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Are people still interested in Sleipnir? · 9:18pm Aug 20th, 2016

I'm planning on getting back to updating Sleipnir in about a month or so, and was wondering if anyone would look forward to it.

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Would anyone be interested if I started making Sleipnir lore posts? · 6:04am Oct 11th, 2016

Sleipnir is going to take more time than I initially calculated to finish, and as it stands I'm going to have to cut down a lot of plotlines if I'm going to finish it within the next few years. I was thinking that I could provide some nuggets of lore to explain a few things that won't be covered in the story itself, such as Dread's backstory, the nature of Puck, and its relationship with the Book of Newt. They won't be very long, maybe 100-300 words, but they will give me a chance to provide

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How Sleipnir would have ended. · 5:38am Jun 16th, 2017

I realize that this blog post is about two months late, but I got side tracked with school, work, and family issues. Sorry for the delay. Anyway:

* Dr. Layne would've died sometime in the next chapter in order to same Twilight from a large tar monster that was going to be Sleipnir's version of the Smooze.

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Sleipnir is going on hiatus for a little bit. · 3:19am May 29th, 2016

I have been working on the story for about three years now, and it's gotten to a point where writing it isn't fun for me anymore. I still intend to finish it, but in the meantime I will be working on something else that isn't pony related. That is all.

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Sleipnir finishing, a new weekly series! · 2:12pm Sep 15th, 2019

Hello all!

I wanted to say thank you for your continued readership of my Sleipnir series, however I have decided that in the coming weeks and months, I will be winding down and finishing this series. After nearly 2 years and many, many stories I have decided I want to start something new. All arcs will have a natural ending which may run to be longer than normal to tie things up.

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