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Change is up to the responsibility of the individual and you can't force others to change. You can't change the way they feel, only they can.

Spinel has been through so much emotional pain and trauma for 6,000 years that she thinks she's too broken to ever change or improve and will only get worse because of her past and present actions and hates what she's become deep down but feels that she needs to continue to numb her 6,000-year emotional pain. Steven is there to show her that she can change, but it's up to her to want that change, even if it isn't easy due to how much pain she's been through.

How would the Mane Six react to all this?

I think The Mane 6 would be proud of Steven for trying to help Spinel, and The Mane 6 would understand Spinels emotional trauma and pain, which, in other words, is empathy..

I relate to Steven a lot right now because of the clip

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 4