• Published 5th Apr 2014
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Date of the Fire Diamond - TheGreatEater

Lunaverse Fic. After months of misadventures, and trying to tell the filly of her dreams her true emotions Diamond Tiara has finally came up with the perfect plan to get her filly go out with her for the Harvest Festival.

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Diamond Tiara's Helping Hoof

Diamond Tiara made a Beeline to Carrot Top’s merchant stand. Seeing Carrot Top closing Diamond Tiara rushed over to her. Upon hearing the staccato thumping of Diamond Tiara’s hooves on the pavement Carrot Top turned around and waited for Diamond Tiara to come up to her, “Hi, how may I help you?” Carrot Top asked jovially.

“I was talking to Lyra and Bon Bon and she said that you and the Farmer’s Union are making menus for the Festival. I want to make it special this year so I wanted to extend a hoof to help,” Diamond Tiara said crisply.

“Well I don’t really know how you could help, we’re using most of our own produce,” Carrot Top replied.

“But my daddy imports spices,fancy syrups and flavored sugars from all over the place. If I can get him to lend me some could that help you make better foods?” Diamond Tiara implored.

“I’ll have to ask the others before I get in touch with you, but I’d need you to ask Mr. Rich first if it’s okay with him. And you are offering this offer to the Apple Family right?” Carrot Top asked.

“I haven’t yet Ms. Carrot Top, but I guess I can that’s only fair right?”

“Yes it will be.”

“Alright I’ll ask daddy and if he says yes then I’ll let you know,” Diamond Tiara said with a wave.

Trotting over to the Apple Family cart she saw the Apple Jack and Apple Bloom hawking wares. It took everything she had not to glare at the youngest Apple, but if she wanted to get this done right she’d have to ignore her. “Hi Ms. Apple Jack, there’s something I wanted to ask you?” She said with as much sweetness as she could muster.

Apple Jack looked her over and said, “What can Ah do ya for”

“Well this is the first year the Farmer’s Unions is going to be in the Harvest Festival, and I want to make it special. So I want to offer both you and them some access to our Spices, syrups, and flavored sugars. That’s if my daddy can do it by then, which I’m sure he’ll be able to do,” Diamond Taira said ignoring the shocked look from Apple Bloom.

Apple Jack stared there for a second and gave a small nod, “Well thank ya kindly fer yer offer. But the Apple Family’ll be just fine with what we have. Don’tch’ya worry yer little head none this Festival’ll be plenty special enough.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure as the moon does shine. As I said don’tch’ya worry none, the Apple Family will make this a night ta remember. The Trust is sending us some rare fruits from Neighpon, the best spices from all over Equestria, and we’ve got our top chefs making the best treats this side of Canterlot,” Apple Jack said confidently.

Diamond Tiara after wandering around her house eventually found the kitchen. There were a few ponies in chef hats hanging around when she trotted in. She gave a cough to get their attention. Once she had it she said, “Hi, I need a list of all the spices, sugars, and syrups we have.”

“Are you planning on cooking something Miss Tiara?” One of the chefs asked.

“Who’s to say I can’t?” She replied defensively.

“No offense met young miss. It’s just that we’ve never seen you around these parts before. Not since you were a tiny, little filly,” He replied with a chuckle.

Diamond Tiara tilted her head at that, but decided that could be a story for another time, “I could probably cook something if I tried. But I just came here so that I could get a list of stuffs. Can you do that?”

“Of course, and if you ever want to try your hoof at cooking we’ll be more than happy to teach you a few tricks to make a good dish,” he said with a chuckle.

Diamond Tiara left and walked into her father’s study. Her eyes glimmered with happiness at seeing her father working over his paper work. She cantered over to him yelling, “Daddy!” With an adorable squeal of delight.

“Hi princess!” He said picking her up in a hug as she jumped onto him.

“Daddy can I ask you for something?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“Well of course what can I do for daddy’s greatest treasure?”

“I wanted to know if I could give some spices, flavored sugars, and some of our fancy syrups to the Farmer’s Union for the Harvest Festival so that they can make some good dishes?”

“Of course, and you know who I walked into today when coming home?”


“Apple Jack. She told me what you were planning, and I was looking through our finances to see what we could shift around. When she told me what you were planning, well I have to say I’ve never been prouder of you. Helping the community, and try to help those under appreciated farmers. It’s just the type of message we need to send,” He said nuzzling her.

At the praise from her father, Diamond Tiara’s eyes watered slightly as she responded to the nuzzle, “I love you daddy. You’re the best daddy ever!”

“Thank you Princess. I know that the family business keeps me busy and I have long hours, but I am truly blessed to have you for a daughter. Just tell Carrot Top to let me know what she needs at least four days before the Festival.”

“Alright well I’ll see you at dinner daddy,” She said burying her head into his chest and giving him a nuzzle.

The next day Diamond Tiara was for once in her life early to school on her own accord waiting for Ms. Cheerilee. It was half an hour later when the mare in question trotted into the schoolhouse. Cheerilee looked at her with wide eyes before addressing her, “Diamond Tiara, what are you doing here so early?”

“Well I wanted to ask you something, and I wanted to ask before everypony was here,” Diamond Tiara replied.

Cheerilee ears twitched out of interest and she gave a nod for her to continue, “Well the Harvest Festival is coming up, and I have heard from a reliable source that you and Ms. Rarity are going to do decorations. I wanted to know if there was anyway I could help you set them up?”

Cheerilee’s jaw dropped out of shock, shaking her head, “You want to volunteer?”

“Yes Ms. Cheerilee.”

“For work?”

“Yes Ms. Cheerilee.”

“Who are you and what did you do to my student?” Cheerilee asked accusingly.

“What do you mean Ms. Cheerilee?” Diamond asked tilting her head, “Am I not allowed to do a good deed every now and then?”

Cheerilee’s ear started twitching as her mind flashed back to a room filled with a swarm of locusts, the screams of students, and an army of angry gerbils, “Of course you are. But you’ve never show any interest in helping before. What caused the change of heart?” Cheeriee asked.

“Can’t I just want to help my community, and help make this Harvest Festival great?” Diamond Tiara said throwing her best million bit smile.

Cheerilee’s ears twitched as she looked around the room for any booby traps, or worst yet, the tell tell sign of foalish mischievousness. It was five years since the last student set her up for a prank, and she really didn’t want to deal with a mini flood of tree sap cement. Throwing her best ‘I’m not buying it’ teacher stare, “Well yes I suppose you could. But it’s strange … you’re doing this to help the Harvest Festival?”


Cheerilee was still not entirely convinced, but she was willing to let it play out. She didn’t want to make Diamond Tiara feel like she wasn’t trusted a hundred percent, and it was good for her to finally take interest in things beside herself. Bursting into a grin and stomped her forehooves onto the ground merrily, “It always makes me happy to see my little ponies take an interest in the community. Well I’ll tell you what, if you come and help set things up I’ll give you extra credit on the next exam.”


“Yes. It took real initiative to come here, and I like it that one of my students has taken an interest in helping. So I’d be more than happy to award you extra credit once everything’s finished up.”

“Thank you Ms. Cheerilee!” Diamond yelled. This is so cool. All I’ve done is stuff with minimum effort, and here I am getting extra credit and my daddy’s even more proud of me than ever. On top of all that, I’m doing something that Scootaloo is sure to like.

As school ended she made her way to Carrot Top, when she finally made it up to her stall she withdrew her paper that she got and put it on her table, “Here’s the stock of things we can hook the Farmer’s Union up with, and my daddy says that he just needs to know what you all will need. All he needs is for you to let him know four days before the Festival.”

“Thank you, I’ll be sure to let him know soon as I let the other members of the Union know. And you know there will be a lot of new recipes we could probably use a taste tester,” Carrot Top offered with a smile.

“Umm … if I can, can I bring a second pony to taste test?”

“Sure. A second pair of taste buds couldn’t hurt.”

“Alright, when will you need me?”

“How about Sunday afternoon. Around 3?”

“Perfect. Thanks Ms. Carrot Top, see you then,” Diamond Tiara said with a hoof waive.

Making her way to the Residency of the Representative of the Night Court. The house and business place of Trixie Lulamoon. Diamond Tiara wasn’t sure of what to make of the Showmare, but ponies kept saying she reminded of Trixie when she first arrived to Ponyville. Opening the door she was met by a stream of french, “Paperasserie tronçonnage Merde!”

Trotting in she saw a mass of paper and a grey aura wrapped around an angry dancing pony. After a few second the paperwork fell off of Trixie who was glaring at the paperwork, “Pokey, next time Rainbow Dash tries sending us paperwork you have her open up the envelope herself.”

“What happened?” Diamond asked.

“Just a prank from Rainbow Dash. She sent a static charged mist in an envelope and it caused all this sun blasted paperwork to cling to me. But that’s neither here nor there, I have plans for her. But what brings you here?”

“Well I heard that you are planning a show and I wanted to know if I could help you set it up?” Diamond asked.

Trixie looked thoughtful, and gave a grin, “Well in a few days I’m setting up the fireworks. How would you like to help set them up?”

Diamond Tiara grinned with a smile that looked like it was threatening to split her face. Fireworks are the most romantic part of the Festival. This will be perfect., “I’d love to help you set up fireworks. Are you sure you wouldn’t mind the help?”

“Of course not. What’s the harm with setting up a few fireworks? Just make sure that you don’t have any fire near them and I’ll make sure you do it safely,” Trixie replied.

“Alright I’ll see you then,” Diamond said walking out. Barely holding back her squeal of filly glee. This will be perfect. I’ll help get everything set up, get to ensure that everything is romantic and perfect for Scootaloo.

It was a busy four days. Diamond Tiara finally decided that she couldn’t wait a moment longer, and trotted up to Scootaloo as Scootaloo was walking to her. Scootaloo was the first one to talk, “Hi DT, I’ve been thinking about it, and after what I’ve heard about you from my friends over the last few days, and some things my dad and Ms. Ditzy Doo told me after you asked me out. I’d like to give us a chance. If you’re still interested?”

Diamond Tiara looked at Scootaloo, a wide ecstatic grin bursting across her face as she started bouncing up and down, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” She said before gaining control of herself, “I mean yes. Of course I’m interested!”

Scootaloo burst out laughing, “Okay, that was pretty cute.”

She said I was cute! *Squee*!!!!, “Well there is something I’d like to ask you. Today the Farmer’s Union is getting new food ready, and they offered me plus one to act as taste testers. Would you be interested in joining me?”

“Sure. I can’t say no to free food,” Scootaloo said, “Well I guess I’ll see you after school? Unless you want to join me and my friends at recess?”

Diamond Tiara’s brain broke at that, and when she came too Scootaloo was looking at her strangely, “Are you alright?”

“What? Oh! I’m fine, I mean yes I’d love to join you for lunch,” Diamond said with a dreamy smile.

At lunch Scootaloo’s friends other than Dinky were looking at the two of them in stunned silence. It was Dinky who broke the ice first, “Ms. Lyra said that she couldn’t believe that it took you six months to finally ask Scootaloo out. And that you’d make a cute couple.”

“I’m not cute! I’m awesome, and radical. I don’t do cute,” Scootaloo huffed indignantly a blush rising to her cheeks causing her friends to laugh at her and Diamond gave a light chuckle at how cute she looked when being all indignant.

“Well I think that it’s what Diamond Tiara needed. She hasn’t been as mean since she asked you out,” Sweetie chirped.

“I’m not mean … that much,” Diamond muttered.

“I didn’t mean it as an insult. I just meant that you’re nicer when you’re happy. And I like this Diamond Tiara. Yes there was that moment when you started insulting the pony who accidentally splashed mud on you, and the time where you were haggling over a cherry and you called the pony a flying plot head … even though I don’t know how he could fly since he was an earth pony,” Sweetie Belle rattled before she was interrupted by Diamond Tiara.

“Alright, so those were a few times. But I am who I am, and I can be nice,” Diamond huffed getting slightly annoyed.

“Sorry,” Sweetie murmured.

“Apology accepted this time, anyways. So … what do you do usually during recess?” Diamond asked.

“Well me and the girls usually go adventuring and have some fun before school starts. What about you and Silver Spoon, you two don’t look like you do much? Although her and Moon Glimmer have been acting weird around each other,” Scootaloo said.

“Me and Silver Spoon usually just gossip and talk about what we want to do after school. As for her and Glimmer I’ll leave that for them to tell everypony if and when they feel like it. It’s noponies business but theirs,” Diamond said sticking up for her friends privacy.

The rest of the conversation played out like 20 questions. At the end her friends gave her the obligatory best friend warning of not hurting Scootaloo and left the two filles alone as they walked to the school house.

“So sorry that my friends basically interrogated you, but they’re just as confused as I am. Other than Dinky, she said that she knew after that time that all the adults went crazy and destroyed Ponyville. But thanks for not blowing up and insulting all my friends when they started questioning you.”

“Sure no problems. After all if I’m your fillyfriend,” she gave a silent squee before continuing, “Then I guess that means that me and them are going to cross paths more often. Honestly if somepony dated Silver Spoon and I got some alone time with that pony I’d do the same thing.:”

“Well I guess I’ll see you later?”

“See you later,” Diamond Tiara said sighing as she saw Scootaloo walk into the schoolhouse. This is like a dream come true. After months of getting the courage to ask her out. I’m nearly done with helping with making this Harvest Festival memorable, and our first date is technically going to be taste testing new food. Yeah her friends were a little annoying with how they basically acted as if this was the sign of the end of the world for the first few minutes. Then had the gall to think that I’d do anything to intentionally hurt Scootaloo. And if Lyra and Bon Bon think that I have chance then all I can do is hope.

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