• Published 24th Sep 2011
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Cloudy Crusades - wlyteth

After taking a nap outside Rainbow Dash catches a cold.

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Rainbow Splash

Rainbow Dash laid back on a cloud and sighed happily. Weather Patrol was fun, but taking naps and practicing new stunts were even better. As she snuggled deeper into the cloud and closed her eyes she imagined what new tricks she would perform once she was part of the Wonderbolts. As she half dreamed she could see it all... the rush of the air around her as she flew, the cheers and gasps of the crowd, the award cerimonies, the... ice cold buckets of water? The dream quickly became a nightmare as Rainbow found herself swimming against the current of a swift river. The water kept pulling her under and getting in her mouth and nose. Panicing she flailed about with her legs and wings until the river pushed her down a waterfall towards some very sharp looking rocks. Before she could try and fly away she landed head first on the rocks and everything went black.

"Is she alright?"

"I've never seen a pegasus fall off a cloud before."

A hoof prodded her ribs and she winced.

"She moved!"

"What do we do?"

Suddenly a loud familiar voice broke through the crowd. "Everypony just give her some room and she'll be fine. Ya'll are stealing the air away with all yer crowdin' and fussin'!" Rainbow Dash could hear the other ponies shuffling around to let the newcomer through before walking away. Opening her eyes a bit she could see a orange blur in front of her. "Hey Applejack..."

"Hey Sugarcube. Lemme help ya up there." Applejack bit into Rainbow's mane and lifted her to her hooves. "You alright? You took quite a tumble off that cloud. WHat were ya thinkin' going to sleep all out in the open with a rainstorm comin?

Rainbow Dash swayed on her hooves for a bit, using Applejack to steady herself. "Thanks AJ, I wasn't expecting that much rain. I thought most of it was supposed to be over yours and the carrot family's farms today, not over Ponyville. What are you doing in town anyways?"

"Ah'm on mah way to Rarity's. all that rain down at the farm gave me an idea fer that high-faltin' dress she's makin me wear to the gala."

"Oh horseapples! I'm supposed to go over there too. Well might as well get it over with."

Rarity was deep in thought when they arrived, apparently trying to fit more stars on a dress than was physically possible. "Howdy Rarity, Dash an I came over like yew asked."

"Oh! Thank goodness! I could certanly use a break from all the stars Twilight asked for. All these Constalations are giving me such a headache." Rarity rubbed her forehead with her hoof and ajusted her glasses. "Now. What new ideas did you bring me?"

Applejack proudly reached into her saddlebags and pulled out a pair of rubber boots. "These are my favorite golashes so I thought they would look mighty nice with my fancied up gala duds."

"Golashes! I couldn't possibly... arrgh... alright golashes are fine. I'll make it work... somehow... This is going to take all day. Rainbow, be a dear and come back tomorrow, I'll be ready for you then."

Rainbow Dash gave a half hearted saluted and flew out of the shop as quick as she could. Anything to put off talking about silly dresses for a while was fine by her. She flew up to try and find a new nap-cloud, but then decided sleeping in her house would be safer. Though it was only a short distance her wings felt very tired. "I guess I need to work a little harder on my training," she said to herself. "But I can do that later, its nap time."

It was the next morning before Rainbow Dash woke up, and the first thing she noticed was that her mouth felt very dry and her blankets were too hot. Wearily she dragged herself to the kitchen for some water. The water tasted terrible and made her thorat feel funny. "Ugh! I better pick up some juice in town today, this stuff is gross." Just talking for a little bit made her want to cough so she decided to just think in her head instead of out loud for the time being. As awful as she felt she made herself go to Rarity's. Flying made her feel tired again so once she reached the ground she went through Ponyville at a slow trot. After what felt like miles the Carosel Boutique finally came into view.

Once she was inside, Rarity was all business. "Alright Rainbow Dash, here is your dress so far, what do you think?"

The dress could have been awesomer but Rainbow didn't really know what to say. "Looks fine Rarity" she said eventually.

"Oh I just know you hate it! Now tell me what do change even though I thought you would just absolutly love it but anything at all I can change, just say the word."

Rainbow just wanted to leave, she was feeling even worse than before and the room felt stuffy. "Could you just... make it cooler?" Rainbow was trying not to start coughing again, every word seemed to scrape her throat. "Is it the color?" Rarity asked. "The color's fine... just make it cooler!"

Rarity asked something else but the heat felt so intense Rainbow couldn't concentrate on her anymore. "It needs to be about 20% cooler." Rainbow Dash mumbled before sliding to the ground in exhaustion.

"I suppose it could do with a bit more ventilation..." Rarity mused, not noticing her unconsicous friend. "I just need to get my sissors. Be back soon darling!"

Shortly after Rarity left three fillies wearing capes snuck into the dressmaking room. The bright orange one stopped short and the other two bumped into her. "Hey! What did you stop for Scootaloo, we have to be quick before my big sister gets back." Scolded Sweetie Belle.

"Shhh! Look!" All three crusaders stared at the sleeping blue pegasus. "What's wrong with her?" Applebloom asked. Sweetie Belle ran over and put a hoof on Rainbow's forehead. "She all hot and sticky, I think she's sick." Instantly the three fillies looked at each other and yelled.