• Published 24th Sep 2011
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Cloudy Crusades - wlyteth

After taking a nap outside Rainbow Dash catches a cold.

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The Road to Recovery

Flapping her wings as fast as she could Scootaloo sped towards the clubhouse on the edge of Sweet Apple Acres. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom had raced ahead to fashion the wooden treehouse into a proper sickroom for their patient. Rainbow Dash slumbered on, only moaning occationaly whenever the wagon hit a bump. As the apple orchard came into view Scootaloo put on an extra burst of speed and skidded sideways in front of the clubhouse's ladder not noticing that doing this caused the wagon to tip over, spilling Rainbow Dash on the ground. "Did you see how fast I went Rainbow Dash? I almost flew!" Scootaloo looked behind her to see her hero laying in a heap on the ground. "Oops, I'll help you up. Hey guys come and help me carry her!" Sweetie Belle and Applebloom rushed down the ladder and helped lift Rainbow off of the ground. "What was she doing on the ground?" Sweetie Belle asked. "I dunno, I guess she just... fell out on her own?" Scootaloo shrugged. Sweetie Belle glared at her for a second in disbelief but decided to let it go.

After a lot of effort the crusaders were able to drag the full grown pony up the ladder. "Now, get her over to the bed and we'll give her some soup." Sweetie Belle nosed a bowl over to where Rainbow was laying and shook her a little. "Um, Rainbow Dash? Could you wake up and drink this please so you'll feel better?"

"You'll have to be firmer than that Sweetie," Applebloom said. "Doctor ponies don't just let their patients do what ever they want, we have to make her eat the soup."

"Yeah!" Scootaloo chimed in. "Like this. WAKE UP!" She yelled in Rainbow Dash's ear while bouncing on top of her.
Rainbow Dash sat bolt upright accidentily throwing Scootaloo against the wall. "Wha? Where am I?" She rasped. The three fillies stood in front of her and smiled. "We saw you were feelin poorly so we brought you to our clubhouse. We're going to make you feel all better and get our cutie marks for doctorin!" Applebloom proclaimed.
"Um thanks girls, but I'm not feeling that bad... so I think I'll just go home now..."

"The patient is resisting treatment! Scootaloo get the rope! Applebloom hold her down! I'll get the soup." Before she could react Rainbow Dash was tied to the makeshift bed and was having warm carrot soup poured down her throat. "Make sure she gets plenty to drink, we don't want her getting dehydrated." Sweetie Belle said with an air of authority.

"Whats deehighdredated mean?" Scootaloo asked.

Sweetie Belle just sighed and rolled her eyes.

After a bit of planning (and a lot of arguing) the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided that caring for Rainbow Dash would be done in shifts so that they would each have a chance to go home and eat or rest. Rainbow was quiet throughout the disscussion due to her sore throat. Besides, having somepony to take care of her was pretty awesome she had to admit. Even if during Scootaloo's shift the orange filly spent most of her time asking questions about flying or just staring at Rainbow in admiration. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom were much better at taking care of her but still wouldn't remove the ropes and only let her go outside the clubhouse on a "leash". Rainbow spent most of her time sleeping so she wasn't too sure how long she had been stuck in the treehouse. Shouldn't somepony be looking for her? Maybe the fillies had told her friends that they were taking care of her. Yeah, that was probabally what was what happened. That settled she snuggled into her pillows and fell asleep.

Twilight Sparkle stood in the middle of the Ponyville with her clipboard and addressed the crowd of ponies around her. "Rainbow Dash has been missing for five days! I've already seperated you into groups so if everypony is ready please start searching your assigned areas. If anypony finds anything that might give us a clue as to what has happened to her please come straight back here and report to me. You are dismissed!" As the ponies started to move away in groups Twilight turned around to talk to a very distraght Rarity. "I just can't believe that she's missing! When I came back to my workroom and she was gone I was upset naturally but I thought that she had simply gotten bored with waiting and was going to come back. But she didn't!"

Rarity was approching a histerical pitch and Twilight put her hoof on the white unicorn's shoulder to reassure her. "Its alright Rarity, for all we know she just is hiding in a cloud somewhere and doesn't even know we are worried. Go home and relax, we have things under control here."

Rarity calmed down a bit and gave Twilight a small smile. "You're right my dear, I'm getting all upset over what is most likely nothing. I think I'll just go home and have some tea, I need to make some dinner for Sweetie Belle as well, she hasn't been at home much lately. I know that she is very focused on trying to find her cutie mark but I do wish that she was around more."
"Go home Rarity." Twilight said a little more firmly.

"I'm sorry, I'm just such a wreck between making all the dresses for the gala... not that I mind not at all! I love doing things for my friends..." Rarity's voice trailed off as she walked back home.

Once she was gone Twilight allowed all the worry she had been feeling to finally show on her face. Looking up at the stars she wispered to herself "Where are you Rainbow?"