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MLP: A New Generation · 12:37am Sep 25th, 2021

I've seen the new MLP Movie, I must say despite all the ups and downs about it actually pretty good!

I realize that Sunny and her group were getting a lot of hate since they were replacing the mane 6 and looked different.

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Report HarryBuilder · 256 views · #newgeneration

G5 Post-Movie Series · 2:32am May 29th

I saw the first episode of Make Your Mark on Netflix. Although that one certain scene near the end raised some questions, I'm ready for more!!!


An Original Generation from me and my friends · 3:34pm Aug 12th, 2021

I was hoping to finish this before the trailer dropped, but I guess not. For the past year me and my friends have been working on a project inspired by the transition between generation 4 and 5. Basically we built our vision of what we would want in a new generation. This is the basis for a potential future story.
I wanted to hold off a little longer, but A New Generation is so close we felt like it was the right time to show our concepts.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results