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Finding my muse Update. · 1:45am Oct 16th, 2016

Halfway through chapter 3. Looking over everything I am rather impressed with myself, but I still feel the story is a bit boring. So hopefully I can rectify this. It may just be my critical mind at work, as the feedback I have gotten has been constructive and positive, with me seeing a HUGE increase in views as well as the like to dislike ratio getting better. But today I'm done! So in the meantime, please enjoy this animation by Animatedjames.

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To all of my followers, passersby, basically everyone... · 5:51am Feb 1st, 2020

I thank each and every one of you with the utmost sincerity. You are all valuable people to me.

I thank you for your incredible patience. Your willingness to stick with me despite my seemingly infinite writer's block. Your comments and criticisms on my stories. Your discussions with me. Your undying dedication to a silly little website about colorful horses. Your recommendations on material. Your own stories. Your gratitude to an irrelevant speck on here. Everything.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results