• Published 21st Jan 2014
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Pinkie's Redemption - Shadow Volt

This is the first of Shadow Volt's adventures as he finds a way back home and helps Pinkie Pie free herself from Pinkamena once and for all

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Chapter 4

It was eight in the morning when Shadow woke up, he looked around and noticed that Spike had gotten up already and could be heard in the kitchen.

Shadow decided to go upstairs and check on Pinkie after putting his vest back on.

As he got to the top he could see Pinkie was still sound asleep so he decided to let her sleep, but not before he made sure that she was okay, he used his magic to scan her and after a few quick passes he decided to double check the room by scanning it.

After scanning the entire room and he headed back downstairs, he was glad that nothing was out of place.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs he noticed that Spike was waiting for him.

"Morning Spike, what do you need," he asked.

Spike looked over at him.

"Did you find what you were looking for last night," he asked as Shadow came over to him.

Shadow nodded, "Yeah, thanks for the help."

Spike looked back at the strange pyramid on the table.

"So what is that thing anyway," he asked.

Shadow looked over at the Beacon he had placed there.

"It's called a Beacon," he began, "they hold a magical gem with a high level messaging spell on them at the top that I can use them to send messages to my sword, which also has a magical gem inside it, and to other beacons, and as I found out last night, the messages can also be sent across different realities."

Spike took a moment to register this new information.

"So did you send a message last night," he asked.

Shadow nodded.

"Who did you send the message to," Spike asked.

Shadow turned and looked at him before replying, "I sent it to Twilight and the others."

Spike looked at Shadow completely dumfounded before realising Shadow was talking about the Twilight from his reality.

"I see, and what did you talk about," he asked.

Shadow thought back for a moment, "I told them that I was alright and about everything that's happened, I also mentioned that I'm bringing you and Pinkie back with me and asked if they had any objections to that."

Spike looked at him a little worried as to what their answer was.

Shadow noticed that Spike was worried and smiled, "And they said that they had no objections what so ever, even if they did I would still have taken you and Pinkie with me, they also wanted to know what I needed them to do to help and I had told them to construct more beacons and place them across Ponyville, Canterlot, the Crystal Empire, and anywhere else that has a strong source of magic."

Spike smiled and nodded before noticing the pink mare that was standing at the foot of the stairs.

Shadow turned and looked at her and by the look on her face he could tell she was standing there the entire time he was talking about having spoken with Twilight and the others.

The look on her face, even though she was crying, was a look of joy and happiness.

He smiled when he saw her face, "Well good morning sleepy hea-."

Pinkie tackled him before he could finish his sentence and was hugging him as tight as she could.

"P-Pinkie.........can't.........breathe," he barely managed to say.

Pinkie let him go and then nuzzled him, "I can't believe it, you were telling the truth Shadow, you were really telling the truth."

After Shadow had sat back up Pinkie nuzzled him again causing him to giggle and to also blush but thankfully it was concealed by his black fur coat.

"Ofcoarse I was telling the truth, I would never lie to my friends," he said.

Shadow sat there for a moment and sniffed the air before turning to Spike.

"Uhm, is something burning," he asked.

Spike thought for a moment before his eyes went wide and he ran into the kitchen.

Shadow and Pinkie giggled.

"I'm gonna go downstairs and see if the Cakes want breakfast, you go ahead and get a seat," he said.

Pinkie nodded and went into the kitchen.

Shadow went downstairs and after he reached the bottom turned and looked at Mr. and Mrs. Cake.

"Breakfast is ready if you're hungry," he told them.

They nodded and followed him back up.

Shadow took a seat next to Pinkie and Spike while Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Pound Cake, and Pumpkin Cake sat on the other side, they all sat there eating in silence except when Pinkie would nuzzle Shadow causing him to giggle.

After they had all eaten Mr. Cake asked if he could speak to Shadow in private, Shadow nodded and followed him out of the kitchen and out of hearing range of the others.

"Are you and Pinkie dating," he asked.

Shadow was shocked by the question.

"W-what?! N-no ofcoarse not we're just friends, and besides I doubt she even likes me that way," Shadow finally managed to say while blushing.

Mr. Cake looked at him for a moment and gave out a little laugh.

"Well from were I was sitting it looked like she liked you as more than just friends," Mr. Cake said.

Shadow nearly fell backwards at hearing those words, he began to blush even more and it was now visible even through his black coat.

"A-are you sure," Shadow asked.

Mr. Cake nodded and then pointed at the kitchen door, "Well what are you waiting for? Go get her."

Shadow looked at the door and back at Mr. Cake, nodded and then went over to the door.

As Shadow entered the kitchen he looked over to where Pinkie was sitting and then moved over to her, and before she could say anything to him, he kissed her.

They sat there kissing for what seemed like forever to them, and they wished it could last forever, after about five minutes they finally pulled away from each other, both other their faces where bright red.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake had watched the whole thing smiling.

Mrs. Cake then nudged her husband with her elbow, "Helped him out a little bit didn't you," she asked giggling.

Mr. Cake blushed a little and then nodded his head, "Just a little."

After Pinkie had regained her composer she began to speak, "Does this me-."

He stopped her before she could finish by putting his hoof on her lips, nodded his head, moved his hoof away, and kissed her again.

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