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  • 3 weeks
    Happy Holidays Everybody

    I hope this year has done well for you. But if not, I hope you find some comfort and warmth in the company of friends. Be we separated by only a few feet or miles, be we separated by distance, or time, or even circumstance. We find happiness by those we choose to keep in our lives and I hope you've found that happiness yourself.

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  • 9 weeks
    An uncomfortable question

    This is kind of a between chapters thing, not really enough to merit it's own place in the story.
    I actually had a different idea about this, having James watching memories of his daughters being cute children and saying "I love you." Leading into kind of bittersweet depression with him. I may write that later, but I enjoyed this more at the moment.

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  • 19 weeks

    Still working on my writing too. There's just been some personal complications slowing the whole thing up. And if you like these kind of blog entries,
    you can check out Fallout Dude 50 who does these a lot more and better than I.

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  • 28 weeks
    An interesting turn

    I knew that Chapter 6 of The Line was my most popular chapter. It has been since about a week since publish.

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  • 30 weeks

    Sounds of laughter and playful shouting could be heard in the air on Truce's outskirts. Rainbow Dash flying through the air carrying a ball and looking at the two girls running along beneath her.

    Sara, catch! *Rainbow Dash threw the ball up in the air, catching it with her tail before spinning and clumsily slinging it generally in Sara's direction.*

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I played a couple Flash games this week · 4:10am May 30th, 2020

Things have been crazy these last few weeks so I just went with some short stuff. Even still, I've got a love of flash games. Many are simple, little setup needed and drop you into the game and just let you play.

I still love more complex games, but I can appreciate simplicity in a design. I think I'll also pick up a game or two from Gamejolt from time to time. The Manos game was gold and I may be able to find other little treasures like that.

So the first flash game I played was Seppukuties. Aka: Fluttshy's nightmare.

You start with a few comic panels. The animals playing, a man with a chainsaw, and the deforestation of their home. Using an old map they search for a new home. Now the game starts.

It's a puzzle game where you control one of the wide eyed, mismatched, innocent creatures. Collecting acorns and guiding them through puzzles to find their way to a new home.

The controls are pretty straightforward. Arrow keys move, up key jumps. The mechanics are introduced in a way that let's you absorb them pretty well and they're used throughout the game.

Now for the primary mechanic of the game. You have to sacrifice some of the animals to beat this game. There's a limited number of animals too so you can't just fill a pit with bodies and walk across to safety. You need to decide how many won't make it to your new home with the rest of their friends.

The art is nice and definitely doing all it can to make you not want to hurt the little critters. And they use some cutesy little phrases to hammer that home. But there's no choice, some have to die to win the game.

There's not much more to the game than that, but the design of the puzzles and game is fun and has had me come back to replay it a few times. Trying to see just how many I can save as I replay levels.

If you're in a twisted mood, you can give the game a try.

The second flash game I played was Rebuild 2.

This one is a Zombie survival game. But if you're expecting to be running around shooting zombies, you're out of luck. This is more of a resource management game. You need to manage your survivors, how much food you have, your community's general mood. I know I'm not making this sound too interesting, but I did really like this game.

There's not much setup, the real setup being in the game generation page. You choose your name, gender (not that that changes anything,) item you start with, size of your city, and difficulty. You start with a handful of survivors with no real skills, four buildings, and not really anything else.

Your goal is to destroy zombies, save survivors, forage for supplies, and reclaim the city. There's a little tutorial to teach you how to play, it's not difficult and I'm sure you'll catch on easily.

You select a building/plot of land and send a survivor out to scout. There's little icons that give you information on the area when you select what you're doing. Time necessary in days (turns.) Danger to those going on the mission. Number of zombies present. And the combined level of relevant skills of the people you're sending. But you do need to be aware that the more people you send out the more danger your community is in.

Once you clear an area of zombies, you can recruit survivors (Well, you can do that before, but it's a good idea to just clear an area of zombies first. I did that instead of scouting.) gather supplies, or reclaim the area.

There are random events that occur while you play, the most common and frustrating being Zombie hoard attacks on your walls. But there's random injuries, parties, famines, illnesses, building's popping up from unused land, trading caravans, and more. Some of the buildings can actually mitigate the problems of some of the random scenarios.

I should say that there are adult themes in this game. (Adult themes in a zombie survival game? Shocking, I know.) But it's not explicit (Though there is some gore.) You can turn swearing on in the settings if you want.

This game has four victory scenarios, and you can get all four in one city. These are escaping via helicopter. Growing large enough/finding City Hall and drafting your own constitution. Defeating a violent cult that will attack you as a random event. And curing the zombies. And after a victory scenario you can start a new city and do it all over again.

I found this game fun, but only challenging on the hardest setting. Even then it only started hard, once I got ahead of my problems (which was difficult) I quickly took over the entire city. (Not a victory scenario in and of itself, oddly enough.)

I also found it useful to get rid of every church in the community, they did increase happiness, but created too many problems. Rebellions, zombie worship, and my own citizens destroying my barriers. Instead I built bars, happiness ensured through the power of alcohol. Besides, churches can be converted to living quarters which are more useful in general.

Both these games are fun and require you to think, albeit in different ways. If you're okay with rampant death in your games, these are worth a shot. (Actually I tend to lose maybe only two or three people in Rebuild 2, so it's not that bad.)

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Oh man I love any game involving zombies!

That latter one sounds like a fun change of pace


Yeah, I didn't think it was going to be as fun as it was. I was expecting something more active and not just resource management, but once i gave it a shot it was really fun.

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