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Ships in the mod
Corvettes- Stalwart, Charon, Halberd
Destroyers- Paris, Geneva, Strident
Cruisers- Marathon, Halcyon, Autumn
Battleships- Orion and Phoenix (I know the phoenix are not battleships. Just filling the gap)

If you have the New ship Classes and more mod, there's more.
Strike cruiser- Artemis
Escort- Same as the Destroyers
Battlecruiser- Valiant
Light carrier- Eion
Carrier- Epoch
Dreadnought- Punic, Thermopylae, and Infinity (Texture edit version)
Flagship- THE Infinity

I hope you enjoy this and this will not be the only one, they will be more to come.
Bugs that are not an issue:
Most of the meshes are in the bow category. But the middle and the stern meshes shows a box, however though they disappear when you select your ship in the ship creator mode. But if they are any problems, let me know and I'll do the best of my ability.

Taken down

5381536 They look fantastic. Just make sure the mod stays up to date, pls.

Oh, and perhaps something for the construction, transport, and other such classes?


Will do, and I'll throw in Galactic empire and TEC ships in the next update.

Actually the TEC ships will be public release.

Comment posted by Clown Torres deleted Sep 19th, 2016

The TEC somehow made it's way into Stellaris


It will be updated in the future but not here. The full release will be on Steam workshop.

Change of plans.

I'm having trouble uploading the TEC ships to Steam Workshop, so instead I'll be uploading to Stellaris Nexus mods (It Exists now)

Control the might of the Empire (Death star not included)

The ships that is at your disposable.
Corvette: Lancer frigate, Tartan patrol cruiser, Correllian modified corvette
Destroyer: Strike cruiser, Eidolon, Broadside
Cruiser: Acclamator II, Immobilizer 418, Enforcer, Dreadnought
Battleship: Venator, Imperial star destroyer I, Imperial star destroyer II, Tector star destroyer, Praetor star destroyer, Dominator
Fighter: Tie fighter
Bomber: Tie Bomber

If you have new ships and more mod
Strike cruiser: Victory I, Victory II, Victory III, Gladiator
Frigate (Escorts): Same as destroyers until updated
Battlecruisers: Imperial star cruiser, Titan heavy cruiser, Relentless heavy cruiser, Redeye heavy cruiser
Light Carrier: Escort carrier
Carrier: Secutor, Venator
Dreadnought: Assertor, Sovereign, Bellator, Dominance, Executor, Warhammer heavy cruiser
Flagship: Eclipse

TEC ships version 3

I was going to upload it on steam, it was taken down due to a DMCA notice and policies. No matter.

Republic, TEC, and Empire update


Updates for Empire ships, and TEC ships. Plus, the Galactic Republic ships now joins the fray with Old Republic ships to back them up.

Thanks to the new ships and more update, I've added custom model ships for the TEC. But don't worry the classic TEC ships are still there.

What's new:

The Republic is back (or fanon wise, a clone legion heeded the warning from Fives or Kix about Palpatine's plan and years later a clone legion is supporting the Rebel Alliance) to bring down the Empire and restore peace in the galaxy with classic old toys.

Corvette- C70, Old republic corvette, Coreillian gunboat
Destroyer- Victory II frigate, Trireme frigate, Corellian Light Cruiser
Cruiser- Thranta, Hammerhead, Rothana Destroyer, Acclamator II star frigate
Battleship- Venator Star Destroyer, Valiant Star Destroyer, Rothana cruiser, Protector Star Destroyer, Legacy Star Destroyer. Victory I Star destroyer
Fighter- Arc-170
Bomber- Clone wars era Y-wing
Same as always. If you have New ships and more mod you get...
Frigates- Same as destroyers
Strike Cruiser- Paladin Destroyer
Battle Cruiser- Valor cruiser, Zenith heavy cruiser
Light Carrier- Rand Ecliptic Cruiser
Carrier- Venator
Dreadnoughts- Praetor Star Destroyer, Inexpugnable command ship (or in this case, Battleship), Veragitor Battleship
Flagship: Mandator II

More to come and more to be updated. ENJOY!

Saint Kelly
Group Contributor
Saint Kelly
Group Contributor

Jiggs up nigga, you're busted. SOTP dudes want the Halo Ship Mod down.


I'll get started on taking it down.

Despite what has happened, I haven't abandoned modding. Right now, I'm taking break until both the Heinlein patch and the Leviathan DLC is released or can I get started on the next ship mod and ship mod update tomorrow.

What you'll expect in the future.
-Rebel Alliance\New Republic\Galactic Alliance ships
-CIS\Sith Empire ships
-Advent ships
-Vasari ships

Planned updates for the existing mods:
-Adding new strike craft models for the Empire and Old/Galactic Republic.

Well, with the Heinlein patch and the Leviathan DLC just around the corner, I'll be focusing on updating the already released ship mods. But right now I'm working on a Warhammer 40k (actually it's 30k) ship mod, I'll be adding Loyalist ships, Traitor ships, and Ork ships into one mod, In addition of unique models for Space marine legion ships.

However it won't be released at the first minute of the patch nor three days after patch day. I'm going with my father to help my grandmother as well as spending time together with my father's side of the family. I'll be gone from Oct 27 to Nov 3.

Update time.

Heinlein Update.

What's different? All existing ship mods (except UNSC ships) has been update for both the Heinlein update and the NSC mod. I also added another mod that fixes the "Old ships are gone" problem. When creating a ship in the ship builder menu, look for tabs that say CorvetteRES, DestroyerRES, CruiserRES, and BattleshipRES.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Also, the next ship mod will come out right before Christmas.

Kennedy update.

Changes and fixes:
Everything is updated and fixed the problem with the section restore mod, which I'm surprised that none of you told me about. But never mind

Plus I added the Rebel alliance/New Republic/ Galactic Alliance ships mod.
Corvette- CR90 corvette, Corellian Gunboat, CC7700
Destroyer- Nebulon B frigate, Nebulon C frigate, Mon Calamari Cruiser 75
Cruiser- Corellian Heavy Gunboat, Assault frigate MKII, Mon Calamari Frigate 30, Mon Calamari Cruiser 40
Battleship- Mon Calamari Cruiser 80B, Mon Calamari Cruiser 80A, Rejuvenator Star Destroyer MKII, Rejuvenator Star Destroyer MKI, MC140 Scythe-class main battle cruiser, Tri-scythe cruiser (I know it's supposed to be a frigate but the is the same size as the scythe)
Figther- X-wing
Bomber- Y-wing

Same as before, If you have the New ships and more mod, you'll get.
Frigate- Nebulon B
Light Carrier- Quasar Carrier
Strike Cruiser- Corellian frigate, Mon Calamari Cruiser 60, Dauntless Cruiser MKII
Battle cruiser- Strident Star Defender MKI, Republic Star Destroyer, Bothan Assault Cruiser
Carrier- Mon Calamari Cruiser 80B
Dreadnought- Mon Calamari Cruiser 120, Mon Calamari Cruiser Mediator, Mon Calamari Cruiser 80C
Super Dreadnought- Mon Calamari Cruiser 108, Mon Calamari Cruiser 112, Mon Calamari Cruiser 104, Mon Calamari Cruiser Viscount
Flagship- Mon Calamari Cruiser Viscount

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