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This is a fan group for Cynewulf's sprawling Songverse (and the Nightverse too) because for some reason there wasn't one. This has now been rectified! Now all the stories are collected here.

Many of my fics belong to a sprawling continuity affectionately dubbed the Songverse. The name originated probably as a reference to the fact that most of the titles and much of the imagery was intentionally taken from Song of Solomon, but later because of the Cosmology hinted at in the idea of the "Song" as creation story.


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The "Songverse" and the "Nightverse" are something of a gestalt entity. The main branch of the Songverse is listed, but you will notice there are others--it is best to think of all of these stories as parallel if not directly one after the other. One of the conceits of the entire continuity was that the world is several, reflected endlessly with variety.

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