• Published 17th Mar 2015
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A New One - The Real Darkness

As a new life is started, the old fades away in time. Amos now as another chance to live a life he's always wanted. Sequel to The Lost One.

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Chapter 1: Advice

So after Fluttershy's and me cleaned for four hours, we had the distinct stench of cleaning supplies and had to wash up really well. And now we are sitting here, 9am, eating our nice salads for breakfast.

"Sorry for waking you." I decided to make small talk since I am suuuuch a romantic.

"I had to get up some time and this place did need a clean." Fluttershy smiled to me...so nice.

"Still, you work hard and you deserve your sleep." I was wearing my famous smile, it oddly had a way of making her blush sometimes...

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

"But best friends always worry about each other, we are roomies and we do care." She blushed more at my words.

"O...okay." She hid behind her mane, so cutely.

And so we ate in silence, soon finishing. We sat on the couch side by side, her fur barely grazing me, she kept it very healthy and very soft. I decided to remember Luna's words and while she was watching her little animals scutter about, Angel munching on his carrot, I reached for her hoof, intending to hold it, I grazed it gently...

A knock came to the door and Flutters stood, walking over and opening it, bowing before my mother. Mom simply told her to rise and she entered humbly. I stood and gave her a hug, her neck going around me and her right hoof hugging me.

"I missed you, Amos." She spoke, kissing my cheek and I gave the same response.

"I missed you too, mom. I wish we could spend more time together."

"We will soon again...I hear from Luna that you are making the creatures fear you and pushing them back."

We all moved to the kitchen table to talk, sitting around the circle piece of polished wood.

"Yes, he has done amazing, Princess. The timberwolves do not even come near my cottage or Sweet Apple Acres, all of them fear him." Flutters spoke, smiling.

"I can already feel the evil magic dwindling. I'm proud of you, Amos. Equestria will surely be in your debt if you push and push and eliminate the evil creatures and liberate the Everfree." Now Celestia was smiling my way.

"It is the least I could do since you ponies gave me another chance at life." I joined the smiling.

After a while of smiling like dopes, we all shared a lauh and mother asked if I could take her to walk in the Everfree. Of course, I said yes and we ended up walking a dirt path I made, my sword sheathed on my left side.

The timberwolves were there, I was adept at sensing their evil magic now, and they were very afraid, running and hiding.

"I am very impressed...very impressed. It is actually peaceful here." My mother commented on my work.

"Would you expect anything less of your son? I...do have a real question for you." I spoke in a serious tone and she obviously sensed something was amiss and we halted our movement.

"You can ask me anything, hone-wait, you hate it when I call you that-Amos."

"How...do I win over a mare's heart?" I was already blushing.

My mother began to act like a little filly, trotting her hooves in excitement.

"Oooooh, my little Amos has a crush! Who is it?! Do I know the lucky mare?!" She was very excited...too excited...

I just stayed silent this round, she was ranting anyway.

"Wait! Don't tell me! It is Fluttershy, isn't it?!"

"Yes..." Slap a bit sign on me and make me into a sandwich, this tomato is very ripe.

"Ooooooh, I knew it! I need to be going now, do not start anything until I have Cadence visit again!" My mother quickly flew off, leaving me dumbfounded.

And so I walked back to the cottage, finding Flutters and we just sat and poayed many games of chess.

"When is Princess Celestia supposed to be back?" She asked simply while she was thinking of her moves.

I had taught her some strategies, but not all, I did learn how to play this well, it was mother's and aunt Luna's favorite game.

"Soon I hope...she and Cadence are going to talk with me." She looked a bit sad when she made her move, quickly shaking it off.

"Oooh, who is the special mare?" She teased, this was the real Fluttershy here. I swear that everypony in Equestria will tease me.

"Can't say..." I passed the turn to her.

"Pleeeease." She pleaded.

"No..." She moved her rook into a bad position.

"Fine, be that way." I took that rook with my bishop.

"You won again...I am just bad at chess." She spoke, saddened.

I stood and walked to the kitchen.

"I was terrible too...you will get better if you practice more." I hugged her on the way, pouring myself a cup of tea, relaxing.

Yet again a knock came to the door and Cadence let herself in, Celestia no longer there.

"There is my little brother!" She raced to me and I quickly put the cup down, hugging her tightly.

"I missed you, Cady!" Yes, that is what I nicknamed her and she was treated like a sister to me, for anybody's knowledge, we practically are brother and sister.

"To the Everfree, now!" She demanded, pulling me along with her romance obsessed grip.

And once again, we found ourselves in the Everfree like we were three months ago together.

"It is more peaceful here...so...Fluttershy, huh." She smiled, all too knowing. I once again had my blade on my side.

"Yes...so, what do I do?" I asked, blushing.

"She does like you...but she has only seen romantic movies, so do something like that and you should be able to get her fully. This will be her first time, so be nice." Cady teased, bumping me.

"You know i am nice!"

"I am going to bunk with you guys for a couple days, take a break, make sure you do not mess up, and be able to hang out with my brother." She smiled to me, hugging, she got her hug returned well and we began to walk back, another two hours gone.