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Why-Fi???!!?!! · 10:53am Jul 5th, 2016

OMG. A guy came over to look at the wifi box thing, and was sooooo helpful. Now the wifi still doesn't work and I am going to tear the internet company people apart, limb from limb, like the dragon I am. Either that, or....I can't continue. Too much profanity. Anyway, I will figure something out and post new chapters of AAI and stuff tomorrow, cause the updates have accumulated.
With a horrible headache,


Why oh lordy whyyyyy~ · 7:27am Nov 13th, 2019

I just checked a cash stash I made for when stuff I need goes on sale in an MMO I play on pc right? Dungeons and Dragons online, DDO, good old game. Well, I had $50 saved up, and was going to take like, half to buy a visa gift card and use it to buy some stuff in game, but NOPE somebody replaced my 50 bucks with an IOU! THEY EVEN SIGNED IT, SO I KNOW IT'S THEM! But nooooooo~ He aint paying me nothin! I AM LEGIT SO MAD THAT I CAN HEAR MY HEART BEATING!


That moment when you’re writing the next chapter... · 12:21am Oct 4th, 2019

...and Fimfiction decides to do a 404 on you. :facehoof::flutterrage::ajbemused::raritydespair::rainbowhuh::pinkiesick:

Fortunately, the shutdown didn’t last that long. Plus, I only lost like, a sentence, one which I can easily rewrite. Because I’m saving my chapter after like, almost every sentence.

Anyway, the next chapter of MTCG is like, REEEEEAAAAALLLLYYY close to being finished, so I’ll try to release it by tonight. Stay tuned! :pinkiesmile:

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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