• Published 1st Sep 2013
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Jim in Aquestria - FiMFictionUndaead

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Jim 2: The 2 Never 2s

"If anybody needs me, I'll be over there slitting my wrists," said Kim.

"Not so fast!" said some seapony, "We can't let you go! We don't know if you're the real Kim!"

"Oh for fuck's sake." Kim gave himself a concussion with a finpalm.


"Okay," said Twilight Spadefish. "I have designed a series of tests to find out if you're the real Kim or not."

Kim1 gulped while Kim2 gave a devilish grin.

"The first test is that we kill you. If you survive, then clearly you were a witch."

"Uh, Twilight?" Sweed Jackfish interrupted. "We're not holding a witch trial."

"What?" Twilight's face fell. "I prepared a speech and everything! And look, the mob is so eager!" Spadefish gestured to the crowd of seaponies gathered around them. "Pleeeeaaaassseee?"

"Alright," Jackfish conceded. "But just this once."

"Yay! As I was saying, your first test is that we kill you."