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OH SHIT GUYS. IT'S A TWO CAST WEEK. GET HYPE FOR TWO TIMES THE BOOZE. The first two of the week is for the highly anticipated Fallout Equestria RPG team! They're working on an awesome game that is coming out SOON! Be sure to check out their stuff HERE!

Just like always, if you happened to miss last weeks cast, We've got it on youtube! Give it a listen!

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Like always, make sure to tune in at 7pm -5gmt/6pm -6gmt/5pm -7gmt/4pm -8gmt overon our twitch page!

Check out the latest Mug Shots cast on the Barcast youtube! Give it a look and check out some art by our very ownRavvijand crew!

Fuckin' mint! I can start this cast off by absolutely ruining everything (again) with my questions for the guests!

Also, Hi Penny!

Now, for our unfortunate guests... I have a few questions for you!


One - What is your favorite meme?

Two - What is your favorite Dank Meme?

Three - Why is Bagged Milk Best Milk?

Four - If you listen to Metal... who is your favorite band? (Only Pick One!)

Five - So I heard you guys love tabletop games! In that case, which game is your favorite of all the ones you've played?

I've got one more but it's a small request for our dear Father Flutters. And that request is a possible plug of the Barcast's 'Official' Minecraft Server! How do the folks go about joining us, Boss?

Favourite thing in making the Fo:E project?
Favourite character in Fallout: Equestria?
Least Favourite?
Have you read Project Horizons or any other spin-offs?
On a scale of gay to FOKIN' GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY how gay is Littlepip?
Are Rav and Enigma enjoying this?

Any other fics you like?

To Zen and Moonhoof:
1) Did you have a good Valentine's Day?
2) What are your funniest anecdotes?
3) What are your opinions on fart fetishism?
4) Which of you could fit the most toothpicks in your urethra?

To Moonhoof:
5) I heard your beard is majestic. :duck:

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Who’s top and who’s bottom?

Worst con experience?

Best con experience?

Would you two sing us a duette?

  1. Whats your favorite video game?
  2. whats your favorite boss fight?
  3. have you accepted skeletor the master of the universe into your heart?
  4. you are in township of pone what business do you start ?
  5. were in the world is Carman Sandiego?
  6. Do you even praise bro?

\ [+] /

1. Favorite non-MLP franchise?

2. Ever do anything for a non-MLP franchise?

Ever see the 1980's Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series?

Why is Ace Combat so cool?

How do these make you feel?:

How is your day today?

Tits or ass?

1. Which Pony has best butt?
2. Are there Mimics in your game?
3. Can Mimics shapechange into everything? And if yes, does this mean that everything can be a mimic?
4. @Zen... you are now a mimic. How would you disguise yourself to lure Moonhoof into your trap?
5. @Moonhoof, You finde a booty chest. What is in it?
6. Why is your game superior to every other game?
7. To the both of you. how long would it take you to creat new characters for, let's say, Ravvij and Enigma and what are their key features and personality traits?
8. Which house in smal horse town is best house?
9. @Moonhoof. Describe in detail: Why is the chosen house of Zen clearly inferior to your choice.
10. @Zen. Moonhoof is know the owner of your favorite house... and doesn't appreciate it one bit... fortunately you are still a mimic.... and can turn yourself in a house.... will you use this power to get back on Moon or do you have your own devious plan.
11. Spike, the local pyromaniac, offers you both to help to solve your problem... you are not entierly convinced if you should trust him but you agree to let him try... Only one second Later you regrett your desicion as he tries to set fire to you and your houses.... Luckily you are both protected by your personal anti magical bullshit field (TM) (now only 9.99$ a month) but boath your houses burn down quickly.... Spike the little shit seems proud of his handy work... describe in detail, how will you let him pay for his crime...?

Shit, I’m late to this cast. Time to make y’all uncomfortable. Maybe.

Dick or pussy?

First masturbation experiences. Please, do tell all of the wonderful details.

Feeeeeeellllll theeeee muuuusic, FEEL THE FUCKING MUSIC! Favorite music genre?

Cookies or pie? Pie or cake? Cake or cookies?

To both:
How does this make you feel?

If you had to have a vagina somewhere on your body (other than between your legs), where would you want it?

6324464 What am I looking at? What is this? What? What. wat.

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