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Why's the group dead?

5940169 Aw. Shame. Why? How?

Group Admin

5940344 Lack of inactivity from all members, admins and regular posters. Honestly, these kinds of posts are how Psycho works.

The Psychopath
Group Admin

Because I tried multiple times to make this group active. When I said I was going to delete it, several of you told me 'No!' so I thought of ways to make it more active, and the same people didn't appear.

Here's proof.

Don't yell that wolves are attacking the village and say that we need to 'kill them'. Then, when everything is ready, not appear during the battle.

And this is what I put in the blog post when I said I'd delay the deletion:

"Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment." ~ Jonah Orion

Comment posted by The Psychopath deleted May 9th, 2017

5940663 Oh.

I'm so so sorry.

RIP in puppers. It's really a shame no one here had any idea how to keep a group alive/drive to do so. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Hiya guys....byya guys.... ;w;

The Psychopath
Group Admin

I did have ideas, but nobody frikkin' answered when I posted a blog about what to do. When Samaru and I gave a contest in the past, no one applied. Why waste my time with something nobody pays attention to?

I'm sorry I feel sosososo horrible

The Psychopath
Group Admin

5946958 I didn't recognize you until I visited your page.

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