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In Retrospect: Thoughts on "Crash Down" Now That It Is Almost Done · 3:14am Aug 18th, 2015

The following is my own critique of the most recent story arc of The Conquering of Love. It will contain very slight spoilers for the two as-of-yet unreleased chapters, but nothing truly spoileriffic. While this blog has to do with The Conquering of Love, it is more about my own look back on the story's evolution from initial thoughts to execution. As such, I have not tagged the story in this blog post, but I will be linking it in the author's notes at the end of the next chapter when it

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Four Year Anniversary Special: cleverpun's Critique Corner — If You Came to Conquer/Inexcusable · 9:06pm Jan 14th, 2016

Last year, to celebrate my three year anniversary on the site, I wrote a long, meandering blog post looking back on all the writing I had done. It was an interesting exercise, though its experimental nature perhaps limited its utility.

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