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So, would you rather age 1 day every 24 years, and unable to die?


Would you rather age one year every day with death being possible at every waking moment?

That’s what a friend of mine asked me a few hours ago, and that got me thinking. What would be the lifestyles of either person. I mean, it would suck for the latter option, and you would be paranoid nonstop, but you would be constantly depressed for the former, and while aging is a very slow process, at least you’ll actually get to die in about 900,000 plus years.

So, which would you guys choose, and why?

For me, I’d pick the former, mainly because I’d like to see the world change around me, and learn interesting things about the world as the years go by.

I would undoubtably choose the first option. I personally would consider functional immortality to be a good thing, and would get to live as many lifetimes as I chose to, and would probably eventually amass enough power and experience to reshape the world as I saw fit. Sure I'd have to see my friends and family eventually die, but that doesn't change whether or not I'm immortal (most of us experience it), and it would leave open the opportunity to forge new bonds with new people. But the real decision maker for me would be the fact that I can't see any upside to the second option. What benefit could there possibly be to only getting to live for the next two and a half months?

It depends on what 'not being able to die' but somehow still aging would entail. If I'm just gonna end up a crusty, shriveled elder but be undying, there's not much of a point. If I could retain some kind of youth, but have shitty memory and memory that degrades with age, then no. If I could stop at a certain age and have a balanced/archival kind of memory, then yes to first.

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