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Each month we will be spotlighting one pairing, or suggesting a writing prompt. This month's is...

Sonata and Aria don't agree on much. When Sonata picked up a new video game, some indie thing where you play as a 'totes adorbs' little cartoon animal, Aria snorted and left her to it for the day. It was only when passing back through the living room after making her third coffee of the afternoon that Aria bothered to even look at the screen, to roll her eyes at whatever was making Sonata giggle so manically.

But Aria didn't roll her eyes.

She stopped, and watched.

Then she sat down.

And finally she asked if she could have a turn playing.

...I think you all know what game I'm talking about...

Three hours later, no punches had been thrown, no angry words exchanged. There'd been some disagreement over attempted goosing strategies, but very much with a common goal in mind. And, far too soon, the bell tolled its last, and the two sirens found themselves sitting watching the credits roll.

What would happen now? Would they go back to hating each other, to communicating only in anger? As luck would have it, that was the moment Sonata was struck by her annual Idea.

"I wish I was a goose. I'd totally cause a riot making trouble for people in Canterlot. ...Hey, I know!"

Aria turned to Sonata, eyes wide. She could see where this was going, and could think of no better destination. "Let's go fuck shit up like geese and ruin someone's day?"


So this is our story prompt this month. Aria and Sonata go out into Canterlot to unleash their inner geese and troll anyone they can find. Maybe Sonata simply can't make her mind up on which dress of Rarity's to buy, wondering if perhaps the twenty-third one will be just right for her? Maybe Aria manages to repeatedly detune Rainbow's guitar mid-song. Principal Celestia might come home to find her garden gnomes now on her roof, staring down at her. Fluttershy's parrot suddenly spouts hate speech after being in the animal shelter for the day. The contents of Flash's tube of hair gel is swapped out for the semen of the entire soccer team. Each time Miss Cheerilee turns to the blackboard, another child is snuck out of her class behind her back.

Because we're a shipping group, we'd encourage a narrative built around a siren's interactions with particular characters, like Aria spending a whole day sneakily following Pinkie and drowning out every joke's punchline with an air horn. And because every rebel needs something to rebel against, CHS seems a good setting for most of the action. Trolling is at its finest when frustrating bureaucracy, and a school, which students are legally required to attend five days a week for ten years, makes an excellent target for that. Just look at the Weasley twins.

Embrace the goose, and show us Sonata and Aria making a whole town miss the days when sirens just wanted to take over the world. Winding others up in ways as creative as they are petty. Trolling just because they can.

And if you're still missing the appeal of this, just consider how much better Equestria Girls could have been:

And now channel that into Aria, Sonata or both!

Happy writing, and may this prompt inspire you to come up with tales of the geese that never cease.

Man, I need to play that game.

The contents of Flash's tube of hair gel is swapped out for the semen of the entire soccer team.

And how, precisely, did they manage to collect that?

  • Steal Twilight's glasses.
  • Make Rainbow score a goal for the opposite team.
  • Drop a bushel of apples in the lake.
  • Make Sunset get wet.
  • Free Fluttershy's animals.
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7069160 To troll Flash Sentry? I imagine they volunteered. Or maybe Aria showed them a photographs of Adagio and then stood ready with a bucket. Lots of options there!

7069084 You absolutely do!

7069303 Make Pinkie's hair deflate

Score with Rarity before Spike does

I'd like to think there could be some Dazzling-specific ones, too:

Taco Wednesday

Lure a ship to its demise

Get a record certified double-platinum in Japan

Trick Adagio into making a Mean Girls reference
Trick Adagio into making a Heathers reference

Co opt the local radio station

Drive Vinyl's car

Okay. Those last two I would just like to see as stories on their own. Especially the Radio Station one. Could be something along the line of Airheads, to get people to hear their damn music and to Hell with the Rainbooms.


To troll Flash Sentry? I imagine they volunteered. Or maybe Aria showed them a photographs of Adagio and then stood ready with a bucket. Lots of options there!


that is like

that is like being slapped by a wrecking ball made of happy

luv it :heart:

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7069566 I do really like the idea of making Rainbow score an own goal, that would be very siren.

  • Prove a teacher wrong
  • Steal Twilight's underwear
  • ...Without her taking it off first
  • ...And sell it to Timber Spruce
  • Get VP Luna's car (legally) towed
  • Cutie Mark Crusader Firestarters yay!!!

7069782 This sounds like the Valentine's Day romance story the site needs :pinkiehappy:

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