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Cinders of War
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Data Entry: Wolfgang
Affiliation: Templar Order

Wolfgang never had a normal life, even when he was younger. Growing up in a household with two abusive parents, Wolfgang would find any excuse he could to leave home, whether it was school or just to spend time away from them. One day, in a fit of rage, Wolfgang accidentally murdered a fellow classmate, his life spiralling down a slope from that point on.

He had been sent to juvy for his act, and after that, prison on countless occasions for armed theft, assault, and murder. During his time on the outside world, Wolfgang had taken a liking to murder. All his victims were found with not just one or two fatal wounds, but dozens, including missing body parts. Wolfgang loved violence, and it only got worse after he returned home to give his parents what he’d always wanted to give them: death by his own hands.

He had only just been released from prison once more when he was contacted by Lumberjack, Mahogany Wood’s brother, to serve as Assassin killers for the Templar Order. Wolfgang delightfully obliged after hearing his murders would be pardoned as long as he continued to work for them. From that day, countless Assassins have fallen to Wolfgang’s knives.

He would continue to do so until the arrival of King Sombra, where he would not swear loyalty to the king. To prove his power, the dark king had dominated Wolfgang’s mind with the power of the Apple, turning him into a more civilized person and gaining control over him. The enchantment wears off at times, but all it takes is a simple use of the artifact again.

Now a proper member of the Board of Education, Wolfgang works to further the plans of his Grandmaster, only reverting to his true self when ordered or allowed to.

Likes: Murder, mutilation, sharp knives, beer

Dislikes: People taking away his prey/targets, weakness, nicknames

(Cinders: Well, I figure I could ask. Whose bio would y'all like to see? That might be more fun.)

That was good. Next, Steel Shine.

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