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Rain Fall

Hello! I'm Shay, and I'm a speed-painter on YouTube, and the writer of the stories posted here. Hope y'all have a wonderful day/night!

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Thank you! Yeah, I used to draw wolves (like furries) and I guess I kind of adopted that style.

Thanks, I finally found it. I like those redesigns you drew for three of the Mane Six. Though they look more like wolves/foxes more than ponies, which is not a bad thing because the ponies on the show (and I heard someone else say this) looks more feline than equine.

Either way, your art style's pretty good.

You might have to filter so it just show channels, because it doesn't show up unless you do that.

Yeah, I can't seem to find it. Unless your YouTube channel is Rainfall Projects, in which case I definitely found it.

My YouTube name is Rain fall

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