• Published 17th Mar 2015
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A New One - The Real Darkness

As a new life is started, the old fades away in time. Amos now as another chance to live a life he's always wanted. Sequel to The Lost One.

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Chapter 2: Sibling Spying

We spent the way walking back to Fluttershy's cottage talking, catching up on what has happened to each other over the last three months. She was mostly interested in hearing about the Everfree. When we did arrive back at the cottage, Cady began to settle in my room, I let her have it and I would take the couch for her stay. She said she did not have a departure date. I decided to get some time to clear my mind and called up Rainbow to jog with me through the Everfree.

So, there we were, jogging at a pretty decent rate through the Everfree.

"I heard about it." Rainbow decided to start a conversation.

"Heard about what?" I asked, looking at her as we ran.

"You liking Fluttershy. Princess Cadance told me. She knows that Fluttershy and me are good friends and thought I deserved to know."

"Well, any advice?" I asked, beginning to blush.

"Be gentle or I'll be after you. But I really can't say anything. I've never been down that road with anypony." She replied, looking at me.

"Well, I guess I'll go with Cady's suggestion."

"Which is...?"

"Do something cheesy from romance movies..."

"It's somewhere to start."

We finished off our jog in silence, returning to the entrance and saying our goodbyes after an hour. I returned back to the cottage for a bit of lunch. After the small meal, Cady left to head to Twilight's and spend time with her. Fluttershy and I were once again left awkwardly on the couch.

"So, how are all the animals doing? I had to bring back another one of your chicken's from the Everfree again." I questioned.

"Oh, they're fine. They never give me trouble at all, they are all precious little darlings." She beamed to me. This was one of her key topics to talk about.

"They are quite well-behaved. I'm glad they are finally used to me being around."

"When they weren't was the only time they ever gave me trouble. They were pretty scared of you until you stopped those timberwolves."


We quickly returned to the awkward silence for a couple hours until an idea came to my mind. I slowly reached my hand over to Fluttershy's hoof...

Author's Note:

Sorry about this short chapter, but you guys will get more later.

Cliffhangers are great.

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Why cancel?? :fluttercry:

6694919 I couldn't really write it well and there was also no place to take the story. That and it was not well received.

Keep this story alive.

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