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So we need to figure out what pony will get what Element of Harmony. Obviously Sunset will get magic because she's the main character, but other than that it's up for debate. I was thinking something along the lines of:

Sunset- Magic
Trixie- Loyalty
Ditzy- Generosity
Lightning Dust- Honesty
Redheart- Kindness
Cheerilee- Laughter


I might switch out Cheerilee with another element just because that's her Lunaverse element and we probably want to differencate from other similar works, unless the character is significantly different. Maybe switch her with Ditzy?

Another thing to think about is what flavour of each of the elements we use to fit with their personalities.

For instance Kindness

M-Verse Fluttershy is Empathic Kindness, feeling others pain and wanting to do something about it.
L-Verse Ditzy is maternal Kindness, wanting to protect and nurture others.

S-Verse Redheart could be Tough Love, wanting to help make others strong enough to protect themselves

or Magic

M-verse Twilight is Knowing Magic, learning as many spells as possible
L-verse Trixie is doing Magic for others, inspiring others using magic
S-verse Sunset could be Powerful magic, learning a few spells but being very, very good at them

S-verse Trixie - Her loyalty could be inspiring Loyalty, not just being loyal to others but getting them to be loyal to you.

S-verse Lightning - Brutal Honesty, mocks the weakness of others, not to hurt them but so they know their weaknesses and can improve on them.

S-verse Ditzy - Giving advice? She's done a lot in her life and rather than literally giving things away she uses her experience to help others? As I suggested maybe switch this with Cheerilee, although again that might make her close to her L-verse self.

S-verse Cheerilee - Self deprecating humour, raising others spirits because hey they've got it better than she has. Again maybe switch with Ditzy?

Group Admin

3682261 Well laughter pretty much fits perfectly with Cheerilee's character, especially since she's a teacher. And I think that Ditzy would make a good generosity because even though she may not have much she'll give you what she can, be it a helping hoof, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen.

Also I think that you're right about Trixie, she's a showmare so she's pretty good at presentation and helps the group stick together through loyalty to one another.

And about Redheart, she's a very naturally kind person, often getting to know her patients personally and just being nice in general. Being a nurse, however, has taught her when, and how, to be stern.


A universe with Trixie as Loyalty and Dust as honesty. I have to say I approve, I also agree on laughter.

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3682405 Yeah, once I had the other four figured out I only had Honest and Loyalty left. And as much as I would have liked Lightning Dust as Loyalty, Trixie's profession is being a stage magician which involves a lot of misleading, and dishonesty so she was immediately booted from that possibility.

3682447 Quite right. On the other hand, as a professional entertainer, Trixie would ALSO be a good candidate for the Element of Laughter, with Cheerilee being a good candidate for the Element of either Honesty (as a teacher, she would probably deeply value truthful communication with her students and their parents) or Loyalty (the same reason you have Trixie in that role in this universe; not only being loyal to her students, but inspiring them to be loyal to her).

Still, I DO respect the fact that this IS your universe and you already made your decision.

Group Admin

4496009 I have to admit I hadn't really thought of that. I may just do that.

4498378 Thanks very much for even considering it.

Group Admin

4498729 Well I do want this to be a co-op series like the Lunaverse so the community is quite important. Besides it means that even though some of the characters have been used before, they're being used in a different way.

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