• Published 30th Apr 2014
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Fall Down - PresentPerfect

Twilight Sparkle understands the value of friendship and love. She has experienced a lifetime of emotion. And she knows that whenever she falls, Rainbow Dash will be there to pick her up.

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Fall Down
by Present Perfect


"Look into my eyes, pony."

It was all Twilight could do to keep flapping as the Storm Serpent's too-wide eyes stared into hers.

"No, Twilight!" Rainbow Dash collided with the side of the Serpent's head, only to rebound off of it. "There's nothing worth seeing in there!"

Twilight stared, transfixed, into the blazing, infinite eyes of Tlaloc, heedless of the wind, rain and hail pounding against her. Rainbow Dash became nothing but an occasional flash of blue against the Serpent's head, desperately and ineffectually pounding away as his voice resounded in her mind.

Your little quest is finished.

Images flashed through her head, each a slab of concrete pressing down against her.

A balance with her in one pan and the rest of her friends in the other.

They can't help you.

Pinkie Pie laughing at her. Rarity sneering. Fluttershy cowering. Applejack walking away, head hung low.

You will be mine.

Equestria burning beneath her hooves. The spires of Canterlot Castle cracked and ruined, falling to crush houses in the city below. Celestia chained in a cell, eyes full of tears, face frozen in shock and disbelief.

Look at what we could do together.

Her friends cursing her name to the heavens as they were locked in the darkest pit.

Only something was amiss. One, two, three... four? Only four.

Don't fight me, you cannot hope to--

She didn't have just four friends.

You're weak! Weak and pathetic! Listen to my voice, I will--

The scales tipped. Clouds poured down rain upon the fires. A rainbow streak caught the falling stones and flung them clear of the ponies fleeing beneath. The chains broke.

No, stop, she's not important!

She was the most important thing in Twilight's life. The merest thought of her was enough to brighten the darkest sky, because she was Twilight's friend, and Twilight loved her.


Twilight awoke to the echoes of demonic shrieks dying in her ears. Her own screams faded with them. She felt hooves around her and looked up into a multicolored mane more disheveled than it had ever been. The churning storm stilled.

"You did it," Rainbow said quietly. "I knew you were strong enough."

Twilight coughed, feeling more tired than triumphant. "I couldn't have done it without you, Rainbow Dash."

A slow smile crept onto Rainbow's face. "Hey. I'd never leave you hangin'."

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