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Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Lust, and Fear. These are the Evils that taint the very soul of Equestria, these Evils created by the tainted one. He made these Evil so that his darkness could rise and grow powerful but Eons ago they were sealed away along with thier Master inside a box. It is up to us, his followers to spread the evils so that he may escape with the Evils and create a new world of Anarchy In Equestria, then the very world.

(This group is dedicated to stories that involves any of the Evils or anything related or anything that is evil, Eg. Nightmare moon, Discord, Tirek, Sombra etc.)

You may post stories with an antagonist that uses/is one of these evils. Again even if they show none of the Evils they may be on this group. Just select the right folder Or folders.

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