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Day Dreaming Derpy · 9:33pm Oct 21st, 2018

Anyone familiar with this game? It's been out for awhile, and the person who made it came out with a flash game called Spike's Time Off soon after. The spritework and writing is excellent, and Day Dreaming Derpy is very Paper Mario-esque. There were two other Spike-focused flash games that came before these. Spike's Time Off. Day Dreaming Derpy, super cute.


I played a couple Flash games this week · 4:10am May 30th, 2020

Things have been crazy these last few weeks so I just went with some short stuff. Even still, I've got a love of flash games. Many are simple, little setup needed and drop you into the game and just let you play.

I still love more complex games, but I can appreciate simplicity in a design. I think I'll also pick up a game or two from Gamejolt from time to time. The Manos game was gold and I may be able to find other little treasures like that.

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Do You Know The Famous Game Bleach Online? · 6:51am Jul 22nd, 2015

Proceed game’s bleach anime sport up to date upon Wednesday, discovering a account health benefits, extra on the hired and team, admission and show tips, as well as a new vision: Your wording inside vision reads, "Another account within the edge somewhere between prior times along with the potential. "

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I played a few more flash games · 6:36pm Jun 5th, 2020

I played Don't Escape 1, 2, and 3

I seriously can't recommend Scriptwelder enough. I have yet to play a game they've made that isn't wonderful.
So the point of these games is simple. Don't escape.

The interface for these games is all point and click, so you can jump right in and click around. That being said, just clicking around won't win you the game. These are puzzle games and you have to figure out how to set things up to not escape.

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