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Update · 10:05pm Dec 7th, 2023

Quarter through next chapter of Project Sparkle.
Going through an update of Blink with a reformatting, it's been sorely needed.
Welcome To The 'Verse is probably about halfway through its next chapter.
A few other concepts are being toyed with as my brain pukes them up. Sci-fi space-y type things.

In other news, apparently you can change your username? News to me, never knew that was a function.


Message. Update. Notice. · 6:05pm June 17th

I crashed and burned out for a bit. Still not 100% back in the saddle, but I'm getting comfy again.
Project Sparkle, Blink, Welcome to the 'Verse, Shadow of Equestria, and Spike at your Service are all in varying stages of completion on their next chapters as I flitter about between them as I'm wont to do, however an update for them is in the pipeline. How soon they will land is up in the air, but I'm not dead and I'm getting things done bit by bit. Just letting you all know.

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results