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I am very Lazy · 2:39am Nov 10th, 2015

Instead of giving a good excuse to why I haven't updated in a while, I'm just going to tell it to you straight. I'm a lazy asshole. I know that is unfair to you readers but I just find writing to be a long process. (Not to mention Halo 5 and Fallout 4 were released) I apologize for being so lazy. I'll try my best to write when and if I can. Halo 5 is so fun!


Update March 2017 · 6:05pm Mar 24th, 2017

Status update

So I've got good news and bad news. I'm going to start with the bad news first because there is alot.

So first off the military thing ended up not working out due to medical reasons so I'm simply going to college instead. I've got to balance that with my job as well so my free time will be strained. That's kind of irrelevant personal things so let me get into the main stuff.

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Report Solid Poison · 774 views · #Dip #like #taco #chip

The song of my people · 2:37am Jul 7th, 2016

Listen to the angelic harmony between their voices.


Here's what happened yesterday. · 7:09pm Aug 4th, 2016

I wanted to call a friend, telling them about how I've been feeling pretty shitty lately. They didn't pick up, but I needed to do something to feel a bit better. That's when I finished my hooch. Half a juice bottle, to be exact. I started to feel the buzz, but it still didn't feel like enough. That's when I decided to call whiskey for help, too. And then I had three shots of vodka. You see, I come from a judgmental family, and that made me scared shitless of people's

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