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Data Entry: Mahogany Wood
Affiliation: Templar Order

The eldest of seven children, Mahogany Wood was taken under his father’s wing, the previous Grandmaster of the Templar Order, Aspen Wood. Growing up in the Order, Mahogany was taught that the world was in disorder, and that their organization had to right that at all cost. Spending the most time with his father out of the rest of his siblings, the man soon grew into the perfect image of his father, a leader the Templars would follow. His father’s ideals would soon become his as he reached adulthood, wanting so much to see the world they had envisioned together.

After an attempt to use the artifact proved too strenuous, Aspen Wood spent his last days, bedridden, until finally passing away three days later. After that incident, Mahogany Wood took it upon himself and his family to study the artifacts and to find a stable way to use it without ending up like his father. His brothers, Oak Wood and Timber Wood, dedicated their time in the science field, pulling up research after research to determine an effective way to use the artifact to achieve their perfect world order, while his other brothers and sister, Redwood, Ash Wood, Lumberjack and Hemlock would work in the logistics department, getting them anything they needed to help their research.

Mahogany had set up the front of the Board of Education after working his way up to become the chairman, setting his loyal followers as members of the esteemed Board. From that day on, they had operated more openly, employing covers and controlled media to mask what they really did.

Now the last of his siblings and family line, Mahogany took it upon himself to right the world for them, vowing to make the world perfect no matter how many people have to die to achieve it. After all, they’d be dying for the greater good of humanity.

Likes: Reading, playing the piano, crisp suits.

Dislikes: Losing hair, interruptions, unruly behaviour, loud noises.

(Cinders: Hi, everyone. So this is our first piece of lore we'll be putting up. There'll be more to come, yeah? So stay tuned! If you have any other ideas what we can do on this group, feel free to mention! Cheers!)

Hmm, if he wasn't an evil jackass, he'd be a nice guy.

This mean you gonna do anyone from COL? I can give you any data you want.

Cinders of War
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So far not yet. Just main continuity fellas, haha.

Oh, stiĺi. Sharing the lore is a good idea.

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