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Deadman Wonderland is the story of how a boy who live a sort of normal life to jail where he has to fight to survive. I won't tell you the details of the show, but did wanted to leave a summery. If you want you can want the show and see if you think its good. Warning!! Has lots of blood. Not for children!

Stories can be posted up here if they deal with Deadman Wonderland.
If you are having troubles Message me and I'll see what I can do.

For the Opening for the show. Click Here.

That it. Let all have a good time.

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Hello Guys. Sorry I didn't take a look at the group I made earlier. I've been busy with work. I thought I'd put this up so that people who wanted to make storys on deadman wonderland, can have a place to put the all together. I do hope everyone has been having a good time. Message me if you would like some thing change on the group files. And if anyone can Find me a banner for this. that would be nice. Thx.

I understand the feeling... It's massive... But when I read it it was so... Good... I prefer the immoral game say the excitement per word factor... But I think DoaM comes in at a close second... And it's over five times as long

370873 I've added The Immortal Game to my read later list.

About Diaries of a Madman... It's a 1,636,575 word long story and it's still incomplete. I just... can't.

Also, if you think that's bad, look at diaries of a madman
Took me a full week and I read dawn till... Three hours before dawn every day

It is my favorite fic... And favorite book... I read it four times in the past 6 months... I usually limit myself to once a year
Order is boring, order is unnatural, order is oppressive... Pure chaos isn't that good, but organized chaos... Organized chaos is the key

370870 It's a 300k fic.

This might take a while...

Read the immortal game

370868 I'm not missing anything. And if I am, I'll find it, and I'll understand the shit out of it.

Deeply understanding things is the only thing that separates humans from animals. If I give up on that, I’d be giving up on humanity within me.

I know who would like to be a tree... :yay:
And I believe you're missing something vital~

370866 A tree lives in chaos and has no control over the world.

I don't want to be a tree. I want to be more.

Oh no, chaos is so very fun, and you never know what will happen~

370862 The world itself is orderly. If one is to know the truth, one should understand it and not be confused by it.

Chaos is borring. Progressing from chaos to order is uplifting.

Ahh, but I've also founded several other troops, and orderly is so boring :trollestia:

370860 Demented does not need to come with a shade of confusing. You can be quite insane and still keep things nice and orderly. Just look at Twilight.

You're speaking to the founder of the delightfully demented group :pinkiecrazy:

370855 Wait... what? Ugh! :pinkiesad2:

My point exactly :pinkiecrazy:

370850 I have a general idea, but that does not suffice for me. I need to have it defined. This group could very well be:
a) for stories about a universe of some fanFiction
b) for necromancy
c) about afterlife
d) about general darkness

Sticking just with the name of the group is ambiguous and confusing. I don't do confusing!

Do you really need to ask?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

So, what is this group about? :unsuresweetie:

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