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Zinc · 4:18pm April 25th

She was mostly pony with Griff’s old colors, a tuft of curly, black hair with big blue eyes. She was spunky like old Griff, intolerant, like old Griff, and she had her father’s razor sharp teeth.

”No wonder why Ramirez couldn’t breast feed you...” the young buck took his even younger daughter on his back, sighing softly with a smile. ” matter.”

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Hm · 4:47pm March 8th

”Are you a he or she?”

”Chocolate bar.”

”...straight, gay, or bi?”

*determined smirk* “A chocolate bar.

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Star and Zinc · 11:17pm July 22nd

“this is Zinc!” Ramirez said proudly as she introduced her husband to her second foal: Zinc.

“huh, why is she pone?” Star asked as he walked around and inspected her like an instructor inspecting a recruit.

she shrugs “I dunno, I guess since Griffy is pone and all that”

“hey Rami, why does she have fangs and sharp teeth?” Star asked as he looked at Zinc’s sharp teeth.

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Smiles (Skit) · 12:34am May 6th

Vespyr was constantly poking Zinc in the face with a quizzical look on their face.


”Why don’t you ever smile...?”

Zinc looked to Quinn for help, but he just snickered and held up a camera. ”...for you, gremlin.”

And then she smiled, showing her huge ass shark teeth with her pale, purple gums.

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Letter · 4:03am July 9th

“Dear dad,

I miss you. A lot.

Thorax and Pharynx are play-fighting in the other room and Apex is playing Octonauts with Vespyr and Zinc. Thumbtack is supposed to be here soon, and Quinn said he’d be on his way.

They all miss you. Really, they do. Ever since you went off to rule the ocean again, Pharynx has been grumpier than usual and this happens to be another one of Thorax’s attempts to cheer him up.

But me writing you this letter comes off as more of a coping mechanism...

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Again · 12:49am May 23rd

”Where the heck is dad?” Quinn asked.

”Something about a surprise?” Mercury was busy playing with his legos.

Thumbtack and Zinc were also playing with each other before the entire house shook.


[Insert heavy bass noises here]

The door busted open, and Griff—

”Workout in that pussy, ayyy! I’m gettin’ ripped tonight!

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