• Published 29th Apr 2014
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Welcome Home, Twilight Sparkle! - Buckseed

Alternate Universe. Twilight returns to Ponyville for the first time in years, but things aren't exactly how she pictured they would be.

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The End/Epilogue

Spike stood in the kitchen, various ingredients scattered atop the counter, and the three younger girls he’d come to know were helping to pass him more. Usually he would have paid them no mind, expecting them to talk about boys and dolls or something, but he found these girls to be left outside of that stereotype. They were too old for dolls, yet not quite old enough to want to gossip about crushes and the like. They actually held some cool conversations, seeing as how they were interested in a few of the same things as he was.

Sweetiebelle passed him ingredients while Applebloom helped him prep and cook everything. Scootaloo was the one packing up the trash. Spike never had to cook for so many people, and a heart breakfast of eggs with pancakes and bacon left a lot of cartons empty.

Sweetiebelle had offered to help him cook along with Applebloom, but the other girls quickly protested the idea. Nonetheless, a beautifully delicious aroma began to fill the house, slowly waking the inhabitants.

Twilight was the first one up, always ready for a delicious meal made by her best friend. She walked to the kitchen, offering a smile to the girls before talking to spike. “Any coffee?” she asked before stretching with a yawn. She felt absolutely fantastic, considering she slept on the floor.

“I was going to, but the girls convinced me that coffee was gross.” he said before he nodded to the fridge. “We got some fresh squeezed orange juice, made by Applebloom herself.” he said. Twilight looked at the girl in question, who gave a smile and a nod.

She walked to the fridge, grabbing a glass on the way, and proceeded to pour herself some juice. “Wow Applebloom, this is great!” she said, almost downing the entire cup in one gulp.

The girls smile grew slightly wider. “Thanks Twi! It has a little bit of sugar in it to help it taste sweeter. Granny Smith taught me!” she said happily.

Applejack and Fluttershy entered the room next, each rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

“Ya gotta believe me when ah say this Twi, if Granny Smith keeps teaching her stuff, she’ll be a grade-A cook in no time.” Applejack said, ruffling her sisters hair and messing up her iconic bow.

Twilight raised a curious eyebrow at the girl. “Is that what you want to be? A baker?”

The younger girl adopted a contemplative look. “I’m not really sure Twi. I know I want to work with my hands. I’m good with cooking and drawing. I’m also pretty good at fixing things, y’know?” she said as she listed off the things she’s experienced in her life so far.

Twilight didn’t miss the similar looks on the other two girls faces, smiling in understanding. “It’s fine, at least you have a general idea of what you would like to do. A lot of people don’t even have that much, but you have plenty of time to decide.” she said with a smile, receiving three in return.

Fluttershy took a whiff of the air around her. “Wow Spike, that smells really good.” she said as she looked at the young man who was slaving over a hot stove.

“Thanks Fluttershy, I hope it tastes as good as it smells.” he replied.

“Spoiler alert, it will.” Twilight said. “Take it from me, Spike is a great cook.”

Rarity then walked in. “That’s a good thing, is it not?” she said, letting out a dainty yawn.

The grip Spike had on his spatula wavered a bit as he heard the compliment. He turned to face the girl. “Thanks Rarity.” he said. The two shared a smile before Applejack spoke up.

“Ah believe we should wake up Pinkie. Ah swear that girl is up right on time for work but she can sleep all day if she wanted to. She should be named Tired Pie or something.” the farmer said, trying to think of a clever name.

The other girls nodded in agreement, knowing full well how hard it could be to wake a sleeping Pinkie.

The seven girls all gathered together to try and wake the girl up. The three younger girls tried calling to her, Scootaloo opting to try and poke her in the face and pull on her mouth.

When that failed, Rarity thought it would be a good idea to spray perfume around her, hoping they would act as a type of smelling salts. That idea failed.

Fluttershy thought lightly tapping the girl would work, while Applejack yelled at her to wake up. Neither worked.

“Well ah’m plum outta ideas.” Applejack said as she took a seat on the floor. “Anybody else have any ideas left?”

Twilight sat down and began to think. She watched as Spike began to bring plates of food into the dining room and place them on the table. An idea suddenly hit Twilight and she knew it was foolproof.

She walked over to the sleeping girl and got down on the floor right next to her. She lifted the fluffy pink hair and whispered “Pinkie, we’re having a breakfast party. You’re invited!” in a sing-song voice.

Twilight was nearly knocked down as the girl rocketed up from her sleeping position and ran to take a seat at the table. Nobody in the room could hold a straight face as they wondered why nobody had thought of that before.

The nine people all took a seat at the table for breakfast. It was extremely cramped, but nobody complained. The food was great, and the company was amazing.



Rarity stood in her bedroom, looking out the window at her hometown. The morning sun bathed the streets in a warm glow as she took a sip of coffee from the mug she gripped in her slender fingers. She let out a sigh as she felt the liquid warm her up from within, it was always chilly in the mornings.

A pair of hands found their way around her waist and she turned to see a man with green hair leaning in to kiss her. Sure, green wasn’t her color, but he pulled it off so well. She returned the kiss, it was soft and loving. The man moved a hand from her waist and gently placed it on her protruding belly, a soft smile forming on his face. They had been together for almost three years now, and he couldn’t be happier.

The two stood there in complete comfort for a while, just watching the calm serenity of the town. They watched as a woman walked down the road, her hair a shade of purple with a pink stripe running through it. She had a bag hung on her shoulder, books in her hands and a pencil could be spotted behind her ear. They smiled, sharing a similar though.

‘We would have never met if it wasn’t for you. Thank you Twilight.’

Pinkie Pie

Sugar Cube Corner wasn’t open yet, but everyone was already hard at work, baking takes time afterall. The Cakes were still a bit drowsy, but not a miss Pinkamina Pie. The girl was hard at work, cracking eggs and mixing mixtures. It all seemed like random things she was throwing into a bowl, but everyone knew her talent when it came to confectionaries. There was no doubt about her dedication, it had only been a half hour since she began working and she already had cakes and cookies baking.

The shop wouldn’t open for another few hours, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a few special customers. The doors to the shop swung open and she saw a familiar face enter.

“Hiya Twilight! What’ll it be today? Same old same old?” Pinkie asked as she shook some flour from her dress.

“Hey Pinkie!” Twilight replied, always happy to see her friend. “Yea just a few dollars worth of candy for the students.” she said. She came in a few times a week to pick up some sweets before work. She used them as a prize for a few of her younger students whenever they got a question right.

Pinkie got right to it, reaching for the big candy scooper and digging it into the bucket of assorted candies that the kids loved so much. She poured it all into a clear plastic jug and placed it onto the scale that was on the counter. She calculated it all and Twilight paid her, turning to leave the shop.

“Seeya later Twilight!” Pinkie called after her, a huge smile on her face.


Fluttershy closed the door to the bird sanctuary as she stepped out of it. She put the bag of bird feed down and stretched a bit. It was early, and she was still a bit tired, but she couldn’t let her animal friends go hungry. Her veterinary training would be for nothing!

At the moment, all she had was a few birds and a horse. The horse was actually rather new, being that she only just got a horse stable installed in the back. He was a popular one though, the kids in the town loved to come and see him.

It wasn’t just the kids though, she had another frequent visitor who came to see the horse, who was a racing horse by-the-by, so aptly named Flash.

She heard the bell ringing, signalling the arrival of a visitor. There was only one person who would be here this early. “Hi Twilight.” Fluttershy said to the girl.

“Hey Fluttershy.” Twilight said as she reached into her bag. “Sorry I don’t have much time, I have some things to do before class. I brought this though.” she said as she pulled out a plump apple from the bag. “Can you give this to him?”

“Of course Twilight, I’m sure he’ll love it. Apples are his favorite.” Fluttershy said, taking the apple from her friend.

“Thanks Fluttershy. I’ll see you later.” Twilight said, giving the girl a brief hug before walking out of the animal clinic.


Applejack had already been up for a while. Being a farmer, it was rare that she wouldn’t be up before the sun rose into the sky. She did her daily procedure of washing up and getting dressed, before starting breakfast. Today was a bit different though, she could feel it. She had changed a lot over these past few years, she was happier, her face had a glow to it. Her friends were to thank for that. She could always count on them to be there for her, whether she admitted she needed them or not.

That made a huge impact on her life. Her days weren’t filled with silent moping anymore. The sky didn’t always look like a grey abyss, it now shone with the colors it so rightly deserved to be seen in. This isn’t to say she never got sad anymore, that was just a human impossibility. Everytime she would look in her closet and see that unused dress, she would remember. It wasn’t a bad thing though, it served as a memento, it was a part of her life and she would never deny that.

Her eyes drifted to the nightstand that was beside her bed. It had a few things scattered on it, most of the space being taken by the lamp. There was one thing she focused on though. Leaning against the base of the lamp was an unopened envelope with her name on it. She would never forget that handwriting, especially with how horrible it looked.

The farm girl walked over to the nightstand and grabbed the envelope, looking it over a few times before reaching for the letter opener that was also on the nightstand.

“Today’s the day ah’m gonna read it.” she said to noone in particular. “Sorry for the wait.”


Twilight walked past the gate that barred the entrance to the school. It was a large building, housing both a grade school as well as a high school. It was the first day back after a big vacation and she was excited to get back to work. The thought of giving knowledge to so many people was a pleasant thought indeed.

She opened the doors to the school and clocked in at the office. A set of stairs allowed her to reach the floor she needed to be on, and a single key opened the door to a classroom. Her classroom. She took a deep relaxing breath as she placed her things on her desk. “Welcome home Twilight Sparkle.” she said to herself before proceeding to write the days lesson on the blackboard.

Author's Note:

And with that, the story reaches its conclusion. I hope everybody enjoyed it! Be on the lookout if you did, the prequel story should be premiering soon!