• Published 30th Apr 2014
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Fall Down - PresentPerfect

Twilight Sparkle understands the value of friendship and love. She has experienced a lifetime of emotion. And she knows that whenever she falls, Rainbow Dash will be there to pick her up.

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Fall Down
by Present Perfect


I can't help but think Rainbow Dash has been acting rather odd lately.

That's a funny thing to be thinking about in the middle of reading up on thaumodynamics, Twilight.

Well, yes, but it's kind of been bothering me more and more lately.

It's probably nothing. Just idle thoughts. You know how Dash is.

She's never like this though. Not usually.

Well, any idea as to what might cause a sudden change in behavior?

A change in life circumstances, no doubt. List of possibilities?

Maybe she got a letter from the Wonderbolts.

No, she definitely would have told everypony in a five-mile radius the moment it happened. How about a new Daring Do book?

No, silly, you'd have gotten that too. Any other bright ideas?

Maybe she found a special somepony.

Haha, yeah. Maybe she did. Enough speculating, back to thaumodynamics...

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshRainbowDashisinlovewithsomeponyand that




all the awkward pauses and strange looks and excuses to hang out with me IT ALL MAKES SENSE what do I do? whatdoIdowhatdoIdo

calmdown okay. Let's think about this rationally. Rationally, there is no chance a pony like me would catch the eye of a pony like Rainbow Dash.

Is that really true? I mean, it's depressingly self-deprecating. Get a grip, Sparkle, you're smart and pretty and you're a Princess after all

yeah but Rainbow doesn't care about smarts, she always calls me an egghead

wouldn't that be because she was too shy to say anything positive?

Rainbow Dash shy? have you even met the filly

Getting off track okay. If it's not too vain, yes, you're pretty. Of course you'd catch her eye.

but there's no way an athlete and a librarian could ever

No, no, stop that, it's not true. Opposites attract, isn't that what they say?

that's just some garbage you read in Rarity's romance novels once those are hardly

don't go denigrating your other friends now too

what would they say how would they react if it's true?

Okay, focus again. The Princess thing likely doesn't have anything to do with this, right? Rainbow Dash is definitely not interested in power or station

but then why did she never make a move before tonight what's been holding her back

Rainbow's a friend, she's been concentrating on being a friend, that makes sense

who knows maybe she's too nervous you know she gets nervous about 'serious' things

why risk a failed romance and ruin a friendship

No no NO! Stop! Everypony, just calm down!

Twilight, you're the only pony in here.

Yes, okay. I'm in charge here, and I say it's time for science.

Fact one: Rainbow Dash has been acting strangely around me, and me alone. Hypothesis: She has a crush on me.

Fact two: Rainbow Dash and I spent the evening moongazing and cuddling. Conclusion: Rainbow Dash DEFINITELY has a crush on me.

Conjecture: What to do about it?


If, from an outside perspective, a pony like me wouldn't have a chance with a pony like Rainbow

stop it stop it I said stop with that

No no, but if that were the case, then it stands to reason a situation opposing common assumptions should be acted upon to see how far beyond those assumptions it goes. Right?

...Right. That sounds logical and reasonable. So, do you like her back?

Well, I dunno. But then, that's what dating is for, right?

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