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Two milestones in one thread; my first forum post, and the first thread for this group! Woop!

So, if all the fanart is anything to go by, Gallbar is a pretty popular ship, at least for Student Six standards. It's got competition, but it's safe to say that the ship has a following. The weird thing is though, that I've never been able to pinpoint why others like this ship. I know why I like it (as in I could write a full essay on why I ship this so hard), but never why others like it. You know, other than the obvious; it's two male characters who are around each other's age that have interaction together, and in a fandom with a huge lack of m/m ships, it was like finding water in a desert for gay shippers. But I never see others really discuss why Gallus and Sandbar would make a good couple. And now that I've got a great place to ask, I wanna know what reasons you have!

You know, it's not something I can put my finger on really. I think they just look cute together.

Okay, I feel like I have to contribute:
A) Because opposites attract-- Their outward demeanors are very different: brash and bold vs. calm and chill. You get each one doing an eye roll at the other's actions, but always in a friendly way.
B) Because similarities attract-- Because each cares deeply enough to break their own traditions: Gallus to be friendly and supportive, Sandbar to disobey his teachers (i.e. sneaking off in the first episode, or telling his (fake) teachers off in What Lies Beneath).
C) Because they actually interact-- no crack shipping here, they actually interact constantly. And the artists like putting them together (Gallus constantly carrying Sandbar, sitting together, etc.)
D) Because they're cute.
E) Because their colors go so well together. Aesthetically pleasing ship!

I wanna see OP's full essay. For reasons.

Ooooo, I really like all of these points!! :pinkiehappy: I especially agree with how I really like that Gallus and Sandbar can be similar, but also very different. They would roll their eyes at each other's actions, in a playful manner, so it makes them super fun to imagine in different scenarios. :raritywink: That's usually what I prefer in ships; characters who can relate to one another, but can also be different in certain aspects.

As for my own thoughts on these two, I'd definitely add those two points to the reasons I love Gallus and Sandbar together, but for the rest of the reasons, I can say that from all of the Gallus ships, I just think Gallus liking Sandbar is the cutest idea. And it's not too common for me to prefer the cuter ships, because I tend to prefer ships with more canon moments or ships that are more obvious and interesting. But fucking dammit, Gallus being the sarcastic, tough, mischievous smart-aleck that has a big, pining, tsundere crush on the sensitive surfer Sandbar MELTS!!!! ME!!!!! Especially because it's pretty unexpected, that from a group with 4 girls, the tough guy is the one that falls for the sensitive guy. And like you said, they're similar but also very different, which is why I think their dynamic could be super fun, full of banter and playful teasing. (I especially want Gallus to poke fun at Sandbar just to cover up how much he really loves him :rainbowkiss:) Gallus is the one who's almost too sassy for his own good, and I imagine Sandbar really admiring that, but also telling him to watch what he's saying :rainbowlaugh: In the end, it's just a ship that feels right to me; I can't imagine Gallus being happier in the future than just, living a calm life with Sandbar, feeling safe and loved by someone who's patient with him, and Sandbar having a guy who he could never be bored with.

Well that's fine, super insightful reasons aren't necessary :twilightsmile: I'm just sorry I only just noticed a new comment here now :derpyderp1: I do think the point on them being different, but not too different where it causes conflict, is a very good point! As someone who gets sick of seeing popular ships where the appeal is all 'Opposites Attract!' but the characters do nothing but bicker x(

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