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When you're a kid in this fandom, it's pretty hard to find people in your age group because the fandom is filled with adults. So, if you're a minor looking for people around your age, this group is just for you!

- Be nice to others, of course
- No NSFW content. Remember, this is a group made for minors.
- No M rated stories
- You're free to talk about anything you want in the forum section. (If it isn't attacking anything or anyone of course) Doesn't have to be pony-related.

It is recommended for only people under the age of 18 to join the group, but...I won't really kick out anyone 18 or above. If you are an adult and want to be a part of a kids group there really is no big issue. Just remember to keep everything safe for us youngsters.

But then again, don't really see how any adult would want to be around just children.

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