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This is a group for all those who are having issues with the fandom. If people aren't respecting you for liking something in the show, then this group might work for you.


1.) No calling out others: Yes, you can vent about something bad that someone has done to you, but you are not allowed to refer to them by their name or what they are infamous for doing that everyone knows about. Especially if they are on this site. You also cannot create any forums doing the same thing. If you want to vent about someone treating you, or someone else badly, then just talk about what they did, not who they are. But you can only mention what they did and how it affected you. No insults for that person. Yes, I know how angry some people can make you. But you have to keep your cool. You don't wanna be as bad as them, right? Besides, you aren't allowed to create a group attacking an individual or any group of people. So therefore, you can't attack anyone or any group of people by name in any forum. This group wasn't created to attack anyone, just to help people.

2.) No complaints about FIM: This group was only made for problems people have with the fandom, not the show. There are already hundreds of groups where you can vent about a problem you have with the show, and this isn't one of them. Posts that have anything to do with a problem you have with the show will be removed. This group is mostly targeted towards the people who are being picked on for something about the show that they like, not dislike. Like I said, if people don't like you for your negative opinion, there are other groups where you are free to vent about it. I just want to keep issues people have with the show as far away from this group as possible.

3.) Be nice to each other: Even though this group is for venting about problems with the recent fandom, you still can't forget the golden rule. If someone you have a vendetta with is in this group and you really feel like they would be trouble, then just PM me and I'll deal with them. There is no need to be explosive, even with your enemies.

4.) You can't vent about positive opinions: Similar to rule 2, if you are annoyed by people liking something you don't like, there are other groups where you can talk about it.

5.) Don't take venting about negative opinions too far: Not everyone will like what you like. You gotta accept that. If someone hates something you like, and isn't being explosive about it, then you have no need to vent about it because they are respecting other people's opinions. Again, this group is mostly for those who are being told they have the wrong opinion just because they like something. (though if there's another fandom issue that you really want to talk about that has nothing to do with Rule 4, then you can talk about that too)

As for the stories, you can add whatever story you like! As long as if it isn't NSFW.

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