• Published 23rd Sep 2013
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Even pinkie sense couldn't predict this - Megacoll51

Pinkie becomes sad when she thinks Rainbow Dash doesn't like her anymore when Rainbow Dash actually has a crush in her!

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Here comes pinkamena Diane pie

It was a bright and sunny day in ponyville, Dashie must had cleared the clouds early today, speaking of Dashie where is that awesome Pegasus? I bounced over to dashie's cloud house. "DAAAAAASHHHHHIIIEEEEEE!" I called up towards the floating house.
I was taking a peacefull nap in my cloud home when I heard a certain pink earth pony call me by her nickname she gave me. I only let her call me this because I had a crush on her. The moment I heard pinkie I froze, I had been avoiding pinkie ever since I noticed my feelings were more Intimate then I thought. I almost forgot scootaloo has Been living with me since I adopted her as my sister. She would be leaving with the rest of the cutie mark crusaders when they got here. she knows about my feelings for pinkie and knows I am avoiding her so I should be safe.
When I heard pinkie's voice I knew it meant trouble, if I don't tell her Rainbow Dash isn't home she might come up with one of her crazy contraptions. So I walked out the door and looked down at pinkie "sorry pinkie, Rainbow Dash isn't home right now, just me, I will be leaving with the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a bit." I heard a sigh of relief after I picked my head up, I froze.

"But I just heard somepony sigh!" Pinkie responded.

"That was um... Me! Yes me! I just am a little tired... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!" I responded nervously, I hope pinkie didn't notice my nervousness... That'd be bad.

"Ok... See you later scootaloo." And pinkie slowly began to walk off when BOOM!
"Sorry pinkeh, I'm no good with a scootar." I said apologetically scootaloo had been leaving her scooter with me since she began to live with Rainbow Dash.

"SCOOTS! WHERE ARE YOU?" Sweetie belle yelled up towards the cloud home.

"Coming!" Scootaloo responded and hopped down. She could fly better now, so she didn't break her hooves.

"So what are we going to do today crusaders?" Scootaloo asked

"why don't we find out why pinkie is so sad? She is never sad!" I nodded and scoots lowered her ears a bit.

"I kinda lied to keep her away from Rainbow Dash... You see.." Scootaloo said how Rainbow Dash had a crush on pinkie. Me And sweetie belle nodded

"well she wouldn't be this sad if applejack was busy, lets see If there's more to it." I suggested.
I nodded along with scootaloo, applebloom's idea was good so we followed pinkie to sugarcube corner. When we got there pinkie was nowhere to be seen. Mrs cake walked in and asked us "what would you girls want?"

"Where Is pinkie?" I asked

"upstairs, she isn't in the best mood at the moment so be gentle." We all nodded and headed upstairs. When we saw pinkie her mane was flat.

"Pinkie?" Scootaloo asked pinkie placing a hoof on her back, pinkie turned to look at us her eyes were tearing up.
I turned around, the Cutie Mark Crusaders? What were they doing here? "Pinkie? What's wrong? We can help!" I looked down,

"um... Rainbow Dash has been avoiding me and... I like like her... And, and," I started to cry "I think she doesn't like me anymore!" Tears were straming down my face. Scootaloo looked at me gently.

"That's not true, she has just been busy!" I didn't really believe it but I nodded. The three hugged me, and I hugged back.

Author's Note:

For those confused, it's from pinkie's mind, Rainbow Dash's mind, scootaloo's mind, applebloom's mind, sweetiebelle's mind to pinkie's again.

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