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Mane Color(s)

Body Color

Cutie Mark

Eye Color

Extra Description

Personality (please use paragraphs)





Town that they lived in

Year (Freshmen=Filly/Colt age, Sophmore=ages 12-14, Juniors=15-16, Seniors=16,18)

Job (if old enough)

Extra Courses (list below)


Courted/Being Courted by/Dating

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Name: Treble Bass

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Type: Pegasus

Mane Color(s):Orange

Body Color: Teal

Cutie Mark: Rainbow Treble and Bass Clef

Eye Color: Orange

Extra Description: dark freckles across nose, orange glasses, orange tint on nose

Personality (please use paragraph): Treble Bass, really enjoys singing, and is very outgoing about it. He is not shy, or does he brag. He is very talented, and likes to enter many contests, but most of the time he does not win. He is not the smartest, but he is very involved in stage performance. He will get mad it someone messes up something huge for him, but that is rare, so people could say he is pretty friendly and caring for others. When he finishes high school, he will try to join a famous choir or something that would fit who he is. His mind is steady when he sings, and he is rather serious. He does go to parties, but rarely.

Family: Treble Bass has a dad named Leaf Fall, who is an Earth Pony gardener. His mom died when he was young, but was a pegasus named Speed Demon, a former Wonderbolt. He has a sister named Tree Bloom, an Earth Pony who is very much like Fluttershy.

History: Treble Bass was born in Cloudsdale, already having an older sister named Tree Bloom. When he was still very young, the family moved to Manehattan, and his father and sister hated it, but Treble Bass loved it, that is where he thought he could for fill his dreams. When he was 4, his mom died from a sickness, and his sister went off to school. Now, he lives in Manehattan, and his dad lives in Ponyville. His sister is in college, trying to be a science teacher.

Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Dancing

Talents: Singing

Town that they lived in: Manehattan

Year (Freshmen=Filly/Colt age, Sophmore=ages 12-14, Juniors=15-16, Seniors=16,18): Junior

Job (if old enough): Part-time toothpaste tester

Extra Courses (list below): Chorus, Drama

Crush: None

Courted/Being Courted by/Dating: None

Hi. Friendly neighborhood reminder that, per knighty's announcement a while back, roleplaying isn't allowed on Fimfiction. So while you're free to organize an RP on Fimfiction, please do be aware that you'd have to take the RP itself to some other site if you'd like to continue this sorta thing. Sorry.

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