with these ridiculous actions, I cannot do anything more than keep him in custody under suspicious actions against Twilight's Kingdom. In one month, time he will face trial under our laws and sentenced, THEN we MIGHT give him back to you. That will be my goal, at least. I would not keep a solider from his family and home to spite the politician that got him captured." Spike said, voice calming down.

Taking his seat, Spike managed to let out a deep and calming breath, the room had gone silent with nothing was left to say. Spike and Twilight had managed to bring the talks to an abrupt close. Spike stood straight and put his hands behind his back in a formal manner.

"I think this meeting is at a conclusion. I will thank you all for coming once again, have a fine afternoon." He finished in a monotone voice.

The group got up, all giving a small bow, the gryphon giving more of a flat nod and speeding out before the rest of the group. The room was empty soon enough, and Spike had only the sound of soft breathing to break the silence between himself and the princess...

Spike pulled the seat back and dropped back down in his seat, arms propping up on his legs and head lowering, he let out a sigh and thought to himself; Twilight was back in her trance of staring into the distance, he needed to know what was.

"What’s going on, Twi? You hardly seem "all there" these days...what happened? "

A flash of purple in her eyes...


Spike cut her off with a little fire in his tone.

"You did it again! Twilight, I get using that trick during these meetings; believe me, I wish I could...but I'm your friend. What is messing with you so bad that you ignore your best friend?" Pleading with her, hoping to get past that shell protecting the information.

Twilight lowered her head shamefully, eyes dimming and essence reeking the depression that lurks under the surface. Spike stood up and walked over to her with a careful step, knowing he struck a chord, he had no choice but to exploit it until she caved and let him in.

"You can tell me...how long have we known each other, Twi? Big sis?" Kneeling down to put a claw on her shoulder and smile with a warm, comforting way.

Purple eyes looked up, but her head remained low, weighted by the knowledge within, afraid to burden her best friend. The captain of the guard had so much responsibility...how could she bear down on him with information that has indeed, crippled her. Twilight felt time trickle like sand, flowing so slowly, yet with tension like a storm. Soon, as she thought and planned, a wetness built around her eyes. Spike was so caring... he could be fighting a war and still have time to have a conversation like this, to show how deeply he held Kindness...it made her proud and deeply saddened at the same time. The stress induced tears fell silently, the sound of the drops hitting the marble floor echoing...strange...she didn't feel sad...


"Don't." She quickly cut, using a hoof to wipe her face. "I'm fine."

Spike's claw was shrugged off and she stood up, looking rather grim. Spike was forced to stand up quickly and step back or get stepped over. Jumping out of the way, he felt anger boiling in the pit of his stomach.

"I don't want any more questions about my well-being, I can take care of myself." With a cold look and application of magic, the door swung open and the princess of friendship had alienated her last friend...

Spike was left standing in the room alone, dejected and feeling a fire budding in his belly.

With a determined glare, he walked to the table and pulled the gem centerpiece to himself, taking a small breath to blow a plume of fire over it, the gem glowing bright green and a voice answering from it.

"Sir?" It answered, a stallion.

"I need a tail on the princess, I need to know where she is going and make sure she doesn't get caught. Are we clear?"

"Yes sir! I'll alert her commander and she'll be deployed within the hour."

"I need her in the air now." Spike said, feelings building to nearly cause a smoke trail to drag from his nostrils...

"...Roger that, I'll make the preparations myself."

Spike blew a breath of ice, shutting the special crystal down and shoving it back to the center of the table. The anger in the pit of his stomach was boiling his insides, thankfully he knew how to control his anger, lest it become like greed and corrupt him. With a long sigh, he dusted off the ice left behind on the table and departed the large room, forcing his thoughts to drift to other subjects to distract himself. The fact that he even had the luxury of a second breath always made him smile...a devious smile...like a giddy teenager with a new toy, he flaunted his gift when he first discovered it...after all, it’s rare for a tiny purple dragon to have the luck of being born with an ice lung alongside a fire. Though he thought of better powers he could use...electricity, venom, wind...he even did a little study on Dark dragons in hopes of using the rare breed and use them to get his kind to really take him seriously.

The thoughts took his mind off Twilight...

Turning into a small room, his office. The light in the window was more than enough to light the room during the day, and nothing was ever out of place in his personal space. Books in a large bookcase line the right wall and various ceremonial weapons lie on the left, in cases or mounts. Spike walked to the book shelf and found the book on the dragons he was hunting. Anything to take his mind off the present matter...he would tear his eyes out if he didn’t have something keeping him occupied while the hunt for Twilight's hiding spot is found.

So while She works, he can study.

_ _

It was late afternoon when a knock came at his door, Spike was deep in a heavy book about the legendary frost dragons; not even glancing up, he turned a page and check the time on the grandfather clock by the bookshelf.

"You're late."

A small smile crept up on him when the door was swung open, a short figure walking in cloaked in dark and heavy looking clothes, a hood and scarf hiding most of her features, but proud dragon wings spread when she walked in.

"Please, you ask me to tail a god and not get caught. You didn't expect an order like that to take some time?" She retorted, her voice slightly peaking as the she rises to the jest.

Shifting her weight to one side and pulling the hood off and scarf down, the short snout of a dragon but eyes a deep red and scales black as night. "Her", was a lost night drake egg, a little dark dragon discovered when he was still with Sweetie Belle and the two raised her like a daughter. Unfortunate to his study, she would be limited while being raised by ponies like him and could not develop the strength to use her kinds true power...but he was happy to have gained a loving daughter instead.

"I trusted you." He said with a small smirk. "Now what did you find?"

Dropping into one of the chairs he kept across from his desk and sitting on sideways, feet kicking up across the armrests, she blew out a sigh and a spout of black fire plumed. He held back a sigh at her.

"Stop showing off...you're too young to be abusing a power like yours." Spike added, his tone growing stern.

"Pssh...I'm fine, dad...now what I found it interesting to say the least." She sat up properly and leaned forward. "She goes to the memorial and there's a hidden passage, all rotted out and ancient looking, but it’s there! Right behind the throne!"

Spike raised an eye brow and leaned forward on his desk.

"You’re free to go on." He said sternly, to her light hearted grin.

With gusto, she smiled brightly, her wings fluttered with excitement.

"Twilight looked around the memorial a bit but ended up going down under the castle and came out looking happy for once."

Spike would be the first to admit that the underground catacombs in the old castle were no secret; dark magic spell books, a host of dangerous creatures spawned from Nightmare moon, and traps laid everywhere; but a new network of tunnels and passageways...he didn't know what to think about this. Could Celestia have taken a secret to her grave...? Could Luna?

The question started branching in his mind and weeds of doubt took place, Spike stood up and found a surprising lack of words.

"Dad? Is it that serious?" She asked cautiously. Her smile dwindling.

Spike turned to face the window for a moment, slowly connecting the dots in his head and quickly turning back to face her.

"I need to see what’s down there, do not say a word of this to anyone...not yet." Spike ordered, his tone becoming distracted with how deep his thoughts are entrenched. "Nashta...I need you to keep close to Twilight, keep her company and if you need me, don't hesitate to use the emergency signal."

With a tentative pause, she nodded, standing up to join him. Spike started a wide stride around his desk and yanked open the door to exit the room, pausing at his coat rack to grab a long brown cloak. Nashta getting more distressed by the second...but keeping quiet; simply following him once he leaves and puts the heavy cloak on and pulls the hood up to become anonymous.

"Are we going to be able to do the thing tonight...?" She asked, almost whispering to him.

"I swear I’ll be back before dinner, deal?" He answered confidently.

Finally, she smiled again...after all, it has been a few weeks since their last sit down and chat, he could see it was bothering her; it made him feel a bit of guilt at the quiet thought that he might find something that would keep him long after their planned sit down. Spike did his best to keep the confidence in his voice as they made the turn into the large entryway and pushing open the grand entrance doors.

"And if I don't, I promise to play roshambo with you, you'll go first." He added to ease the uncertainty.

Nashta laughed a bit at the idea and shook her head.

"Did you ever grow up?" She said with another light laugh.

Spike smiling as he turns to leave.

"We'll find out I suppose...love you, kiddo."

Smiling warmly, she sighed and rubbed her brow; looking a bit stressed and obviously holding back most of her worry...holding back the drama queen dark side she picked up from her mother back when she was just a child.

"Yeah, yeah...now hurry up, go..."

Spike chuckled a little, lingering for just a moment before departing. The large doors banged behind him and the bright sun of the late afternoon hung over his head, it was a short walk to the local train station; trying to not attract attention while going through the crowds of ponies, changelings and the rare young dragon. Spike made it to the station and spotted the gryphon emissary group, trying to stay out of sight, he got to listen to the old gryphon bicker with his bodyguards, an entertaining listen; but all the same, he was happy to see the train finally come along for him to board. Showing his star pin to the conductor, he found a solitary seat to the front of the train and dug his head deep into the cloak hood and arms crossed to hide his claws and remove any notion that he might be the famous purple dragon...and soon he fell asleep once the train started rolling along...

_ _

The train whistle blared and jarred Spike from his sleep, mumbling incoherently from the sudden transition from the dream world to the waking one.

"Canterlot!" Rang over the intercoms.

Groaning quietly, he stretched his arms and stood up, heading for the exit on the side.

Stepping off the platform and into the dense crowd of Canterlot, there was still a far more drastic distrust of anything not equine, just walking as a nobody; Spike could feel the eyes linger on him and the friendly faces upturning. There was so much hate under the surface of this ancient royal city. Part of him wanted to go up to those leering, the ones judging...just to show them exactly who they cast judgment upon...but no such luxury was his. A diplomat must always present a good face, and a good commander knows when to go on the offense. The cobblestone roads started thinning of traffic; the late hour sending everyone to the safety of warm homes and soft beds; time was running out...

Speeding up his pace, Spike felt the cloak billow quite dramatically behind him. The boots on his feet clicked and soon he found himself alone as he got closer to the center of the city.

Tall...looming, dark and mournful. The Canterlot castle stood strong against time; weathered storms and fought invasions. It even outlived the inhabitants...

"Keep it together..." he said under his breath.

Climbing the small steps to get to the entrance, he pushed the doors and felt a chill rush down his spine from their haunting creek. Shaking his head to loosen the doubts, he withdrew a large key and unlocked the door, stepping inside and shutting the door behind him and removed the hood.


Not hesitating, Spike sealed the door with a simple handle lock and resumed the fast pace, soon finding himself in the grand hall...the throne room. Stain glass history gathered dust and mold, the carpet reeked of neglect and spiderwebs testament to the new owners of this building. With careful step, Spike let out a calming sigh and strode to the dusty chair sitting at the apex of the room. Approaching, he could read the inscriptions on the top of the massive chair.

We lay to rest like the sunset, but shall always be shining through moon rise.

Part of a long poem by Twilight...he quickly shook off the idea of lingering in the same melancholia from the funeral long ago. Trudging up the final stairs, he braced a claw on the arm Celestia's throne and looked for a switch...

Mumbling and grumbling, Spike felt frustration rising in his gut when no obvious switch was visible.

"Hrmmm....princess of eternal power...where would I hide a button...?"

Nothing...he quickly changed to the other side of the throne and inspected it carefully.

"Button, button, button...where the..." ending with a scoff of anger.

Spike stepped back to think; it was obviously a puzzle.

Celestia would never let anything she valued secret to be left for grave robbers unguarded...but Twilight got in…so he could too.

Looking around the grand hall, he tried to spot clues anywhere they might hide, but he soon realized that she would never leave a trail for something she could watch over forever. Spike found his gaze on the throne again...massive in scale, gold colors swathed in red velvet; so large that Spice once wondered if a hint of vanity was ever in the princess's heart. Something about the throne was just...obvious, but so clever...

Spike began to feel the frustration in his gut building. Remembering his daughter's words and taking a look for any seam along the edges of the throne...


Starting to question the validity of her observation, Spike stepped back again and gave the big chair a last chance...

"Wait..." He said almost silently.

There was a star at the top of the throne, just a gold decoration; but something about it seemed...off now that he had to suspect the chair of hiding a secret.


Reaching under the cloak and finding his star pin, he yanked it free and climbed up the chair; standing on it firmly, Spike lined up the edges of the star and found that the gold was actually a depression, a slot hidden in plain sight...

The chair rumbled slightly and the edges of it flashed with a bright light...


Spike was quickly cut off when the door flashed again and a explosion of ice jetted from the whole seat itself with a loud bang and crack of water flash freezing. Crying in pain, ice crystals jetted like swords in every direction and tore his cloak to shreds...

Gasping quietly...the sound of blood hitting the marble floor.

Spike pulled himself back from the deadly trap, the ice breaking off and falling to pieces on the ground as he maneuvers. The ice sticking to his cuts and making him wince at the tearing noises...

"What is it...?" He asked the ghosts of the castle...

The idea that Celestia would even set such a crude trap was just unbelievable, watching the ice melt off the wall and yanking a shard from his shoulder; his only saving grace was the thick scales of a dragon that kept the thorns from breaking too deep...of course that doesn't mean it didn't hurt like hell..

If Twilight was able to get in, perhaps Celestia imparted some information on how to get in without setting off a trap. Spike tended to his wounds with a little stretching of his arms, he bent and grabbed his pin which has been thrown to the floor in front of the throne and blowing gentle flames to staunch the bleeding on a few holes. He resolved that it had something to do with magic and his lack of it.

"Damn it, Celestia, what are you hiding...?" Spike added, finishing the thought by taking a deep breath and loosen a ball of fire to melt away the trap and push forward. Shoving the heavy throne wall and watching it spin under his weight; the sight of darkness that awaited him as he pushed through was chilling to the bone. A musty stench of death, mold and sickness rotted from the black stairs; the air becoming heavy with the feeling of resonating hatred. Spike wondered how that was even possible for such a place to exist and not a soul knowing of it, and how could a room weigh down on him with a sense of oppression?

Hesitating just a moment before descending to the darkness below, Spike found that the darkness was somehow enchanted; attempting to blow a small fire to see the area around him only earned him a silent wind to bring him arctic temperatures. Shivering uncontrollably until the wind passed, he found his eyes adjust slowly to the dark and continued slowly and carefully without the help of a light.

Walking down until he found flat ground, with no choice but to move forward, he walked. Picking up the pace now that his eyes had adjusted better and finding the oppressing feeling now suffocating. The darkness in these halls were alive...

Somehow, memories of fear, shame, anger and hate began to surface; Spike found himself soon fuming with anger for a reason he couldn't understand. The rage boiled inside him until he could feel blood drip from his palm. Fists clenched so tight that his claws dug and cut into his own scales; he took a deep breath and calmed himself, speeding up to get out of the cursed place as quickly as possible. If this were some further magic trap laid by the princesses, he could not fathom the purpose behind it.

"Stop." A firm and deep voice suddenly said.

Spike didn't react in time and ran face first into something huge....and furry. "Wha-..." Spike tried to say, his words cut off by his surprise.

A massive black dog stood in his path, or rather, stood blocking a door looking old and rotted. The only thing visible on the demon dog was his blood red eyes and deep snarl from a pointed muzzle that sent Spike staggering back for cover.

"Who are you?!" Spike shouted.

The dog glared down at him but did not answer.

"I asked you a question!"

"And I cannot answer. Leave this place, you do not belong." The bass in the dogs voice boomed through the halls and caused Spike to feel a very primal fear.

Forcing his legs to steady, Spike fortified his resolve and put a hand on his side, grabbing the hilt of his sword.

"I demand you let me pass, by the order of Princess Twilight Sparkle."

The dog paused, he hard thud of something, a tail perhaps, kicking the ground "I serve only the princess...if you come under her order, where is your proof?"

Spike was unsure if the dog saw him visually reel when he realized he had no proof that he was under Twilight's command...when he was in fact not under her command...but he managed to think up a flimsy excuse and kept his face neutral. Turning to the side slightly and using a hand to pull his cape open, the star mark of Twilight's kingdom that he used to open the door invisible in the darkness, but he hoped the hellhound could see it.

"I am the captain of the guard, and by her order I demand entry." He said without stutter, the command in his voice echoing in the seemingly endless halls.

The dog squinted slightly and thought for a moment...stepping aside after a long silence and not saying another word. Spike could swear he saw the glint of teeth in a curled smile.

"...Yes, thank you." Spike added as he quickly grabbed the rusty door handle and stepped inside the room.

The beam of orange light let Spike see clearly in the room, looking around at the tiny space and wondering why such a demon is guarding a small room...he did not wonder for long...

There against the wall, chained, shackled, wrought in iron and pinned to the wall...the king of shadows. The master of lies and vengeance given form.

"You...how are you alive...?"

The king looked up seeming groggy from sleep but attention returning swiftly.

"I ask myself that question every day; leave me be, ghost..."

The tone was so shattered. So mournful, it made him step back in shock; the king of shadows was broken?

By the Mother, Celestia defeated the king of shadows...

"She kept you to atone for your crimes." Spike reasoned out loud

Sombra glanced up again but swiftly put his eyes back to the ground.

"Now you're waiting on your execution..." He deduced further.

No response, no plea or remark. Sombra was truly regretful. He was also relieved in a way it seemed.

Spike had no idea how long he had been down here in this place, but he knew that this was the source of Twilight's distress; she felt sorry for him. Sombra would take advantage of her...he had to be stopped...

"Sombra...do you...want to die?"

No response.

The metal of his sword rubbed loudly against the sheath and the soft plink of tears hitting the stone ground echoed from the prisoner. Guilt...agony...pain and hatred tore his mind into so many directions...could he really kill this stallion...Spike tightened his grip on the hilt of the sword and walked closer to the broken king, the tip scraping the ground with its swing. The stallion lowered his head as much as he could, giving Spike just an inch view of the top of his neck.

Memories of anger, guilt and sorrow was still chewing at Spikes own mind, he felt his hands move but did not fully understand their intent. He understood why, but such rash action was unlike him. It would be smarter to confront Twilight, he could make it to his daughter and ask her what she thought of the situation. Yet that sword in his claw didn’t move an inch. Sombra hurt his friends. Even if it was ages ago, he felt the old nightmares, the pounding in his heart, how his scales glistened with oily sweat. He heard himself breathing heavily, but he couldn’t taste air.

_ _

I'm going to be free...

I want to be free so badly......

...Will it hurt...?

Mother? ...Will it hurt...?


I'm sorry...for everything. This is what I deserve...

Your daughter showed me that...but I was blind....and so her daughter showed me again...

I understand...I want to make it right, but please...I just don't want it to hurt...

Please, Mother...

I'm so sorry....

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